15 Best Sega Genesis RPGs Ever

There were plenty of gamers who played in the 16bit console war. The Genesis offered better fighting and sports games. The SNES excelled at platformers and RPGs. The early market was dominated by SquareSoft classics such as Final Fantasy VI and Chrono Trigger remain the top games for being the SNES and its electronic closure.

This doesn’t mean that the Genesis did not have great role-playing games however. It actually included a number of RPGs that are at least as good as those that was available in the SNES. Here are the 15 top Sega Genesis RPGs:


The Gauntlet series has inspired a variety of action hack and slash and loot shacks since its beginning at the end of 1985. The Genesis sequel began as an original port made by fans of the game’s original, but quickly grew in size. The quest mode is a new one, that features a leveling system, death match, and an arcade feature that allows you to keep track of progress even in password-protected mode.

There have been numerous attempts to revitalize Gauntlet franchises from the time of IV, no one has been the sole one to have has captured the pure pleasure of playing this classic game with a pal and killing hundreds of villains in the afternoon.


If you’re interested in seeing the humble beginnings of the series, Ys III is a excellent place to begin. It’s not the longest or the most written RPG of Genesis however it provides hours of side-scrolling fun. It’s one of the games where is the Genesis version. Genesis version is a roaring SNES port, with better translation, higher quality soundtrack, and even an improved screen.


While the majority of RPGs in the 1990s focused on tolkien-esque fantasy worlds, Syndicate was one of the first to look at a different kind of setting, a cyberpunk dystopia in which megacorporations compete to dominate the world. Despite its unique setting, Syndicate focused on more intense shoot-based action. However, Syndicate controlled a team of cybernetics.

It is true that the Genesis edition of Syndicate isn’t holding up to the same level like the PC version However, it’s quite enjoyable. This reboot was purely because the series isn’t as well-known to a large audience. It’s just unfortunate that the reboot of 2012 completely fell short of to fulfill the RPG roots.


The time that Sword of Vermillion launched as one of the first RPGs to be released in Genesis, Sega claimed it provided at 300 hours of gaming. This proved to be an exaggeration (think perhaps twenty hours) however it was one of the longer unique RPGs from the 1990s.

What people like or dislike most about Sword of Vermillion are their diverse gameplay. The vast world of the game is filled with views of the skies but dungeons are played in a first-person viewpoint. If a random battle comes to an end, it’s like The Legend of Zelda. In the end, bosses battle to change the game and play similar to the side-scrolling game. This game isn’t for everyone however, it has an appealing appeal to nostalgic fans.


An entirely new version of Genesis was released, and was later a life-long goal but he started to forget the powerful consoles with 32 bits. The best games come out once you own an Xbox console that is among the top of its time.

It was developed by the famous Japanese company Treasure (which produced several of Genesis the best games) It is a solid and rapid combat experience and an isometric perspective. A lot of reviewers weren’t impressed with the graphics or thought it was too simple at launch, but the choices in design are excellent, in addition, Light Crusader now has a small, but loyal fan base.


If you squint for a while, you could be mistaken for thinking that the crusader of Centy to be The Legend of Zelda: A Little Odd. A lot of levels, enemies, as well as the game’s hUD bear more than a passing resemblance to the classic Nintendo franchise. Are they really that bad? In this particular instance, that isn’t quite right.

Crusader of Centy won’t win prizes for its originality, but it’s more enjoyable (its quite a bit quicker then Link to the Past) which makes it among the top entertaining Zelda replicas of the time even though it’s short and simple.


Landstalker has received some criticisms compared to The Legend of Zelda, however, in certain ways, it’s an original game due to its isometric perspective as well as open-world design. The sword can be described as a weapon. In certain situations the game end. Landstalker is the less linear game Zelda will never grow to become over the course of several years.

Despite a booming reviews and a good number of sales when it was released, Landstalker never received a proper sequel, however certain members of the development team did come up with their spiritual sequels Dark Savior as well as Alundra on the initial PlayStation.


