505 Games TGS 2022 live steam revealed new title content, updates, and release dates

September 16, 2022

505 Games announced updates for their new games, Miasma Chronicles, Serial Cleaners, Gunfire Reborn, Nivalis, Stray Blade, Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes, and much more!

The 505 Games live stream that was broadcast during the Tokyo Games Show 2022 event featured updates for their new games, Miasma Chronicles, Serial Cleaners, Gunfire Reborn, Nivalis, Stray Blade, Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes, and many more! The live stream is available to be watched via the Tokyo Games Show YouTube Channel. Be sure to look over our Newest News section for more fantastic news!

Tokyo Games Show 2022 505 Games Live Stream Announcements

A new movie trailer and actors are revealed for Eiyuden Chronicle Hundred Heroes, set to launch in 2023.

Eiyuden Chronicle Hundred Heroes is the most sought-after JRPG which will launch in 2023. The team unveiled a brand new gameplay trailer as well as 3 new actors in the live stream part. They also confirmed that the physical version of the game will be released through Happinet within Japan and released through Red Art Games in North America and Europe.

Gunfire Reborn official Xbox release date has been announced

Gunfire Reborn is a rogue-lite RPG where you use various weapons to explore procedurally-generated levels. The event was confirmed that the game would debut for Xbox One and Xbox Series X on the 27th of October 2022. Game Pass members will be eligible to download Gunfire Reborn on day one.

Series Cleaners, due to launch on 23rd September 2022 has a new trailer for the launch.

The Series Cleaners game is top-down stealth action game that lets you play an expert in cleaning up murder scenes for the mob in the 90s of New York. A brand new trailer for the launch of Series Cleaners was revealed, that showcases more gameplay features.

Miasma Chronicles trailer reveals additional gameplay and spotlights on characters.

Miasma Chronicles is a beautifully designed strategic adventure that takes place in the post-apocalypse desert that will launch in 2023. The game will feature new gameplay footage and other details about the characters.

Nivalis Q&A reveals inside information about the game’s upcoming cyberpunk.

Nivalis is a slick cyberpunk-themed simulation game in which you can build your business, make friends, run restaurants, and so many more. The event included a Q&A about Nivalis that allowed them to answer questions about the inspiration behind Nivalis and the distinctions from CloudPunk as well as Nivalis.

Stray Blade receives a new gameplay trailer for the upcoming 2023 release

Stray Blade is an action and adventure game where you are an adventurer in search of a way to bring balance back to this war-ravaged world. A brand new gameplay trailer was unveiled at this event. Also, Beta test registrations for the game are now available.

Unheard will launch on consoles in 2023.

Unheard, is a new RPG simulation where you get required to go back to crime scenes to find possible suspects and solve cases. In the course of the ceremony, it was announced Unheard will be available on all consoles featuring Japanese voice-overs.


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