20 Minutes Till Dawn – Comprehensive Guide

The short version: If you require assistance with any aspect of the game, you’ll be able to locate it this forum! (Hopefully!)


Hey fellow murderers of Cthulhu-like beings.

I’ve enjoyed this particular game continuously for quite a while and thought I’d provide some suggestions to you everyone. (These are mostly based on a darkness 15 game, however, for other challenges you can take whatever approach you like and it will work.)

Disclaimer! This guide is of course solely my personal views as I rarely delve into the forums or read much about games on the internet. If anyone spots any mistakes or would like to suggest additional ideas for building in the comments section, I’ll be happy to include them in the guide. You are also free to skip characters you’d like to know more about. My guide is extremely long , and I can realize that you want to skip sections that you are already familiar with. Enjoy!

1. General Tips

These are just a few suggestions to be incorporated into each game.

opening and closing trees.This is a very important concept I will refer to throughout the tutorial. Opening a tree is choosing the first upgrade available in an upgrade tree. This is followed by two additional upgrades to the upgrade pool available to players. Closing a tree is choosing the final upgrade in the tree, thereby cutting down on the upgrades available at reaching a certain level. It is crucial to remember as in certain circumstances you might need to choose either or both.

Here’s a quick illustration: At the beginning of the game, you will wish to make the most trees helpful to your development as you can. In this way, every upgrade you make it’s less likely you will be faced with ineffective or ineffective upgrades. But certain builds could require special synergies (synergies are upgrades that can be not available when you combine with normal upgrades). For instance, if playing a shotgun-based build, you are likely to want to obtain your mini-clip synergy in as short a time as you can, so you should attempt to cut as few trees as you can and then try to close as many of them as you can to ensure you have the best chance to get the synergy you require and that synergy.


Moving is the key element to this sport.It is your main weapon for survival. This is why every build should use either an option called run and gun feature, which lets you shoot while running or utilize the mini synergy upgrade that reduces the size of your clip to 1 for any firearm. The fast reloading clips of one bullet basically lets you stutter step however, while not as effective as shooting while moving is still a great option and won’t cost you points in an upgrade tree, which does not increase the damages (i.e moving tree). P.s There are two instances of this being the case: Abby because she can move with her right-click or Hina who is able to teleport using just one click.

Experienceis extremely important because it lets you view the latest updates. However, walking up to an experiences spread across the map in order to get it is completely inefficient. This is the reason I recommend being as still as you can and allow the monsters to come at you. When you’re satisfied with the huge circle of experience that has built up around you (or you require some specific improvement immediately) You can begin moving within the circle, then take it all in and then return to your original location. Another reason this method is so effective is a rune dubbed “Growth”. This rune will heal you for 1 HP every whenever you attain five levels (5,10,15 or more) making this circle which means you won’t lose the possible healing while you do not really need it and will be able to heal should you require. There are certain instances where I strongly suggest taking this approach, as well as a few situations where you shouldn’t be doing this. The next step will be a brief description of how this is done.

“Experience rings”breakdown according to game time In the initial seconds of game (until around 17 min, at which point the first elite is born) you’ll need to be running around and dodge while collecting Xp in the normal way. When you’ve beat the elite that spawned first and obtained your first item , you’ll be about level 10. Stilling should be very easy to accomplish. From now until the next boss, take the initiative to stand still for as long as you can. Then at 15:15 (or shortly before the boss is there) Quickly collect all the Xp you can to gain advantage in the battle. Once the boss is defeated, take any large piles of Xp left over. If none are left, stand still until 10 minutes have passed. Eyeballs will be shooting at you between 14 and 12 minutes. Some models will be able to remain still and only dodge the bullets when they get close. Other builds will need to get closer towards the eyeballs to avoid them. Whatever you decide to do, make sure to remain in the middle of your circle when getting rid of or avoiding those annoying eyeballs. Around 10:00, the flying monsters begin spawning. They begin by slow spawning, so take this time to collect the entire circle of Xp while staying clear of them. Return to the center, and then back to your normal position. If you see eyeballs (at 9:15) take all your Xp because you’ll need to take on the next elite. After the elite has been defeated, eyeballs will continue to appear until 6:30. This means that we have to can dodge or kill eyeballs within smaller circles. From there, until the last boss is defeated, only winged enemies appear, so you must remain in a still position until 5:15. The boss appears after 5 minutes, however you should have enough time to gain knowledge before the boss cage appears , which can result in the Xp you have earned points to be squandered in the outside. After you have defeated the boss, small tentacle monsters will pop up between 4:00 and 22:00 in large numbers. Therefore, you must remain still until the two minute mark. After that, the winged creatures will appear once again. Then, you can run around eliminating them, and then collecting the Xp in your circle until you’ve finished the game.


The game is nearing the end.Once the 5 minute mark is completed and the final boss is set to appear it is time to put all of your points towards survivability , unless you’re not getting enough damage. This is when you should upgrade the HP Holy, Pyro or Holy line, if you haven’t previously. In the alternative, you can go to the magnet line to gain the speed of Xp, which in turn ends in giving you additional upgrades, and therefore greater survival.

Infusing opponents.This one should be pretty obvious, but at the early stages of the gameplay (until one of the top elites, or perhaps) it is recommended to gather enemies into large groups to shoot them and then kill lots of them simultaneously. This is particularly helpful when your building isn’t able to absorb damage.

2. Fights

There are three elite fights, and two bosses, in the game. These are some suggestions to help you get them done. They are described by order of appearance in the game.


A general suggestion as a general rule: taking a small amount of time to eliminate massive packs of monsters each 3 to 5 second interval is recommended since it gives you more time to relax when fighting bosses. (this means you must shoot at the boss for a few seconds before turning to shoot some rounds at the minions, and then turn around to shoot the boss.)

  • 17:15 The Floaty Bug. This elite is simply a tentacle minion , but with a lot of HP and can do double damage. Since it is an insect with tentacles, you should consider it one. Just run around in circles to try to entangle the normal minions around it, so that you can shoot simultaneously.
  • 15:00 Charging Dino. I believe this is my favorite boss or elite in the game due to the fact that he appears early before you’ve had time to create any upgrades. The Dino is a threat to you and inflicts two damage. To take down this monster, I would strongly suggest finding a way to move while causing damage. There are many methods to accomplish this.
    1. Unlock the upgrade for the gun and run. This lets you be able to move when shooting.
    2. With a smaller clip size. This allows you to stutter step (shoot,step,shoot,etc) which slows you down less than continuous shooting and is best achieved by using the mini clip synergy which reduces your ammo to 1.
    3. Utilizing summons. Summon builds inflict the majority of their damage due to pets, which allows them to move while they.
    4. Abby and Hina’s skills. Both of them have the right mouse button which gives them some kind of mobility. Abby can move when shooting, while Hina can run.
  • 8.40 Ball from the Hive. This elite is an extremely slow-moving ball that summons tiny minions to take on you. It’s relatively easy to overcome. I suggest that you go around in a circle , constantly facing the target to ensure that your shots (which should hopefully penetrate the eyeballs at this moment) or any other form of damage in the area, kills monsters in the way (most importantly eyeballs) and also deal with the summons. The most challenging part of the fight is the eyeballs shooting at you throughout the fight. If for any reason you’re not able to make complete circle around the object (dam trees! ) I would suggest spending some time to kill the eyeballs each time you spot one.
  • 5:15 The laser ball. This boss shoots five lasers. This boss like the previous boss has to be mobile, so the same strategies apply. But this boss is more tolerant due to two reasons. First, you should have enough upgrades to be able to take on everything. Additionally, this boss deals 1 damage when he fires his beams, even in dark 15. This is the reason the reason why, in my general advice I highly recommend that you grab any Hp regen or the max HP upgrade prior to the boss because it will ensure your survival. The second part of the fight is identical to that of the eyeball because they will appear throughout the battle. Alongside these suicide bombers are also appearing. To stop these thugs, you must get off from where the enemy is prior to shooting them, since the boss’s movements are very slow and only targets you when you are within a limited range. (yes even though beams have an infinite range)
  • 4:45 Dragon. This elite is like the other in that it’s identical to the minions. The one that is different is a buffer variant of Minions that fly. At this point, he’ll actually be a huge punching bag. And if you’re in a position to sustain little damage, you should avoid him and concentrate on your survival instead.
  • Global solution If you’re facing any difficulty Just know that an attack speed plus freeze chance will keep bosses frozen nearly forever.

