5 best Sub Weapons in Splatoon 3

September 18, 2022

There’s additional to Splatoon 3’s battles than what is apparent. While the Main Weapons are the primary draw for games and tournaments, sub Weapons also play a role and can add flavor to the overall experience.

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Sub Weapons enable players to increase the versatility of their games and also use them as tools to maximize their ink.

They’re there to help the main weapons, and frequently keep enemies from being spotted They are among the most effective tools to help win games like Turf Battles and Anarchy Battles considerably easier.

Although all Sub Weapons are excellent for Splatoon 3, with each having its own unique playstyle Some weapons are more flexible and powerful than others.

The guide for today will discuss the top five sub Weapons that are available in Splatoon 3 and what makes them stand out from others.

The most flexible and valuable sub Weapons within Splatoon 3

1) Curling Bomb

Curling Bomb has been a popular choice for fans for quite some period of time within Splatoon 3, and the Sub Weapon performs much like the actual Olympic sport. There are however some key distinctions between the two, for instance, Curling Bomb in Splatoon 3 is a weapon that Curling Bomb in Splatoon 3 is equipped with an explosive weapon that explodes and spews ink all over the place.

This Sub Weapon is a little difficult to use and requires some time and skill to get the most out of it during PvP battles.

The distance at which Curling Bombs fly depends on how long the players hold the bombs. Therefore, synchronizing the distance to the time of detonation is among the most complicated parts of their mechanics.

Furthermore, when it is thrown, Curling Bombs, when tossed Curling Bomb will leave a trail of ink that players can traverse.

A suction Bomb or Plunger is yet another extremely multi-purpose Sub Weapon that players must start making use of more often when playing Splatoon 3. It’s an extremely basic Ink explosive with a myriad of applications based on the scenario that the user is currently in.

Contrary to the other ink bombs used in the game The Plunger isn’t able to bounce or fly away, nor detonate in a flash; instead, it stays in the area it’s thrown to and explodes after a brief period of time.

What is most surprising to players with Suction Bombs is that what catches players off-guard about Suction Bomb is the area of the explosion which is larger than what one would expect it is when taking a look at its Sub Weapon.

It’s a great instrument to keep in one’s arsenal, since making sure that the timing is right before detonation could turn the tide of the battle to favor the player.

3) Squid Beakon

For more utilitarian-oriented gameplay, players can choose Squid Beakon, a more flexible tool than the other two options. This Sub Weapon doesn’t go “boom,” spreading gallons of ink across the entire area however it’s an instrument that players can employ to defeat their opponents during PvP battles.

Squid Beakon is a weapon that players can use to launch in the field, working as a spot where the player and the team members can super jump to.

Squid Beacons can provide an amazing strategy that allows one player can position them behind the lines of enemies and allow everyone else to jump super high into it, effectively taking the enemy off-guard.

But, the weapon can be a little difficult to use. In order for it to work everyone on the team have to be in the same boat.

4) Ink Mine

Ink Mines are incredibly deceptive to detect when they are planted and can be a surprise to enemies when they’re not cautious about the place they step.

Ink Mines can easily be concealed within any ink pool that is available in Splatoon 3; however, they must be of identical shade. This is among the reasons that Ink Mine Sub Weapon is very difficult to beat and is among the most well-known tools that an inkling can have when playing shooters.

The mine can also cause quite a bit of destruction and is able to Splat an unintentional enemy immediately. But, if it doesn’t destroy the enemy and is not able to kill the target, it marks the one who started it by giving players a small signal and indicator of their position.

This allows the player or one player to leap into the Splat.

5) Torpedo

As with the mines, Torpedo is also a bit difficult to defeat when playing Splatoon 3. Although it functions as many of the weaponry that can homify in the game the Torpedo has some distinct advantages. When it is coming into an enemy it Torpedo will stop mid-air for a short time and targets the nearest enemy.

One way to defeating it is to find it and then shoot it down in mid-flight. Although, on paper, it’s a simple task it’s actually one of the most difficult moves to master particularly during an intense battle.

The majority of enemies won’t know about the coming missile, which is ready to strike them, even if they smell the ping the Torpedo emits while closing to the intended target.


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