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10 Best Pokémon Nuzlocke Runs, Ranked

10 Best Pokémon Nuzlocke Runs Ranked

Although it is true that the Pokémon online games have been available to all ages, some players require a longer-lasting option for a long time.

In 2010, a webcomic that was weekly was introduced with the help of Nick Franco initially referred to as Pokemon Hard-ModeIn the future, the title might at present be known as Nuzlocke the amalgamation between the two names Nuzleaf which is a Hoenn grass-type Pokemon, and that of John Locke from Lost.

The original guidelines Franco developed was that he could only catch one new Pokemon in each space. every Pokemon is required to be identified to give the player an emotional connection to them. If the Pokemon is unable to fight, it’s considered useless and therefore must be released. Although there are many rules added to make video games more resilient, comparable to not using objects in battle or using randomizers, these fundamental guidelines are arranged over a decade of materials from a variety of Poketubers and steamers alike.

10 Griffin McElroy Plays A Beginner’s Nuzlocke

Adventure Zone and MBMBAM host Griffin McElroy took a stab at his first Nuzlocke in 2016 when he launched the Pokemon Y series on the Polygon YouTube channel. As a well-known performer McElroy is able to bring his distinctive voice, humor, and personality into the game while playing a typical Nuzlocke.

Because this game is created by a rookie Nuzlocker the run is filled with fatal errors that cost those who play it. This makes an enjoyable viewing experience for old and new Nuzlocke fans. McElroy has also included the Wonder Trade mechanic the place McElroy trades a member of his team for an entirely new random Pokemon.

9 Alpharad’s Randomized Nuzlocke Adds Difficulty

The month of June 2021 was when Alphard noticed that his popularity was increasing in response to films because of his first Nuzlocke video. After that video garnered over 4 million views Alphard created a series of subsequent Nuzlocke runs that were equally well-received by his Pokemon group.

10 Best Pokémon Nuzlocke Runs Ranked

In the midst of a few months following, Alphard performed a Randomized Nuzlocke, a type of game that randomly picks up all Pokemon encounters and the objects in the game, including Coach’s Pokemon. The game started out with a bang when Alphard took the legendary Groudon to start the game and picked up a few players and pseudo-legends to build up the team. The run ended with Groudon blasting Earthquake in it’s not the method Alphard was looking for.

8 AntlerboyLIVE Normal Type Only Legends: Arceus Adapts The Rules

The game Pokemon Legends: Arceus is the most recent game in the Pokemon franchise until November 2022, the game has been subject to a range of different types of Nuzlockes. Due to its different playstyle, the regular Nuzlocke guidelines were barely altered to reflect the brand-new catch system and story leveling.

For Antlerboy LIVE’s season in the series, he played the entire event using just normal-type Pokemon. With extremely effective creatures like PorygonZ as well as Hisuian Zoroark, Antlerboy exhibits what an enduring mix of Pokemon information and humor can bring to the most basic form of the series.

7 PaPaSea Colorlocke Uses Color Classification For Captures

While PaPaSea’s more trendy Pokemon playthrough videos are part of his ” Nintendo” collection where he plays through video games using official guides, he’s also put together a variety of Nuzlocke collections, as well. One of them is the Colorlocke series which allows players to capture Pokemon with a specific color as per the Pokedex classification system.

This variant of Nuzlocke gives a more robust challenge with respect to Nuzlocke guidelines as certain Pokemon change color as they evolve. This means the player is only able to use the lowest kind of. For this Green Pokemon Only run, PaPaSea wipes several times prior to soliciting help from another Nuzlocker and getting to the end of the game with the utmost enthusiasm.