3. Runes

The first step is to get started! When you hit play, in the upper right corner of the screen for selecting a character or weapon there’s an option called runes. When you press it, it will open an classic RPG page on the skill tree. Tada! You now are aware. It takes many folks (including me) for a long period of time to realise that the game is actually played.

They can be bought using the points you earn at the conclusion of each game. (Just be aware that when you buy the rune, it will be automatically selected therefore you will need to select an alternative one if just wanted to buy it.)


  • Priority of purchase “The quick version”: This is the sequence in which I would buy the runes. Begin in Shield tree: Shield tree:
  1. Courage
  2. Momentum
  3. Blessing
  4. Growth (sword tree follows)
  5. Alacrity
  6. Close combat
  7. Glass cannon
  8. Cadence
  • Priority for purchasing “The long version”: This is the sequence in which I would buy the runes. In essence, I believe they’re the best choice when you’re building your points . They are also flexible enough to work with every build. Begin by using your shield tree. The reason why the shield tree is at the beginning is that we’re looking to get the rune known as “Growth” which increases experience gain quickly. Start at the right hand side, with the rune dubbed “Courage” (reload rate + knockback upon the reload). This rune is very helpful in keeping you alive during the beginning game, and the reload rate is great for almost every build. Next, you can you can pick up “Momentum” (movement speed on the Xp pickup) If it’s not obvious enough, the speed of movement is very useful during this game. Next , you should grab Blessing (start playing using Holy Shield upgrade to decrease the duration of cooldown). Beginning the game using this upgraded version means that you begin with a completely free level. Then, for the shield tree , we get “Growth” (Increased Xp and heal every 5 levels) the most powerful rune you can get in the game. If the last rune grants the equivalent of one level, think of what this one will achieve! + Free healing! The next step comes the tree of swords. Choose first “Alacrity” (Reload and fire rate) because it is compatible with the broadest build types (gun and elemental). Choose the close-combat rune (Increased damage in the range of vision) This rune works with virtually every build, even summons. Then, select “Glass Cannon” (Bullet damage and firing rate at the expense of HP) The HP cost is minimal and can be quickly refunded through using our “Growth” rune. Then, pick Cadence (increased damage per three shots, and also pierce) Most of the runes at the bottom of the tree of swords aren’t particularly strong however the fact this one lets bullets be pierced makes it the most powerful in the end, and it aids in building damage to guns.


The Power (10 percent bullet and summon damage)

Speed (10 percent fire and the rate of reload)

Mysticism (10 percent freeze rate with a burning chance)

Damage to guns or summoner build

Works with any other builds that are not summon.


Aftershock (Area 20% bullet damage on reload)

Elemental barrage (50 percent reload rate and the fire rate is every 50 freeze/burn during 5 second)

Combat close (15 percent of damage within the range of vision)

only for small clips gun damage that builds

only works on builds with elemental elements

Great with all things

Glass Cannon (25 percent bullet damage along with fire rate)

Magical wildness (25 percent chance of spreading the freeze and burn)

Gun Glyph (10 percent bullet damage every 5 seconds over a narrow areas)

Excellent with all things



Cadence (Every third shot is worth 100 percent bonus damage, and it penetrates)

Ethereal (Every 50 times, you’ll receive infinite ammo for 10 seconds)

Indication (If you own a summon, gain 50 percent the summon’s damage, and increase attack speed)

Pierce is useful on all early game builds




Vigilance (Vision range and pick up range increases)

Tenacity (When at half HP increase the rate of fire and knockback 15 percent

Courage (Knockback after realoading)

Couples with close combat in summoner builds

Diamonds only

Excellent early survival

Momentum (35 percent movement speed when you collect XP)

The Elemental Shield (invincibility for every 50 minutes of burn/freeze cycles for 5 seconds)

Seismic Ward (Knockback enemy every 5 second)

Moving is great!

Passable on elemental builds

Only available on grenade launchers

Blessing (Start with the upgrade to the holy shield and cut down its cooldown by 25 secs)

The Healing (Every 1000 enemies killed is rewarded with an item for healing)

Final stand (Invincible only once per game ) when HP is reduced to 1)

Good for everything

Diamonds only


Growing (20 percent increase in gain in Xp, heals 1 HP for every 5 levels)

Guardian (instead of dying, you kill the summoner)

Second blow (When your HP decreases by 1 to 3 HP)

The best rune in the game



4. Upgrades

The upgrade trees are scored out of a total of four points (1 point for each valuable upgrade within the tree) and sometimes will contain .5 points on upgrades which are useful or have a special. (The upgrades are scored in the same way as they appear in the image.)


Electro Mage(3.5/4) Electro mage and Electro mastery both are fantastic skills , and they are the primary source of damage in the elemental builds. Electro bugs and the Energized skills aren’t very good but are needed for unlocking Electro mastery. I awarded every .5 points. The final .5 is actually due to being aware that Electro mastery can be used to unlock the amazing overload synergy.


Rapid hands(2.5/4) This tree is not a great. Fast hands as well as Fresh Clip provide a boost in damage, that makes them useful. However, kill clip, Armed and Ready are mostly ineffective. Fresh clip allows to allow the Mini clips synergy be released as well. Mini clip is among the, if not the most effective synergy tools available in the game.

Frost Mage(4/4) Frosting enemies is fantastic and dealing the %HP damage of frostbite and shatter, which means it can be used to any level of darkness. The weakest upgrade should be the ice shard since it is mostly used using low ammo guns or Mini clips. The synergy this tree can unlock is quite bad, however it keeps it from getting to 4.5.

Haste(3.5/4) This tree is needed for the majority of non-summon, non-Miniclip designs because run and gun lets you shoot while moving. We’ve discussed this many times, the ability to move is great from 20 minutes to dawn. The only thing that’s not quite as fast is the blazing speed, mostly due to the fact that burn isn’t extremely good. The wind might seem like a lot of bullet damage (and it can be) however, 40 percent speed of movement isn’t something to be taken seriously.


Ghost friend(3.5/4) The ghost itself as well as it’s Vengeful ghost upgrades are not great upgrades. However, it is very crucial, so the Energetic friends and the In sync upgrades are essential for summoners. The final .5 is Vengeful ghost which unlocks summon mastery synergy. Summon Mastery synergy. This is, you wouldn’t believe it can increase summon attack speed.

light weaponry(2.5) This tree of upgrades is unusual in that it rely on the bullet damage of your weapon to boost your summon damage this means that it mostly is compatible using the grenade launcher crossbow, or revolver. The two dagger upgrade options are nice, but unstable and came up with .5 each. It is true that the Sharpen upgrade is pretty awful and there’s no reason not to use it when playing summoner builds. The most effective upgrade in the tree is really heavy weaponry, simply because it’s the only source of constant and reliable damage. The final .5 is again earned since Dual wield is the only upgrade that Dual wield upgrade gives you access to Summon Mastery Synergy.

