10 Anime Heroes Who Hate Weakness

September 21, 2022

Generally speaking, anime heroes are portrayed as guardians of the weak and weak. This is in an effort to make them appear appealing to viewers in the greatest way feasible, especially in the event they exhibit other flaws to be addressed.

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There are many characters in anime who are shocked by the thought that they are weak. If they are coaching themselves to ensure that they will never ever require help, or mocking the ones who are unable to stand up for themselves. Their insane habits and focus on energy reflect the wrong way of thinking about what it means to be a protagonist producing penalties for the story.

10 Zoro Vowed Never To Lose Again (One Piece)


The Straw Hats’ swordsman inside the One Piece universe, Zoro takes pleasure in his position as the second most powerful fighter. Zoro is so obsessed with winning that he made a vow not to ever lose another fight after being defeated by Mihawk.

Always training, Zoro bases his total value as an individual on the people he will be able to beat. All of his pursuits revolve around weapons, making him single-minded. But Zoro’s inclination to fight is certainly a positive quality since he isn’t supposed to be rewarded for fighting.

9 Bakugo Torments Those Weaker Than Him (My Hero Academia)


My Hero Academia‘s Bakugo is well-known for his brutality and determination. Bakugo views anyone who isn’t able to perform to the standard unit he has for himself as a petty loser, usually criticizing them in their own faces.

Throughout his entire childhood, Bakugo relentlessly bullied Midoriya because of his absence of a Quirk. So, it was quite embarrassing when Midoriya gained One For All and commenced to surpass Bakugo. Bakugo is so obsessed with performance and money that he was able to throw a fit at this year’s Sports Festival as a result of feeling that he didn’t beat Todoroki “in the correct way.”

8 Satsuki Viewed The Weak As Worthless (Kill La Kill)


Lady Satsuki’s Darwinistic view of energy blurred the lines between villain and hero within Kill La Kill. She created Honnoji Academy primarily based on the level of performance that the students would accomplish, as well as those who succeeded success reaping the benefits for themselves as well as their families.

Even though meritocracy does not constitute an unclean thing but Satsuki’s perception of the people who did not meet her standards was less than healthy. They were seen as human-like animals that were treated with disdain. This was likely due to the fact that she was aiming to use all the strength she could gather to challenge Ragyo.

7 Netero Secretly Sought A Challenge He Couldn’t Overcome (Hunter X Hunter)


As chairman of the association in Hunter In his role as the chairman of the affiliation in Hunter Hunter, Netero understood the obligations he had to fulfill. He longed for that he had a rival who could trouble him more than anything else in the world. He was enraged at how the much weaker person he was relative to him, even though he would not do anything about it on that day.


When Meruem stood up, he enthusiastically was eager to face the Chimera King with everything his might. Knowing that he would be overcome, Netero gave his life to ensure that he did not lose his reputation as a formidable fighter.

6 Toph Refused Help Whenever Possible (Avatar)

Because of her disability, Toph’s parents protected her to the degree that she believed she was in no rights. This led her to act opposite to their demands becoming an earth-bending champion and becoming one of the Avatar heroes. Avatar.

Because of the shrewdly impartial mindset, Toph was able to instill in her she was unable to accept assistance from her peers and frequently expected them to pull their weight. This irritated Katara and she wished them to function together as a team rather instead of as a bunch of individuals.

5 Asuka’s Aggression Was Due To Her Insecurity (Neon Genesis Evangelion)


Asuka was among the most promising pilots of Neon Genesis Evangelion. She was a bit of a rebel She would constantly yell at Shinji for his inability to carry out the way her and became annoyed when his capabilities surpassed hers. This made her extremely difficult to be around or provoke the extent that she suffered an emotional breakdown.

Asuka’s view is a plea for attention, a result of having been neglected throughout childhood. Whatever the case, she’ll publicly scold those who don’t fulfill her expectations and continue to boast about her status as a vital person.

4 Baki Dedicated His Life To Becoming Stronger (Baki)


The main character of Baki dedicated his entire life to changing into a stronger one. He wanted to get revenge on himself by beating Yujiro and becoming the greatest fighter in the world.


While Baki is generally averse to weaknesses in himself, he’s very discerning when it comes to identifying flaws in others. He, for instance, sent an infant who was coerced into fighting his body in the water. This could have ended in a concussion. Luckily, Baki made amends with the boy shortly afterward and became a time mentor for him.

3 There Was No Room For Weakness In Najenda’s Night Raid (Akame Ga Kill!)

10 Anime Heroes Who Hate Weakness

Najenda was the head in the group Night Raid in Akame Ga Kill! While she was a model of what it is to be a superhero she was focused on being a strong point in her squad. When Tatsumi was captured in the middle of the night, she had two options: either join the rebel movement and participate in the rigors of coaching or be executed at the moment.

Najenda’s methods have been especially brutal in the sense of the possibility of each member of her group giving up their life for the cause. In this way, Tatsumi by no means was able to make a decision about his own future.

2 Inosuke Was A Vicious Fighter (Demon Slayer)


Yosuke is one of the unstoppable and brutal protagonists in Demon Slayer. Motivated by his desire for fighting and his desire to increase his skills, he nearly fought Nezuko just seconds after spotting her. Not heeding Zenitsu’s attempt to stop him, he was barely slowed down by Tanjiro’s intervention.

In light of the way, Inosuke has a tendency to afflict Zenitsu and constantly attempts to impress Tanjiro the Tanjiro, his aversion to weaknesses is likely due to an obsession with his own energy. Through constant battling himself to the opposition, Inosuke needs to show his supremacy to all.

1 Kenpachi Relishes The Thrill Of Battle (Bleach)


Kenpachi Zaraki blurs the lines between villain and hero more than any character in Bleach. His entire life’s philosophy is to have fun in combat to such an extent that he’ll even deliberately disable himself by wearing an eye patch which reduces his faith.

Zaraki dislikes weakness and will not allow it to be a problem within his team. People who follow his orders do so with strict respect for his hierarchy of command and an eagerness to follow his directives. Zaraki’s strategies may be controversial, but the results Zaraki can expect to receive prove his worth as a shinigami indisputable.



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