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10 Times Jujutsu Kaisen Was Too Dark For Its Own Good

10 Times Jujutsu Kaisen Was Too Dark For Its Own Good

The shonen series in fashion Jujutsu Kaisen is a dark and stylish show that doesn’t hesitate of going to any size. The story is about Yuji Itadori in his search to get back his hands and eat the entirety of Ryomen Sukuna’s hands with an aim to encircle and take down Sukuna.



Jujutsu Kaisen has since its inception, taken on a number of dark and sinister paths along the right path, making every one of them horrifyingly heart-wrenching horrible scenes throughout. A lot of these terrifying scenes came out as a shock to fans and only increased their shock.

10 Junpei’s Gruesome Murder

Junpei was a withdrawn teenager who transformed from a typical human to an evil person after he experienced the unfortunate luck of meeting Mahito. He also formed a bond with Yuji when they became friends through motion-picture films. Their friendship and his life have been quickly ruined in a heartbreaking and twisted way.

After Junpei and Yuji came to peace following their battle, it appeared that Junpei would be put back in a great direction but then Mahito stepped in and transformed everything. He transformed Junpei into one of his vile human beings, before compelling him at Yuji until he passed away, his body dying in shock. It was a terrifying time for his followers at every location.

9 Sukuna Rips Out Yuji’s Heart


In the Fearsome Womb arc at the start of the sequence, Sukuna proved simply how the lengths he’s willing to go to in order to ensure Yuji’s body by removing Yuji’s heart from his body. In this way in the event that Yuji was to return his mind to his body and control it and control it, he’d die instantly. It was a bleak moment when it became evident that there were no other alternatives.

Or Yuji gave up control of his body and let Sukuna do what he wanted or Yuji did the same thing and perished, killing Yuji as well as Sukuna. This was a horrible decision to make, with no viable solutions. The fact that this happened so at the beginning of the sequence was a clear indication of how dark the sequence was determined to become.

8 Yuji Discovered He Was Fighting Humans

Following the incident in the film, Yuji and Nanami run into two curses — or at least in the order to assume. After delivering brutal and unimaginable attacks to them and making the curses ineffective to fight, Nanami comes to Nanami realize a shocking fact that the curses they’ve endured for years have been afflicting them since the time people.


It’s an upsetting situation for Yuji to face after a long time of trying to save many different people. It’s also one of the first indicators of just how far Mahito’s ability to transform could go, as well as a dark hint of what’s to be the outcome.

7 Yuji Agreed To Be Vessel

At the beginning of the series, Yuji ate one in every finger of Sukuna to help him win an epic battle against an evil spell, leading to a fateful decision. After Gojo identified the person Sukuna was as well as the existing fingernails, the sultan presented Yuji with an option to choose to be killed immediately or use him as a vessel for consuming all the fingers of Sukuna and then execute him.

If he had to choose between two options for death, Yuji had just one option to consider – to pick the option that would benefit and help the majority of people. So, he decides to become the vessel of Sukuna and gives him the guarantee of execution at some point or another.

6 Mahito’s Experiments On Humans

After the meeting with Mahito, the followers were confronted with the truth about his shady methods that allow Mahito to rule over living beings. In particular, Mahito had been conducting experiments on humans. In his home where he experimented, he had individuals using the Idle Transformation.

Mahito was testing his cursed method of determining the size or how tiny the transformations he could make prior to succumbing to shock. His response was horrifying. It will only get more grotesque when his followers are taught that Mahito typically keeps hand-sized characters in his possession to use during the fight against his adversaries.

5 Nobara Hurt Herself To Win


In her final fight in the story, the fans watched Nobara go to incredibly dark measures to win. This Death Painting arc has her fighting against Eso and Kechizu and Kechizu, with Eso making use of his blood-sucking attacks to hurt his adversaries. The moment Nobara is injured by the blood that is poured on her arm, she only noticed a possibility.

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Nobara utilized her Resonance method for driving a nail into her own arm, causing injuries to both Eso and Kechizu in their course. It’s a grotesque sight as Nobara looked at the person who wants to get a throbbing pain for a while by driving nail upon nail through her own body. In the real sense, Nobara is ready to endure for a longer time.

4 Yuji Chose To Sacrifice His Life

In the event that Sukuna had left Yuji with the terrifying option of dying or letting Sukuna create havoc on his body after removing his heart from his body, Yuji decided that made the entire crowd gasp. He returned to his body and accepted that both he and Sukuna would die as a result.

Prior to his death, Yuji was in a position to hold a painful conversation with Megumi that only added more twists to the story. This was a difficult choice for the audience to comprehend as they tried to figure out the implications which Yuji did not accept. And, at that moment it was a feeling that it could be a shocking death, but it was not.

3 A Whole Restaurant Was Incinerated

In the sixth season of Jujutsu Kaisen launched one of the most shocking scenes in the series. When a human is confronted by curses at an eatery, no one would have imagined the outcome. One curse, Jogo, proceeded to cause heartburn to those inside the restaurant until all the people in the restaurant were burnt alive.


The situation was only made more difficult by the girl who almost made her way out of the restaurant, but ended with a fiery explosion just like everyone else. It was an incredibly painful experience to watch so many people lose their lives and also a gift of hope for the fans, who were apprehensive that Jogo was able to fight against Gojo.

2 Junpei’s Mom Was Murdered

While the loss of life can be an awful thing in any anime series A brutal murder of someone innocent to get what one wants is a lot more tragic. This is exactly what happened with Nagi Yoshino who is Junpei’s mother. Nagi was very pleasant, though unassuming with her son. Yuji immediately recognizes Nagi as a great person.

However, Nagi’s life has been diminished too fast due to an evil spell that was planted by Mahito. Mahito killed Nagi in order to reach Junpei so that he could reach Sukuna. Perhaps even more so for the main characters — his scheme to get Sukuna does not work at all. He gave up Nagi and Junpei’s lives to be scolded.

1 Fushiguro’s Father Sold Him Off

The episode 23 the audience was shocked to learn the shocking truth about Fushiguro’s background, specifically that he was a victim of a scheme to buy him off by his father. He was introduced to Gojo as a child and was later assigned to guide Fushiguro at the academy in the techniques of jujutsu.

Fushiguro admits that in the first year of his life, his father disappeared without a clue, and he swiftly encountered Gojo and was able to help him. Although Gojo did not claim that his father had bought him at once, Fushiguro is well in a position to comprehend the circumstances.