Magnetism(2/4) Pick-up range isn’t a huge statistic. It’s even less important when you are focusing on mobility. If you have nothing other than that, I generally suggest taking Magnetism to enhance the health benefits.


Holy shield(3/4) Holy shield is the most effective defensive upgrade tree available in the game. Furthermore, the factor that God’s blessing boosts the speed of movement and helps the shield decrease its cooling time only makes it more effective. The only exception here is Divine Wrath, which is mostly ineffective.

Dragon eggs(3) Dragon eggs are the most powerful summoner in its own right, as it is able to be used in conjunction with any type of build. Its Trained dragon upgrades are great and I would recommend it over anything else. However, the Aged dragon isn’t that great even though it uses Dragon bond. However, Dragon bond is only available for bullet damage builds, and you would rather have the daggers and scythe in a build that deals with bullet damage each time. If you manage to gain access to the dragon and Aged dragon upgrades before 19:00, the Dragon bond will only provide you with the 11 damage boost by the time you reach 5:00 that is the point at which damage is what matters. This is great but generally not worth the effort to take over other upgrades, unless you’re trying to convert a basic damage weapon into a damaged build (i.e. Magic bow or Batgun)

Vitality(1/4) This tree of defense is not great. The majority of the time it’s more beneficial to not be hit. Both HP boost upgrades are worth .5 because they are helpful in the final few minutes of the game helping you to remain alive. Anger point , however, only works only on Diamond and works fine even. Regeneration is too slow.


Magic Lens(.5/4) This is the only worthwhile upgrade is the one that was first introduced. However, it’s only suitable for summon or bullet damage builds. I would prefer over other improvements in these two builds but generally suggest avoiding it.

Double-shot(4/4) The more bullets work for nearly all builds, with summoner builds really not needing the feature. Fan fire is an excellent upgrade that boosts your survival because your bullets can knock enemies off when you recharge. The least effective upgrade is Split fire, which has only gotten .5 due to the fact that shooting forwards is somewhat insecure. The final .5 points are actually given to Fan fire as it opens Miniclip.

rapid firing(2.5/4) Rate of firing is an important statistic for all builds, however it’s also not difficult to find as most firearms have a decent base rate of fire. Rapid fire, rubber bullets, and Light bullets all provide a fire rate that gives them to score .5. But siege is totally ineffective since not using ammunition isn’t a good idea as sitting still for it is the worst. The bonus point is derived from synergies that aren’t unlockable through this tree. Siege unlocks Stand your Ground that adds projectiles. the additional .5 points are awarded due to the tree is required for two other synergies, even though the synergies in question are completely bullet-damage specific.


Shot of power(4) The tree is the damage builder for guns. Splinter, Big Shot and Reaper rounds provide you with the ability to damage an area which is extremely beneficial. The power shot isn’t the best and the knock back is a bit annoying since it takes away your XP and it is only able to earn an average rating of .5. The final .5 is given because Reaper rounds can unlock the Death round synergy , which is almost a must for build with damage from bullets.

Use Take Aim(2.5/4) The tree in question is quite special. The Take Aim, Penetration as well as Sniper are most useful due to the speed of their bullets. The bullet speed feature is beneficial for the grenade launcher as well as the shotgun. The Assassin upgrade is very effective as %-based damage is always helpful and that’s why it is worthy of a full point. It’s also one of the only ways to enable the flame cannon to function.

Glare(0/4) This tree is nearly ineffective. Damage and frequency are not that great. The only benefit that one can make from this tree is when it’s used using the rune close combat while playing the summoner build. The close combat rune boosts the damage dealt to enemies that are within the range of vision and each upgrade to the tree expands the vision range.


Pyro Mage(2.5) It is one of the most dangerous of the upgrade trees for elemental upgrades. Pyro mage is the only one that makes your shots burn, however burn is a long-lasting damaging condition that is slow to heal. In a game that is all about survival for a brief period of time, something as insipid as burn can be quite dangerous. The same reason is why intense burn (which boosts the damage from burn) is a major problem. Warmth is a great option for survival when combined with the dragon or other elemental builds . It’s also mandatory on Diamond. The last but not least, Fire starter is an excellent. It can add a lot in damage for any building and allows you to unlock the Overload synergy the additional .5.

5. Synergies

It’s a brief overview of synergies to help you understand the ones you should work toward and which ones you must avoid.

Death round: (+10 bases damage) – -1 maximum Hp)Death rounds is a perfect synergy. Adding base damage from bullets makes it ideal for guns with low base damage that you’d like to turn into damage for guns. Do not use it on the grenade launcher since the damage already is excessive and the health loss could be a danger.


Frost fire (Causes the enemies that are frozen to ignite)This synergy is completely ineffective since the Pyro mage upgrade needed to open it, gives your bullets half a chance to burn, while the Frost mage has only an opportunity to freeze. That means that 95% of the time, frozen enemies are already burning. (and obviously, as I have stated many times before it is pretty poor overall)

Gun mastery:(15 percent bullet damage as well as a reload and fire rate. +2 ammo max, +2 piercing)This Synergy is fine but certainly not something worth working for. Every build that deals with bullets is likely to unlock it at one moment or the other, and should be chosen since it’s better than many upgrades.

Mini clip:(100% reload rate, 50% bullet damage. Ammo max of 1)The most powerful Synergy that you can get. This is due to its interactions with other things such as Fan flame, Ice shard and Aftershock which activate upon reloading. If you’re looking to be completely untouchable with a screen of bullets, this is the method to take. Most of the time, it is worth making the effort.


Overload (Lightning to strikes a flamed enemy explodes and causes an additional 25 damage)For most of the game, the electromage as well as the Frost mage trees should provide plenty of damage, so I don’t advise rush to acquire this. Once your build is in place making a trip to the Pyro mage tree to unlock this synergy always worthwhile.

Stand your feet: (+2 projectiles +25% fire rate and a speed of movement of -25%)This is an excellent synergy. Its problem is that it forces you to be under siege, which is totally useless. That means that standing your ground is essentially two levels. However, it is extremely powerful which is why, when Siege is one of the poor or ineffective options as you move up, it’s still worth a try in the hope of obtaining this synergy. (The slowing of the speed of movement can be slightly irritating, but once you have this synergy, you’ll reach the point that it’s no longer an issue.)

Summon Mastery (35 percent summon damage 35% summon attack speed 35% bullet Damage)If the name wasn’t an obvious clue this synergy should (or at the very least, should) remain available for every summoner build. The reduction of 35% in bullet damage isn’t important and an attack speed increase of 35% of your summons is simply amazing.


6. Tomes

We finally get to the world of tomes. Tomes are huge upgrades that can be obtained by two bosses in gameplay (at 15:00 and 5:15). There are only six Tomes available in the game, and each boss offers three options. It is possible to be able to see them all in an entire game, however it’s not guaranteed since it is possible to be able to see the same Tome repeatedly. The Tome you receive after beating the first boss is the one that will have the greatest influence on your performance and could even decide the outcome. It’s almost always worthwhile to pick up a tome however in certain situations it might be better to avoid them since they always come with significant disadvantages. Here’s a breakdown.