6 small and Cjya Team Up Against The Dreaded Raikou

The majority of Nuzlocke runs are single experiences in the initial plan, but the Pokemon group realized that playing solo wasn’t the same as playing with a friend which resulted in the creation of “Soul Link” Nuzlocke. The Soul Link run options two trainers playing the game at the same time. Each Pokemon they find is linked to another Pokemon from the other trainer’s staff. If one Pokemon dies, each parish.

small and Cjya Two trendy creators of online games’ content material joined forces to make the random Soul Link of Fire Red. The event was a success, resulting in several wipes and demonstrating how effective an enemy Raikou can be.

5 FlygonHG Uses Only Baby Pokemon

flying is one of the most well-known Nuzlockers and also the one PaPaSea has reached out to help in his time in need. flying has run numerous Nuzlockes of all sorts. Even though his films are mostly comedies, with a hint of drama, the FlygonHG’s baby Only series is the most memorable.

The child Pokemon is a stage-one Pokemon that can be obtained through breeding, but they are not able to breed like Pichu, Munchlax, or Togepi. To make the race more challenging, none of FlygonHG’s Pokemon can evolve. The absence of evolutions can make any run a struggle but utilizing weaker child Pokemon which are known for having weak stats and ineffective transfer pools can increase the problem even more.

4 FeintAttacks and Lindz Team Up On The Hardest Pokemon Game

Pokemon Colosseum and the XD Gale Of Darkness are considered to be among the most difficult video games in the Pokemon franchise due to their limited ability to capture as well as high-level curvatures. They were released on the game dice game store, both video game follows the main character of Orre Region. Our Region as they try to save a variety of technologically engineered Pokemon by getting them back from the bad guys.

Poketubers FeintAttacks as well as Lindz collaborated for the hardcore random Soul Link of XD Gale of Darkness. Their personalities, chemistry, and completely different experiences with the game, with one being brand new, and the other finding out the story and characters. This makes the entire collection enjoyable to look at.

3 SilphSpectre Runs The First Ice Type Only Platinum Nuzlocke

SilphSpectre is a Poketuber that concentrates on the most difficult Nuzlockes or solo runs. He is a regular operator of Nuzlockes which haven’t been used before. SilphSpectre completed the initial Ice type only game in Pokemon Platinum which is the least frequently used of the 18 kinds, having only 52 Pokemon.

Related 15 Pokemon with the weirdest evolution SpecificationsIn Pokemon Platinum, the number of Pokemon is reduced to six instances, which are all found in the game’s final version. To allow the run to happen the game was modified only to add the seventh option in Spheal that served as the primary Pokemon. It appears like a race that was designed to fail, with efficient trainers such as Cynthia to fight against, but the race is filled with several twists and turns that result in a happy end.

2 Jaiden Animations Nuzlocke Broke The Internet

Although the majority of Nuzlockes are made into a video with voiceovers and fashion YouTuber Jaiden animations has remade Nuzlockes by creating ” I Attempted My First Pokemon Nuzlocke,” which has gotten over 8 million hits. Instead of simply playing games, Jaiden animated massive swaths of content using her unique model and retold certain aspects of the story using animated sequences.

This animated model was very effective, allowing the Pokemon to feel emotions and also allowing the viewer to connect with the other characters in the story. Jaiden has re-created her original video in numerous Pokemon movies, which include Nuzlockes, competitions, and storyline retellings, which have solidified her position as a top Poketuber.

1 Saltydkdan Turned Nuzlocking Into An RPG With Friends

in 2021 Saltydkdan released a Pokémon Nuzlocke collection, dubbed by the name “the Friendlocke. The rules of the Friendlocke are in line with the norms as well as the fact that all Pokemon are controlled according to the Dungeons and Dragons created by a group of friends. The series utilized voice-overs games, animation as well as an unlucky opening of a card pack, combining humor to make one of some of the best Nuzlocke shows on YouTube.

The Friendlocke strategy of play gives each Pokemon its own human-controlled controller, which gave them unique characteristics and quirks. Two seasons with Friendlocke under his belt, and another that was a success Saltydkdan has created a sub-genre of Nuzlockes that no other could have achieved at the level of.