2021 Social Impact Report

If the year 2020 was one of extraordinary challenges and global crises 2021 was all focused on building resilience. Nonprofits, government, and businesses and community organizations worked together to help those most affected by the pandemic in the world as well as economic slowdowns as well as the racial divide, food insecurity and many more. In Riot Games, we’ve had the honor of witnessing the way in which we work, as well as through our athletes the way that the combination of passion and determination can bring about meaningful change – and it’s never more vital than it is today.

Our desire to be the most focused game company goes beyond our games. When we think of social impact, we consider our players and the ways we can bring together the 180 million players to create a positive and lasting impact. In helping to build communities and platforms can create ripples that go beyond our walls and the digital space.

In the past year we had the chance to inspire players to become real-life sentinels in their backyards across the globe by partnering with Riot’s Sentinels of Light campaign. We also collaborated in conjunction with the White House to do our part in spreading awareness of COVID-19’s vaccines as part of the ongoing epidemic. In True Riot Spirit, the Rioters from all around the world offered to help local organizations within the 18+ office locations all over the globe.

For this years Impact Report, we’re introducing two new areas of focus which will be included in our future reports environmental sustainability and Privacy and Security. These are important challenges facing our industry and our global community, and we’re planning to provide more information and regular updates on the progress we’ve made in addressing the issues in our work.

2021 Highlights:

  • Riot hosted its biggest game-based fundraiser within the League of Legends universe to date, Sentinels of Light, which saw players raise $5.8M to fund the Social Impact Fund, and 30 charities nominated by the players of 18 nations were each awarded the sum of $10,000.
  • VALORANT played its first game-day fundraiser, raising $5.5M by players’ purchases from The”Give Back” Bundle.
  • Riot was presented with their 2nd Golden Halo Award for last year’s Dawnbringer Karma in-game fundraiser.
  • Collaboration in conjunction with The White House and the U.S. Department of Health and Human resources to raise vaccination awareness through the creation of PSA’s in our sports shows, which reached more than 1.5 million viewers.
  • Riot gave $500k for the fight against the spread of Covid-19 throughout all of the U.S. and helped establish more than 30 vaccination centers in areas with inadequate access.
  • We began educating players about two-factor authentication, which resulted in 1.3M users adopting better methods to protect their data.
  • Riot’s employee match program has allowed Riot employees to donate more $500K to local charities over the course of the year.
  • All Riot’s offices across the globe contributed to local communities over the course of this year.

We’re determined to make an impact in ways that have a lasting impact on people’s lives, both our employees and the communities we serve. While we strive to expand and expand our horizons, while also continuing to be open to learning and listening, Riot remains dedicated to adding more innovation and funds to the CSR initiatives. We will try to make the biggest impact we can in a manner that is genuine and resonates with what we intend to be for our players and Rioters. We will be a positive force for changes and growth across the globe.

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