The Tome of Elasticity:(+2 bullet bounce. 1 HP 25 percent damage to the bullet) damage)I find this to be among the most dreadful of Tomes. It’s fine and worthy of consideration in build that is not a bullet-damage focused. This is due to the fact that most build with bullet damage have many pierce pieces which reduces the value of bounce. Other builds that rely on pierce like shotguns, won’t make good use of it. Of course , you must avoid any bounce using the grenade launcher, unless you’re experiencing a death wish.

Tome of Elements:(+35 percentage lightning damage as well as burn damage and the duration of freeze. 50% bullet damage)Elemental damage is the most powerful mechanic in the game. If you’re using an elemental construct,, take it! Otherwise , just pass.


Tome of Power:(+50 percent bullet damage 100 percent bullet size 1 perforation. 25% fire rate, -1 Maximum HP)-1 Max HP can be expensive for certain builds, but if are playing a build that has bullet damage, you should pick the tome of power each time. The only weapon that could be more popular than the tome would be the one-shot grenade launcher, since its base damage is extremely large.

Tome of Rage:(+66 percent fire rate +60 spread, three times maximum ammo. 50% bullet damage, 95% knockback knockback)Tome of Rage is a great choice on builds with elements as they do not depend on damage from bullets and utilize the speed of attack through Electro and fire starter upgrades. I would suggest over Tome of Elements on Characters such as Spark and Yuki with the X bullet triggers. As I mentioned earlier, I would also choose it over the Tome of power during an grenade launcher.

Tome of Speed:(+50 percent movement speed. Maximum -1 Hp)I find this to be a poor book. However, unlike the tome of Elasticity it can be used on any build. If none of the other books can help your build, I’d suggest you to go with the book. It’s best to take it at the first boss , specifically. If you’ve gotten through the second boss, it indicates that you’ve got enough speed to move to the point where it’s not worth losing the maximum HP.

Tome of Summoning:(+50 percent summon damage as well as attack speed. 50 percent Reload speed)As the name suggests, it’s ideal for summoner builds, which do not typically shoot often enough. It’s also the most effective Tome to use when playing a bullet-damage batgun build.

7. Guns

This is where I’ll be evaluating guns from the worst to the best.

8. The flame cannon: As I’ve probably clarified by now, I’m not a fan of burn injuries. It’s slow and confusing. I’d rather have an upfront injury. However, it does provide a fairly good fire rate.

7. Batgun: The batgun scales based on both summon damage. This is cool, if the base damage was not this low. (Also it appears to not have death rounds in it which could enhance the experience If someone else is interested in testing this I’d like to know if it’s just making up things.)

6. Crossbow: The crossbow in itself is excellent It has good base damage and performs well with miniclip synergy. The issue with it, is charging is never as effective as clicking it a hundred times using mini clip. It’s a bit frustrating to play, and makes it disappear from the “sniper feel” instead just turning into a poor revolver.

5. Magic Bow: This is the most recent weapon, but I haven’t had the chance to play it nearly as often. If we don’t mind the bugs, it’s a great (and likely the best) weapon for a damage-to-bullet build. It is because the arrows will benefit from the damage that is incurred by guns after being shot, and also upon returning (absolutely great with the death round). The most common thing to do is increase the capacity of ammo and reloading speed to make large-scale blasts of destruction

4. Revolver: The revolver has good damage as well as a good rate of firing. It’s only missing area damage , which is why it is required to use an extra double shot. However, since it is considered to be one of the top trees that exist, it isn’t an issue.

3. Launcher for grenades: The grenade launcher works great in two different designs. It allows summoners to fight off enemies until your summons will take over the task by themselves and also increases the dagger/scythe summon’s damage. It’s also great for an armor-based build since it is a great base damage. Just be sure that your bullets hit and boost their speed or you may end up dying. A final note: I usually stay clear of the upgrade tree when choosing the grenade launcher, as the increased speed could lead you to step through your own guns.

2. Dual SMG: The SMG is worthy of this position due to the fact that it is the most effective weapon for damage. By itself, it’s quite a bad gun with a the lowest reload rate, and also low damage. The reason it’s so good is its extremely high firing rate, and the reality that each gun triggers “every X shot” effect in a different way. (This signifies that the upgrade to the Fire starter that usually triggers every 5 shots , actually triggers every 2.5 rounds.)

1. Shotgun: The shotgun is the most powerful gun available for a reason. It’s the best gun to use to Mini clip and Mini Clip is awe inspiring. It is compatible with damage to guns and basic builds so that you’re not trapped in a build right at the beginning. The only downside is that you have to utilize it with the Take target upgrade in order to expand the range of the weapon.

8. Ideal builds

As with the other information in this guide is only my opinion. However, I strongly suggest taking a look at these builds! If you have any other ideas for building I’d love to see your suggestions on the comment section! Each character’s build will contain their (passive) and unique character upgrades, which are given out by elites. They will be sorted in order of the best to the worst (1 being the best 3 being the worst)

Disclaimer! The elemental damage is by A LOT the most powerful source of damage. Therefore, virtually every character will get a job when you lean towards elements of damage. But that’s not entertaining now would it. Mini clip is by far the most effective upgrade. So if you add it to basic damage, you’ll be fine.


Shana(Can Reroll Upgrades once per stage) This is a fantastic passive that allows her to have great potential and stops you from getting stuck with the wrong upgrade. (most times, at least)


Quick Learner ( Gain experience by up to 40 percent ) The Quick Learner is an upgrade you’d like to be able to play every game following an initial elite. More Xp equals more upgrades!


Specification:(Triple your effect from the subsequent upgrade you get) The upgrade you get is highly dependent on the upgrade that you get and that’s why I usually prefer to have it at the second level once I’m in a position to get higher quality upgrades to triple the effect.


Shana’s Halo(Adds 3 upgrades to your pool after you have collected all three grants 50 50% fire rate, 50 percent reload rate, and 75% vision range) I’d only take this upgrade if it’s the first one that is dropped. The benefits that halo grants are decent, but its ability to will add three unneeded upgrade options to the pool sort of discredits it. If you see it in the first elite and you’re using a building that demands Reload rates, this is the only way I’d consider it.

– Shana is very versatile, increasing XP and the ability to roll back upgrades allows her to build into everything. Shana’s halo appears to be slightly better when using smaller clips because its primary advantage is the speed at which it reloads. This is why I suggest using her with the Shotgun. For her damage source you can go for any of them (elemental/summon/bullet-damage) but elemental is the best source of damage currently available so i would recommend that. Because she’s so versatile I suggest using the runes I suggested unlocking first because they’re also extremely versatile. You can then explore any build you want and then modify. (otherwise should you know the type of build you’d like to play prior to beginning the game, just take a look at the build of the other characters and you is likely to be able to achieve the same thing, possibly imitating Diamond when you get the maximum HP boost when you upgrade the triple upgrade)


Diamond(Starts at 7 Maximum HP) This is the only character that can effectively use “half-hp” or “upon taking damage effects” which can be extremely effective when combined with her.


Berserk(Increase the Reload and Fire rate by +10% per time you’re hit) Reload and fire rate work with both the basic and bullet-damage build, which makes this the best upgrade for her. Additionally, it activates damage that is something you are able to regulate. It is less random than bulking up.


The Bulk Up:(Increase Bullet Damage and Bullet Size by +15 percent each whenever your heal) This one is a bit worse than Berserk since it only works on bullet damage build, but as you’ll see, I strongly suggest the damage of bullets on Diamond to benefit from various runes and upgrade options.


