8BitDos latest controller design keeps the nostalgia off

8BitDo’s name is not surprising. Their gamepad design is retro to the core. 8BitDo’s latest controller has a modern design, but it hasn’t stayed with the NES or Super NES’ nostalgic form factor. Adam Patrick Murray was able to get his hands on the Xbox 360 console and the PC and iOS along with the PCWorld channel.

The 8BitDo 8BitDo Ultimate Wired Controller has a 3 meter USB-A Cable and a safety release. It includes all standard console controls, and the left stick which can support the top position of the standard console. 8BitDo Ultimate Windows software provides the rear-facing buttons and three programmeable profiles. The buttons and sticks are solid, but not exceptional, with 8BitDo’s $45 price tag.

The Pro 2’s modern-day version features a standard stick layout, curved body and standard trigger button. Gamers who cannot afford a more ergonomic design or squarer controller profile and buttons will appreciate the Pro 2. They are also thinner and have a soft texture. These ergonomic improvements have been made.

The Ultimate Wired Controller is now available in black and white for only $45. Subscribe to PCWorld if you enjoy this kind of geeky dive.

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