Who of us hasn’t wished for an awe-inspiring galleon to sail on the seven merry, taking loot, and having a pirate live his their life to the fullest? The Sid Meiers Pirates! The Sid Meiers Pirates! creating ten Great Pirate Quests that span decades. Although Genesis produces pirates! Gold is an action game, however, compared to all RPGs, it’s good enough to be included on this list.And even though PC games of the time were widely criticized for their poor quality as they came to consoles, Pirates! The Gold semblance is superior than Genesis.


It seems that the Dungeons franchise is always on the best RPG lists in one way or another. It’s true that Warriors of the everlasting sun isn’t exactly the most thrilling adventure. It’s well worth the effort. Many of the games can be replicated by Final Fantasy, but even although it’s not as original there’s no room to allow for personalization. You can change the game into a collection into between four and seven class pieces.

Although the game features truly powerful turn-based combat the graphics weren’t any different and we’re not even able to see it in the present. It’s among the most challenging 16-bit RPGs ever created however it’s true that it’s possible to solve this through playing with an emulator.


Although well-known by gamers and critics alike, Shining is a series that Shining series is not often featured in any of Segas top-of-the-line franchises. It’s not a lot of time before they release an fantastic strategic RPG and spinoffs every couple of years.

For many players, Shining Force II is still the top game in the series. It’s a sprawling epic that focuses on restraining an invading demon with intense combat that is strategic and an improved system that needs to know when to advance the players to higher-level classes. Shining is Sega’s strong answer in response to Nintendo’s Fire Emblem series.


The term “seen” often confuses a RPG. Phantasy Star III is a real epic in video games because of its sprawling story that spans the three generations of its characters. When the game begins at 2 p.m. the main protagonist has to decide whether to marry or not. The choice will determine the ability of the child and, eventually, the game will end. It’s an interesting concept that, sadly, only a handful of other RPGs have been spotted.

Include the amazing turn-based combat system that was well-known for at the time (with the introduction of a brand new auto-fight feature) and you have the basic motive for expanding the Genesis platform was the demise of RPGs from Squares due to the Genocidal Storm.


Platformers dominate the gaming scene in the 90s, and the majority of are in financial trouble. Then, The Wonder Boy in World was among the first to elevate the genre through the addition of RPG elements like townspeople that you could interact with Magic spells, and new equipment that helped make Shion more strong as the game progressed. It truly revived what could have been a relatively typical platformer with no. It’s difficult to imagine a lot of innovation today but the combination has been a huge inspiration for hundreds of other imitators in to the AAA as well as independent game developers in the past couple of years.


Beyond Oasis is among the most underrated and criminally underrated Genesis games. The player is Prince Ali and you must locate the golden armlet in order to stop the powerful evil. It’s probably not the most original tale but it’s real.

It’s no exaggeration when we say the game Beyond Oasis is on the same level as an old 16-bit mana. However, even though it isn’t so for this Sega Saturn sequel, this series has been a stalemate for a long time, despite the fact that Sega will likely incorporate Beyond Oasis in its Genesis retro releases.


In the present the moment a game has been modified for various platforms, the difference between the two versions is very apparent. Since the time of 16 bits various ports are difficult to differentiate between the two.

Shadowrun is a game for Genesis is supposed to include the features of an SNES RPG; but that is where the similarities begin. The game version that is available for Shadowrun is entirely different but it is more graphically appealing and features a solid real-time battle and an extended story that is more enthralling and involving. You can also play as a shaman which is a class many RPGs should include.

Shadowrun isn’t just one of the top games ever made It’s also one of the most popular cyberpunk titles ever. There’s a reason why the players demand to revive the series more than two decades after the fact.


The Phantasy Star series was a huge success from the beginning with the Master System, and with the fourth installment, Sega produced something truly extraordinary, an alien epic that starts with a basic mission to hunt down monsters which then escalates into a larger plot which threatens the whole Algol Solar System. It also managed to beat the previous three games. The music and graphics are the best for Genesis. Its combat engine, with turn-based in its heart allows you to combine attacks to make powerful combinations which makes it among the top features in any 16 bit RRPG.

There is a small amount of the library on Genesis isn’t as extensive as the SNES However, Phantasy Star IV can easily utilize a wide range of RPGs with that console, and is one of the most memorable games. It was the first game where the Genesis was considered to be as a must-have for every RPG player.


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