Strong Will:(When Diamond’s HP is lower than or equal to half of Maximum HP, it will increase the Piercing 2 and knockback 25 percent) This is a good option and doesn’t have a time sensitivity since it doesn’t accumulate during the game. It is a good idea to have it last.

Diamond’s optimal build revolves around the regeneration of health and Max HP is increased to maximize her power. It is important to keep your health at half Hp in all instances and control your health by healing and taking care not to take damage (This can also assist in building the bulk of your Berserk and increase your level quickly). Being a high-max Hp is that, even with half Hp you’ll be more powerful than the other characters. I also suggest building toward bullet damage to maximize her bulk-up upgrade. The runes, the tomes (in ascending order) weapons and upgrades (in the order they are priority) ),


Upgrade to stay clear of) I would recommend:

  • Sword Runes: power (for bullet damage) Aftershock, Glass cannon (Mandatory to trigger half-HP effects before the start to the gameplay) Also, Cadence
  • Shield ranes include: The ability to withstand (50% firing rate at hp) Momentum, healing (allows you to choose how often you heal) and Growth
  • tomes (Tome of Power) I’d recommend buying the power tome on Diamond. It is a perfect match for her body and the -1 HP is not a huge cost. If you’re looking to get a book, the speed tome is perfect and can provide some protection. The tome on elasticity is good, but be careful not to reduce the maximum HP you can get because you’re already armed with the death bullets.
  • Weapons High base-damage guns are suggested. Also, Revolver Crossbow Grenade launcher, and Magic bow. (The Grenade launcher is preferred because you are able to control directly the damage you suffer However, the bow gains twice as much benefit from the increased damage from bullets, which makes it extremely strong when you the bulk.)
  • upgrades: (Pyro mage, Double shot, Power Shot, quick hands, vitality/rapid Fire Frost mage Light weaponry, Haste Holy Shield) This is an odd character since it is the only one who actively would like to join two of the most dreadful upgrade trees in the game. They are Vitality as well as the Pyro mage trees. I’d recommend getting the warm comfort of the Pyro tree as soon as possible. Because the build supports it, you should probably opt for The Death round (not on grenade launchers) and Gun mastery. Mini clip, and Stand Your Ground Synergies. This is all you need to do is include a few points into your Rapid Fire tree. This detour is crucial to unlock the magic bow, so you can get Death rounds. The frost magic tree is excellent overall and is even more impressive if you have Miniclip. It is only necessary in the event that you’re for any reason not able to get Mini clip or you have nothing better to do. Light weapons are only useful when you have a launcher for grenades. You should avoid taking Holy shield at all cost since it will prevent you from sustaining direct harm to your health.


Scarlett(Every three shot, you throw an explosion that is ablaze) It is totally useless , except for being able to permits you to not put scores to the Pyro tree. The issue is the Pyro tree is able to unlock the extremely strong synergy of Overload and you’ll be taking the option anyway.


Pyromaniac(Scarlett gain +10% Fire Rate each time she causes Burn. The buff is reset upon reload.) It’s her most powerful upgrade since it’s the only one not directly boosting burn. This only works with large clip guns. This is why you need to utilize larger size clips.


Pyro affinity(Bullet Damage 25 percent and Damage +67%) Damage +67 percent) Burn isn’t the greatest, but an increase of 67% in damage isn’t something to be scoffing at.


Long-lasting flame(Burn is twice as long) As if something existed for that long, without reapplying burn.

The character Scarlett I believe that Scarlett is far and away the worst persona in the game. Her passive, as mentioned above is completely ignored due to her position in the Pyro tree. Furthermore, her personal upgrades are inadequate. As a person who is very burned-centric, I’d suggest an elemental damage build for her. A build that is elemental assists her since elements are the most potent source of damage that will make up for the lackluster player she’s. I would recommend the large clip gun to benefit from this Pyromaniac upgrade, however the miniclip synergy works well enough to not be concerned about it too often. The runes, the tomes (in the order they are placed) as well as upgrades, guns and tomes (in the order they are placed) ),

Conditionsal) The things I’d suggest are:

  • The runes for the sword are: Alacrity, Elemental barrage, Glass cannon Ethereal (to combination with Pyromaniac)
  • Shield Runes: Vigilance, Elemental shield Blessing Growth
  • Tome of Rage: (Tome of Elements Tome of Rage) Naturally Scarlett enjoys fire damage, therefore the tome of elements is awesome for her. I’d also suggest tomes of rage at all times as Scarlett is not a fan of damage from bullets.
  • guns: Large clip guns are suggested. This means Double SMGs as well as the Batgun. I would not suggest making use of the fire Cannon however, as it, as with the passive she has, can be beneficial to bypass the pyro tree she is planning to enter to take the elemental damage. In other words, you could completely disregard your Pyromaniac upgrade and instead make use of a better gun such as the Shotgun or Grenade launcher, or Revolver.
  • upgrades: (Haste, Frost mage Electro mage Double shot Pyro mage, quick hands/Rapid fire Dragon eggs) Doing your best to get larger clip sizes also means that you’ll be spending a much of your shooting, which makes the run and gun a must. As an essential construct Frost as well as Electro are essential, as well as Pyro not as advanced like the rest, but don’t forget to activate the Overload synergy that dramatically boosts the amount of damage you can get. Rapid fire and quick hands give you access to the increase the size of your clips Ready and armoured and Light bullets, respectively. In the event that the eggs of dragons is on sale prior to the 15:00 minute mark, I’d recommend taking it along with use the Trained dragon upgrades to aid in the overall damage.


Hina(Right Click to Dash, and summon a static copy that inflicts your bullet damage within the area surrounding it) This is very useful as it permits you to bypass the upgrade tree. You can get rid of the majority of problems in one click, and the clone you’re left with isn’t too bad.


The hidden blade(Hina has become invincible in her dash. Hina’s dash can cause damage that is 3x her Bullet damage to enemies that are that are in her way) This is an extremely powerful weapon. Dash is already a powerful tool for escape, but the ability to slash through the walls of enemies who hinder your progress is more effective. It also adds damage. an excellent bonus.


Shadows with enhanced effects:(Summon Damage +25%, Shadow Clone attacks 3 times more quickly) Summons can be played with hina, and the majority times, you’ll need to play with daggers or scythe at a minimum and this is a great extra.


Map:(Hina automatically reloads her gun when she uses her dash) I can see no reason to use this. Perhaps to counteract that Tome of summoning’s reload speed of -50? meh..

