2022June10Star Wars Galaxies Legends server brings back the Empire day and executes order fishy fishy fish

August 19, 2022

I’m excited about this Star Wars Galaxies Legends update. But it’s not because of the content. They always give me a stack of storyteller tokens which allow me to keep my decor up for weeks.

But, everyone else who plays SWGL around the world will look forward to them, as the Empire Day (and its low key celebration for all the Alliance heroes) coincides with Independence Day here, in the United States.

To stop propaganda and to do their own work, players will travel to Theed and Coronet. They hope to be recognized by their enemies. New badges and paintings are available. There are also new gear diagrams, storiestellers and titles. The most popular fishing event this weekend is called “Executive Order Fishy Fish” and it is awarded a medal as the best-known MMO event.

Today’s update contains bug fixes and texture upgrades for farming and ranching. Yay!

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