10 Devil Fruits That Would Be Perfect For Sanji In One Piece

September 21, 2022

There aren’t many shows that last longer than 20 years but One Piece has achieved this feat and is still one of the top-rated series in the world. Its premise is simple: one Piecefollows its characters, the Straw Hat Pirates, who traverse through the Grand Line with the purpose to create Luffy the brand-new Pirate King. Sanji was the fourth person to join the group, and in addition to being one of the best fighters in the group, he also also their cook.

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One Piecefollowers have witnessed a variety of Devil Fruits throughout the years, whether they are Paramecia or Zoan and Logia in nature. There are numerous awful Devil Fruits, but each energy can be beneficial in its own way. Sanji does not have the Devil Fruit energy, however, there are many that can suit him perfectly.

10 The Glint-Glint Fruit Would Make Sanji’s Kicks Unblockable

As Admiral, Kizaru is certainly one of the World’s largest weapons. He was a fan of the Glint-Glint fruit which is a Logia that allows Kizaru to make and transform into light. He is able to move at the speed of light and also fire laser beams through his fingers.

If Kizaru utilizes an energy-infused kick and strikes, it is fast that his opponent is left with little chance to respond. Sanji concentrates on kicks and should he have this level of focus there would be no one to stop his attacks.

9 Urouge’s Unnamed Power Would Let Him Covert Damage Into Physical Strength

Urouge is not a regular character in the series, but Urouge is still one of the strongest of the Worst Generation. He was a victim of a still unknown type of Paramecia Devil Fruit which permits him to disguise any injuries that he’s suffered into physical power.


Sanji’s kicks are quite strong, but this force will make them even more powerful when they’re enhanced with Haki. The truth is that this power requires him to be often hit, but Sanji often gets swept by the force of long fights, so it’s actually a good idea.

8 The Spring-Spring Fruit Would Enhance His Speed & Agility

It is believed that the Spring-Spring Fruit is one of the Devil Fruit that will be very ineffective in reality However, Sanji could make the most of it. This paramecium lets its users transform their limbs into springs that provide them with spectacular bounce and leaping energy.

If Sanji was to utilize this power to transform his legs into springs Sanji would be able to achieve a huge amount of speed and agility in a fight. If he’s able to create enough speed, the kicks will be able to cause more harm.

7 The Glare-Glare Fruit Would Let Him Know If Someone Reciprocates His Feelings

The Glare-Glare fruit is a Paramecia which can help in everyday life because it permits its users to view through everything. It is possible for the user to see into another individual’s thoughts, with the intention that they can see someone else’s memories. They can tell if someone is lying.

It might not sound like the type of passion Sanji might require, but Sanji would surely appreciate it. Sanji is a lover of women and was devastated to hear Pudding telling her she was planning to murder him during their wedding ceremony. This Fruit Sanji will know the woman who truly reciprocated his feelings.

6 The Pocket-Pocket Fruit Would Allow Him To Cook Anywhere

Whitebeard was perhaps the most powerful King of the time and his captains were all strong equally. Blanco led the sixth division. Additionally, he was a fan of the Pocket-Pocket fruit and had the capacity to build pockets inside his body.


The pockets are able to store a variety of items inside the user’s body, as well as large objects. For cooking, Sanji could make good use of this power by using the pockets to store food items and cooking supplies within his body. This will allow Sanji to feed his family wherever they are.

5 The Butter-Butter Fruit Can Be Used For More Than Cooking

Charlotte Galette is Big Mom’s forty-second baby, and she or he ate Butter-Butter Fruit. Butter-Butter Fruit. Its name implies that this paramecium enables Galette to manage and supply butter. It appears to indicate that she’ll be able to produce an endless supply.

Butter is a very popular ingredient in cooking, and if Sanji was able to use this power to use it, it would assist in the preparation of meals. The butter made from this fruit is quite sticky and could be used to disarm the enemy by restricting their hands and their body and thereby allowing them to make use of it in battle as well.

4 The Barrier-Barrier Would Allow Him To Protect His Crewmates

Sanji is not happy when women take injured and often does his best to protect the ladies. This is especially true for Nami and Robin this is not a surprise as they’re among his crew. If he could have an item called the Barrier-Barrier Fruit, he would be able to defend them as well as others more successfully.

This paramecium allows its customers to provide obstacles. They seem to be massive glass panels, however, they can sustain an enormous amount of damage. If he were to have this strength then he could make use of it to shield his female colleagues from melee and ranged attacks.

3 The Telekinetic Aspect Of The Float-Float Fruit Would Be Helpful While Cooking Large Meals

Shiki was among Gol Shiki was one of Gol. Roger’s main rivals suggest that he was in close proximity to his level of strength. He was a Float-Float fruit eater which gives its consumer the possibility of elevating. Sanji is already able to do this however, he could make use of Geppo. Geppo method to jump off of into the air.

The Fruit also gives users the ability to lift different objects and thus control their actions through the use of a telekinesis-like system. This means that Sanji could be able to slice, sear warm, soften, and/or add flavor to a variety of meals without delay. This could be beneficial in cooking large meals.

2 Sanji Would Make Good Use Of The Clear-Clear Fruit’s Invisibility

Each of Absalom along with Shiryu have demonstrated their worth by proving that Clear-Clear Fruit is, without doubt, one of the most flexible Devil Fruits found in the One-Piece. It lets the user reveal their entire body invisibly and also makes anything they touch invisible.

10 Devil Fruits That Would Be Perfect For Sanji In One Piece

Sanji may also be chivalrous, but there is a possibility that he’s perverse as well. In fact, that’s the only Devil Fruit that Sanji overtly admitted that he would like to eat. He has said he’d utilize its power to snoop on women without being noticed.

1 The Cook-Cook Fruit Is Perfect For Any Chef

Big Mom might not have been the most elegant Emperor but she was good enough to keep Streusen in her kitchen as her chef. He was a fan of his share of the Cook-Cook Fruit, which allowed him to turn anything into food. If he wanted to turn an entire log into a tasty chunk of meat.

As a chef, this is the ideal Devil Fruit for Sanji to be a part of because it is certain that his guests are hungry. It will also allow him to explore new flavors and recipes. like all cooks, Sanji’s desire is to locate that All Blue, which is abundant in assets. If he does find it, and had the energy required to do so, he could become the most famous chef in the world.


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