— Hina is in the same area similar to Shana Her improvements and passives are focused on survival, so any build that works on her should be able to work Hina’s. But i do believe Hina is the best build, and that is one that deals with bullet damage specifically through the launcher of grenades. The reason is because her minions do the same amount of damage as her bullet damage. Her ability to dash assists in avoiding getting hit by weapons in the beginning of the game. To prevent you from causing harm to yourself it is a build that focuses on turning the launcher of grenades to an “grenade sniper”. This is accomplished by increasing the speed of bullets and piercing the target so that explosives explode as far as they can from the player. The runes, the tomes (in the order they are placed) weapons and upgrades (in ascending order ),

Conditionsal) The things I’d suggest are:

  • The runes for swords are: Power, Close combat, Glass cannon Cadence
  • Runes for Shield include: Vigilance (helps in close combat) Seismic Ward (Compensates for the absence of Courage early in the game) Blessing and Growth
  • Tomes: (Tome of Rage, Tome of Power, Tome of Summoning) Tome of Rage is the most powerful tome because you don’t require much assistance with damage while playing with the launcher for grenades. Another is Tome of power because it increases the ability to pierce, but ensure that you have enough bullet speed and penetration before you choose it, or else you’ll end up killing yourself. Tome of summoning is not great and should you have many summons, you should consider picking it up.
  • guns: A Grenade launcher would be the the best, however other high damage gun’s are also available (Revolver, Crossbow, Magic bow). The second-best would be the Magic bow because the dash can allow you to change your position prior to reloading.
  • Enhancements: (Take aim, Double shot, Quick hands Power shot Frost mage Light weaponry Glare/Magnetism and Dragon Egg/Rapid Fire) The Take-Aim tree is by far the most effective upgrading tree to the grenade launcher since it increases piercing power and speed of bullets. The Double Shot and the Quick hands let players to open Mini clip, which is also an excellent. Power shot can increase your damage, and it also pierces but ensure you don’t any splinters or you’ll be dead. Frost mage is compatible with Mini Clip and can be one of the most powerful trees overall. Light weaponry is not the most prioritized tree as the damage you receive from your base is so high that it’s not necessarily necessary. However, it can be quite irritating early in the game when your dagger is able to kill an enemy at the opposite side of the map and you are forced walk around to grab the Xp. When you’re done with the game you’ll have gotten it. The use of magnetic and glare can enhance your vision range, which assists in close combat, and also helps any summon you have picked from the game. The Dragon Egg and Rapid Fire trees were designed made specifically intended for non-grenade launcher builds for when you’re looking to increase the damage of your gun base by using old dragons and death shots.


Spark:(Bullets have 50% chance of hitting the target by Lightning) This is by far the most powerful passive in the game. Spark basically allows players to ignore the bullet damage written on the side of a weapon and also add five damage to it. It is also extremely well synergized with Electro mastery. This makes it deal 17 damage.


Electro affinity(Bullet Damage 25% and Lightning Damage 50%) This is by far the most powerful upgrade she’s ever had. It boosts exactly what you’d like to accomplish as Spark.


charged up:(Every 3rd Lightning strike is a double-hit and produces an ammo charge of 1 amp.) This is better than Electro affinity for large guns with large clips because you’ll be able shoot for an eternity at an point.


Electric fire(Lightning strike also causes burns that cause 3 damages per second) Like all burns, it is ineffective.

– Spark is

HTML0 is thestrongest character that exists, making winning a breeze on almost every build. The summons, bullet-damage, the elemental no matter what. There is the best method for her to be played. This is bullet damage… It’s not really a joke, It’s definitely an elemental attack. I’ll take Spark as an example of the way an elemental build should be like and it can be adapted to virtually any character and be a viable option. It is ideal on Spark because she’s that powerful. I’ll split it into two parts 1. The clip with the largest size and 2. The mini clip build. The Mini clip build is the best, however, the it is also extremely robust and also enjoyable to play.

1. The runes, the tomes (in ascending order) weapons and upgrades (in ascending order ),


Upgrade to prevent)) The things I’d suggest the build with a large clip are:

  • Runes of the sword: Alacrity, Elemental barrage Glass Cannon, Ethereal
  • Shield Runes: Courage (to survive in the beginning) Elemental shield Blessing Growth
  • Tomes: (Tome of Rage, Tome of elements, Tome of Elasticity) Tome of Rage is superior to Tome of Elements specifically for Sparks to activate her passive more frequently. On other characters, Tome of Elements edges it out. Tome of Elasticity is good as elements aren’t averse to the bullet damage reduction , and it’s the only maximum HP reduction they can achieve.
  • guns: These are obviously the best of Ammo capacity, making them the perfect choice for this model. Other than that, there are other options like the Batgun as well as the Flame Cannon also work.
  • Upgrades: (Frost mage, Electro mage, Double shot, Haste, Pyro mage, Rapid fire. Fast fingers) Frost mage is the most effective weapon in the game as it causes a % damage to health and offers incredible longevity. Electro mage can be described as the second source of damage that is elemental and is even more effective on Spark. Haste lets you unlock Run and Gun, which is essential for any large clip build. Pyro Mage is mostly used for unlocking Firestarter as well as overload Synergy. Quick fire grants Siege along with the Stand your Ground synergy. Avoid the quick hands upgrade tree because there will come a time where you’ll be reloading only a few times, more so if you have taken a the book of anger.

2. The runes, the tomes (in ascending order) as well as upgrades, guns and tomes (in ascending order ),

Conditional) I would suggest that you build Mini clips. are:

  • Runes of the sword: Alacrity, Aftershock, Glass Cannon, Cadence
  • Shield Runes The runes include Courage, Elemental shield Blessing and Growth
  • Tome of Elasticity:(Tome of Elements, Tome Of Elasticity) The Tome of Elements is ideal because you don’t need the speed of fire that comes with Tome of Rage using Miniclip. Tome of Elasticity is a good choice for building elements.
  • Guns Shotguns ideal since it begins with a small ammo cartridge and provides good area damage (simply be aware it is important to note that Take aim option should be considered the highest priority in this instance). The crossbow has just one bullet, which makes it an ideal match but the issue is that you’ll be a lot of clicking. The rest of the firearm works, with the exception of the SMG. The grenade launcher as well as Magic bow are able to benefit from damage from bullets greater than damage from elemental, however they should be able to function just fine.
  • upgrades: (Double shot, Quick hands, Frost mage Electro mage, and Pyro) As you can see, this build has only a handful of unlocked upgrades this is the reason it’s one of the most powerful builds for the game. It is important to open the Double Shot and Quick hands first in order to provide yourself with the best chances of finding Fan fire and a Fresh clip. The two upgrades above will give players access to the Mini clips synergy. Once you’ve acquired the Mini clip, you are able to start making any upgrade trees you’d like but you should focus on closing as many trees as you can to maximize your chances of locating Mini clip. The three elements of damage can help to cause damage. In addition, you are able to take almost everything else, but I’d suggest not opening too many trees prior to receiving Ice shards of the Frost mage tree, and also the Overload synergy that combines Electro mastery and fire starter.


Lilith(On the death of a player, it summons an entity that deals 8 damage) Summon builds aren’t always the most efficient, but using an equivalent to splinter or shatter as a passive that can scale with summon damage is an excellent.


Undead army(Summon Damage +35 percent Summon Attack Speed +35 percent) The Summon attack speed can be the single most crucial stat you can obtain when building a summon.


Necromancer(Summon damage +20% Lilith is summoned as an added Spirit when enemies die.) The summoning damage is not too significant, but obtaining another spirit is pretty excellent.


Necrophile(Gain 35% more speed for 1 second after you kill an opponent) Summoners are currently the most mobile character in the game because they don’t depend on shooting. This upgrade is great for the other characters. This is just fine. (Also would you please alter the name? …)

The character Lilith is a good character, but the problem is that summoners aren’t the most effective way to deal damage. However, if you’re looking to play as a summoner, Lilith is the right character for you. The runes, the tomes (in the order they are placed) as well as upgrades, guns and tomes (in ascending order) ),

Conditional) I would suggest for building are:

  • The rune for swords is: Power, Close combat (works with summons), Glass canon (Gun glyph if you’re not using the launcher of grenades) Avoid the use of dedication to summon your passive minions.
  • Runes of Shield: Vigilance (combo’s with close combat) Seismic Ward (to make up for the inability to fight) Blessing and Growth.
  • Tomes: (Tome of Summoning, Tome of Elements, Tome of speed) Tome of summoning is clearly the best. Tome of elements can enhance the damage caused by the dragon and lightning bug (i’m not sure , however). This tome on speed only if you have no other option. The majority of your time on the move, so it’s not that bad.
  • guns: Grenade Launchers are without doubt the best weapon for summoners since it can help you get through in the beginning of the game due to its massive damage range that does not require points into any upgrade. Furthermore, it is compatible with the daggers and scythe. The Batgun is fine , however it’s more suitable for an a summon damage/bullet harm hybrid. Other weapons with high base damage are equally good (Revolver and Crossbow).
  • Updates for HTML0: (Dragon egg, Ghost friend, Light weapons Holy shield, Pyro Mage Vitality Haste, Electro mage) Dragon egg is the most popular because you’d like to get to start it as soon as you can to gain the most benefit from an old and well-trained dragon. Ghost friend is the most effective summoner since it gives you the speed of summons to 65. Light weapons work well when combined with the grenade launcher, but are otherwise good. Try to get as many upgrade trees as you can while boosting your minions to discover an Summon mastery synergy quickly to increase your the speed at which summons attack. When you’ve got all of the necessary survival abilities, you are welcome. Holy shield is the most effective. It is followed by Pyro because your dragon constant burning, enemies can heal you with soothing warmth. However, be sure you don’t pick a fire starter. Finally, Vitality is a basic HP increase. It is possible to take the quickest route or add it to these items options, whatever you like best. Once you’re satisfied with your survival abilities, you may enter the Electro Mage to get rid of the electro bug. and you should not take Energized.


Abby(Right mouse click and empty the ammo from your gun in various direction) This is an unusual capability, but its primary purpose is the ability moving while shooting.


Rain:(Double the speed at which Abby shoots during her unique skill) Fastly emptying large clips is the thing Abby is known for.


Bullet storm(Spread +40 and Fire Rate 31%, Projectiles 2) This upgrade improves you shoot with “aim” since the more projectiles you possess, the less likely to miss.


Whirlwind(Increase the Speed of Movement and the Reload rate by 35 percent for two seconds after the reload.) Abby doesn’t really lack in movement. Reload speed is good.

The character Abby is my favorite character. I like the chaos she causes on the screen. Although you must work around her passiveness ability, the fact that she is able to avoid the tree of haste is amazing. Abby is able to work with almost any source of damage as provided you have enough projectiles or clip size to counterbalance the fact that she’s not able to shoot. The most reliable gun on Abby can be the Batgun since bats don’t require you to shoot. The SMG is effective due to its huge clip size. There are two ideal designs for Abby. The large clip summon and bullet damage hybrid, and the traditional large-clip the elemental build. The elementsal build for damage is far better than the hybrid but it’s no fun.

1. The runes, the tomes (in the order they are ranked) as well as upgrades, guns and tomes (in ascending order ),

Conditional) I would suggest to build a hybrid are:

  • The runes for swords are: Power, Close combat, Glass cannon Cadence
  • Shield ranes The Vigilance (combo’s that include close-combat) Seismic Shield (to make up for the absence of courage) Blessing and Growth
  • Tomes: (Tome of Summoning, Tome of Power) Tome of summoning actually boosts the damage of your bullet by 50%. It also assists to summon any summons that you got in the process. Tome of Power just boosts your damage to bullets but it’s still quite impressive.
  • guns: Batgun: Batgun is ideal for this build as the damage it does scales with the damage of summons and gun.
  • upgrades: (Dragon egg, Rapid fire, Power shot Light weaponry, Quick hands vitality, Ghost friend/double shot, Frost Mage) Dragon egg should be taken as early as is possible, specifically designed to age dragon as early as is feasible Dragon bond an additional source of bullet damage. Rapid fire and power shot are next in order in order to make Death rounds quickly due to the same reason like Dragon egg (base shot damage). The next priority is light weaponry since it’s based on the damage you receive from your weapon and can increase the damage of your weapon. Quick hands to get the additional ammo that comes with Armed and ready , and because it allows an Gun mastery synergy (which also grants additional ammo). Vitality is a must since both death bullets as well as tomes of power can reduce the maximum HP of your character and elites do 2 damage when darkness is 15 that means you will get only one shot. Ghost friend and double shot are other methods to boost the damage output. Frost mage is by far the most powerful upgrade tree in the game. It greatly improves the survival of any build, therefore why not.

2. To build the basic model, you can duplicate Sparks Large Clip build, using an Batgun rather than the SMG’s and defer to any Haste upgrades tree.


Yuki(Every sixth shot releases an insect that freezes enemies in its path or causes damage to the frozen enemy) This is quite effective because it boosts your survival early on and also the damage you suffer once you receive your Frost the mage update. In addition, because the butterfly deals damage to bullets, it pushes you to a bullet damage/elemental buildthat is distinctive.


Partner up with:(Send the butterfly with an extra) Triple the harm Double the freeze and double the fun!


Brittle(Frozen enemy take 30 percent extra damage) When playing a damage build, this is an impressive damage boost.


Butterfly dance(Double the amount of times your butterfly is frozen or damaged by enemies) This might be the best option but since we don’t know when butterflies are attacking it’s difficult to make a decision. In any case, when you play Yuki you’ll be content every time you unlock one of her improvements.

– Yuki is an interesting new character to play as Yuki is the only character to increase both of damage from bullets and elements. This implies that playing her with high base damage guns is vital in comparison to other builds with elemental elements. Elemental damage being that powerful it’s possible to completely skip her synergies altogether and go for a normal shotgun mini clip build. I’d suggest that her ideal design is an blend of bullet and elemental damage.

1. If you’d like to play as a normal character, then look up Spark’s shotgun Mini video for what could be the most effective build for the other characters.

2. The runes, the tomes (in the order they are ranked) as well as upgrades, guns and tomes (in the order in which they are ranked ),

Conditional) I would suggest for the hybrid build:

  • Runes of the sword: Power, Any Glass cannon
  • Shield Runes: Courage, Elemental shield Blessing, Growth
  • Tomes: (Tome of Power, Tome of Elements) Both are alike. Tome of power counterbalances the negatives in tome of elements, making them ideal together. The elemental tome increases the duration of freeze, which allows your butterflies to take on more damage.
  • guns: All high-base damage guns can be used: Revolver, Crossbow, Grenade launcher. Even the bow could be perfect. I personally use it using the revolver, but it’s all up to you which one best suits your boat.
  • Enhancements: (Frost mage, Electro mage, Power shot Quick hands, Double shot/Rapid Fire Pyro mage) Frost magic is great because it permits your butterflies to instantly begin dealing destruction. The power shot tree offers you piercing as well as a lot of damage. You can also unlocking splinter, which works extremely well with shatter to take out huge piles of monsters. It’s next to quick hands because it allows for good synergies. If you are looking to go into the Mini clip build, pick Double shot after. If you’re tired of Mini clips, go to rapid fire to gain the gun’s mastery. In either case, you could get both, if you wish. Pyro mage is the last one to give you a little more physical damage, and also Overload synergy is as usual.

9. General achievement guide

If you want to finish playing this game as quickly as you can, this is the fastest method of completing each accomplishment. If a game is about 30 minutes in total (adding some time for upgrade and rune selecting) you should allow approximately six hundred and ninety-five minutes (11.5 minutes) to get to darkness 15 and complete the dark level 15 on every gun and character by using my method (it can technically take 10.5 hours in the event that you played each gun and character only once I would say that bad builds can result in you dying often and take up a lot of time). The remaining 10 achievements can be accomplished quite easily using darkness 0 and could be completed in as many as five games (doing each one separately) or as little as two games (by mixing several achievements) I suggest doing three games (1 20 minutes and an hour). So, to complete each achievement efficiently, it will be around 13 hours. There is an extremely high likelihood that you’ll be killed at the very least once trying this, which can add to the time needed. However, I’ll try to help you build strategies to make survival as probable as is possible for each game.

  • Sunrise (Survive to the entire twenty minutes) This one will eventually be unlocked if are looking to achieve the highest scores.
  • Dark Night, darker night Darkest night, pitch black (Survive in darkness of 1,5,10,15) Again these are unlocked simply by using the game. I recommend playing until you reach darkness 14 using any build you feel at ease with. Personally, I did it with Spark because she’s too powerful. However, doing it with an Shana shotgun will give you more Xp , which will translate into more runes unlocking as you progress to dark 15.
  • At the edges: (Survive the night with 1 Max HP at the end) I would recommend using a build with bullet damage to finish this build as death bullets guarantee you an access point to the -1 HP upgrade. The other is possible to get from an Tome. Be sure to take an HP 3 character in order to have the greatest chance of success. It is possible that you will never discover a book that decreases your HP and if this is the case, I’m regretful for you. The specific build I suggest for this is Yuki’s hybrid, as Frosting enemies can greatly improve your survival. If you’re interested in playing with a different build, ensure you get Frost mage earlier. I can even imagine taking the Mysticism rune to achieve this particular achievement.
  • Unsuspecting: (Survive the night by using Abby along with Abby and the Grenade Launcher by only using Abby’s capability to fire) This one forces you to utilize certain items however, I’d recommend using Hina’s build for a grenade launcher to finish it.
  • Nimble (Survive all night long without being injured) This one literally just requires practice in the game, so don’t get too excited about it. I’d recommend doing it simultaneously with you are on the edge. Because you don’t want to get hit by a bullet. Before you do this, be able to unlock the Blessing rune to begin the game with a holy shield, and then upgrade it as soon as you can. The reason for this is that the accomplishment does not take into consideration the fact that you actually lose HP. (Might be a glitch that isn’t being addressed, but for the time it is working)
  • Pacifist (Survive in the dark without shooting your weapon) This achievement requires you to make use of Hina because she is the only character (currently) which can do harm without firing making a right click in summoning her minions take on the damage. Of course, you should make use of the Grenade launcher in order to ensure that your summons cause as much damage as you can. Since you’ll be using summons as the primary source of damage, you could simply take Lilith’s summoner design and copy it.
  • Need to catch them every single time(Survive the night with eight summons at the game comes to an end) This is easily accessible with any character however, Lilith is the best at summoning. However, there is a problem: that the upgrades only allow seven summons. The final one is actually runes summoned by the Seismic Ward and you must prepare it prior to taking on this achievement.
  • How do you complete them efficiently?

A more efficient pathCompleting these feats can theoretically be completed in 2 games, as only two the achievements are character-specific and one could play nimble, pacifist or need to catch them all in the same game. Staying on the edge and reckless edge of your seat for the Abby game, as she will benefit from the increased damage to bullets. However, that’s dangerous. It is also possible to do four of them with Hina and then take Abby’s as a stand-alone. On the other hand, the edge, it’s not going to work particularly well with a bullet-damaged build. It is recommended to play three games in the dark to finish these accomplishments:

  1. Nimble and The edge They go hand in hand because they both focus on survival and the way Yuki plays is known for a tendency to freeze enemies as well as dealing damage to bullets.
  2. Pacifist and Gotta Catch all of them: Just playing a summon build on Hina will unlock these feats. It is important to remember some things. As I mentioned earlier, you need the Seismic Ward rune (even one point is enough). The second thing to consider is this Electro mage tree over usual since you’ll require the Electro bug, too. Finally, make sure to take the finger that you use to press to the right mouse off the mouse completely. You don’t want to accidentally click it, and then have to begin over.
  3. Unsuspecting: Follow the achievements recommendations.

10. Gun & Character Achievements

(Mastery, Fallen angel, Strongwoman, Pyromaniac, Master ninja, Thunder god, Necromastery, Bullet mania, Yokai. The names are there in case someone wants to press CTRL+F to find the way to these feats.)

As I alluded to in the past, you can complete these 16 goals by playing eight games that make use of each character and gun. The issue is that certain characters require specific guns in order to function effectively and using poorly constructed guns can cause you to lose many times. As an example, when trying to finish the achievements my mind immediately jumped towards Scarlett + Flamethrower has to be the best combination to do right. In my ignorance, I paired THE most unpopular character with the worst weapon within the game. So I died. Over. and over. Over and over. I did succeed, however I wouldn’t like to do it to my biggest enemies. Instead, I suggest playing 9 games to achieve the 16 accomplishments. I think that playing some more games, while avoiding subpar designs could help you save a lot of time over the long haul. The following are 9 games:

  1. Spark/Flame Cannon The reason you should combine the two is that Spark is able to beat the game using any weapon. Therefore, you could match her up with the best weapon available that is able to boast a high fire amp capacity and rate. This is a perfect match for her big clip build. To be sure (because it’s more effective overall) I’d still suggest opting for an Mini clip version for the purpose of giving the flame gun the greatest chance to succeed. Like the shotgun you’ll need to follow the target tree prior to anything else, but when it comes to the flame cannon it’s due to the Assassin upgrade, which eliminates enemies with less than 20% HP. This can be very helpful in determining the severity of burn damage. You might also have to prioritize the synergy with Overload before the Mini clip.
  2. Scarlett/Shotgun At the other end, this is where we blend the most powerful gun with the weakest character. I would recommend that you build the standard Mini shotgun clip model that you can find in the recommended builds of Spark. I would recommend aiming at Overload fast however, not over Miniclip in this instance.
  3. Diamond/Bow Diamond takes advantage of damage from bullets that is free, and the bow can be scaled to match it. Simply play Diamond’s ideal build by bowing.
  4. Hina/Grenade Hina’s best tool is her Grenade launcher. Also, adhere to her ideal design.
  5. Abby/Batgun Abby/Batgun: Batgun is Abby’s most powerful weapon and you can use it using any of her designs. While obviously, elemental damage is the most effective kind of damage so you’re looking for more fun, you should play this one. (But that bullet-damage game is very enjoyable.)
  6. Yuki/Revolver Personally, I like the fact that the entire video of the revolver shoots an elongated butterfly. It is one of her most effective weapon. Just follow one of her designs.
  7. Shana/Crossbow It is considered to be the 2nd best gun available on Shana. Although it requires many clicks but the mini clip design that is shown in Spark’s best builds will allow you to attain this feat quickly.
  8. Lilith/Grenade The first time we’ve seen it. Lilith is among the most difficult characters to defeat darkness 15 as summons aren’t the most effective way to deal damage. In order to get the most out of your chances I suggest playing her best design using the launcher for grenades. It could require a few tries. If you want to, entirely skip the character mechanic altogether and simply build a mini clip of a shotgun with an elemental build.
  9. Spark/SMG Second repeat. The character is repeated because it guarantees that you only need to play a single game to gain the achievement. Spark is extremely durable and her huge clip is ideal and is perfect for an SMG. The SMG can be utilized on any other characters as it is quite a good gun. Spark is that much more powerful.

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