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A Complete Timeline Of Targaryen History

A Complete Timeline Of Targaryen History

The HBO series House of the Dragon is set two hundred years prior to The War of the Five Kings. The Game of Thrones prequel collection focuses on the middle time period of House Targaryen’s monarchy government, which began in the year of the coronation for King Viserys I. Together with House Velaryon, the Targaryens remain the sole remaining inhabitants of Old Valyria, arguably one of the most powerful civilizations to ever be discovered.


The Targaryens bring together the two kingdoms of Westeros under a single banner, creating a range of insurance policies for an administration that leave a lasting impression on the entire continent and its inhabitants. The historical background of House Targaryen is deeply connected to the past of Westeros itself.

10 The First Settlement On Dragonstone

Dragonstone ” castle is unlike other castles castle in Westeros” and is among the oldest and still-standing structures in the world. It is rich in dragon glass deposits. the island was initially occupied by the Valyrian Freehold and then transformed into a trading and buying outpost.

It’s not clear if the fort was built by the House Targaryen or if it was already built prior to the time that the family decided to move there. In any event, Aenar Targaryen’s resolution to move his home saved it from total destruction, and also gave his descendants the opportunity to defeat Westeros.

9 The Volcanic Doom Of Valyria

At its height at the time, the Valyrian Freehold was home to ” over a thousand dragons” and “a navy sufficient to cover all the globe.” Regardless, there’s no way for an empire to last forever, as the Valyrians discovered around four centuries prior to that of the Game of Thrones timeline.

The city that was thought to be indestructible Old Valyria was totally annihilated in a cataclysm of volcanic origin, in the course of which ” flames shot so high and hot that dragons burnt.” It was said that the Valyrian Peninsula was splintered by fourteen simultaneous eruptions of volcanic ash which created a brand new water body now called The Smoking Sea. House Targaryen was able to survive to escape the Doom of Valyria due to Daenys’s visionary leadership.

8 The Targaryen Conquest Of Westeros

100 years after the House Targaryen’s entry into Dragonstone, Aegon Targaryen launched an extensive marketing campaign to defeat Westeros together with his sisters-wives, Rhaenys and Visenya. With three fully grown dragons, the three Targaryens swept up several victories in the battle and gained control over the majority of Westeros.


But, Rhaenys’ premature dying caused Aegon to pull out of the Dornish war theater and leave House Martell with a giddy victory. The High Septon finally handed over Oldtown to Aegon and made Aegon the first King to ever be crowned by the Andals. This was the beginning of House Targaryen’s rule over Westeros.

7 The Construction Of King’s Landing

Aegon built a fort as a base of operations near the mouth of Blackwater River, which was used as a brief basis of operation. The Aegonfort, also known as Aegonfort was quadrupled in size prior to Aegon’s coronation. It prompted Aegon to construct his capital city on the stronghold.

The Aegonfort was later destroyed to create a path to The Red Keep. King’s Landing was even more populated during the following 30 years under Aegon Targaryen’s reign. It was then becoming the center of political power. King’s Landing boasts a comparatively international environment that encompasses various traditions, languages and customs from all over the world.

6 The Faith Militant Revolts Against The Iron Throne

Westeros is spiritually controlled through The Faith of the Seven, an ancient faith that is primarily built around seven gods. While generally peaceful, however, it is not always so. Faith has been found as having a violent tendency at times, as shown by the High Sparrow’s rise to power during Game of Thrones.

House Targaryen’s incestuous practices led to the creation of the Faith Militant in Westeros, the armed cult which brazenly rebelled against The Iron Throne. King Maegor Targaryen exacerbated the situation by declaring war against the Faith of the Seven, to allow the Faith Militant group to respond by threatening to kill. However, King Jaehaerys was able to stop the revolt by not relying on violence to satisfy the need.

5 The Peaceful Reign Of Jaeherys I

Jaehaerys I, who seems in the opening scene of House of the Dragon widely thought to be one of the most powerful rulers of Westerosi history. Through his five-decade rule, the king established a number of peaceful alliances between the ruling regime and the various components of the kingdom, along with religious institutions.


In addition is that King Jaehaerys was accountable for establishing a uniform legal code across the continent, and was the chief official ruler who could bring all the six kingdoms under the same set of legal rules. Jaehaerys was acutely aware of the power vacuum that his death would leave behind, which is why he ” called the Great Council to stop a war taking place over his succession.”

4 The Attempted Subjugation Of Dorne

King Daeron I Targaryen was to ” finish his ancestor’s work and bring Dorne into the family,” albeit with an enormous problem. It was a long process. The conquest of Dorne took 4 years and resulted in a significant loss of manpower. In spite of House Martell’s surrender, the inhabitants of Dorne did not accept the reign of House Targaryen and continued to rebel against the dragonlords.

Of King Daeron along with his Hand was murdered by the Dornish and the Dornish, reviving the war. King Daeron II Targaryen’s wedding to Princess Myriah Martell was the final straw that put an end to the conflict between the two Houses. Dorne is still technically unconquered to the even though it could be said that the queen Cersei Lannister is incredibly close to taking down House Martell.

3 The Rebellion Of House Blackfyre

In the words of Jorah Mormont ” Aegon Targaryen’s Blackfyre and Visenya’s Dark Sister vanished during Daemon’s Blackfyre’s revolt,” an indisputable fact that does not directly highlight the significance of the event. The famous sword Blackfyre was presented by Daemon Waters, the bastard son of King Aegon IV. He immediately created an independent House named in honor of the weapon.

After Aegon IV’s death and the emergence of a civil war between King Daeron II Targaryen as well as Daemon Blackfyre. Each of the son vying to claim an Iron Throne. In the First Blackfyre Rebellion, additional deteriorated House Targaryen’s weakened grip on Westeros at least until the death of Daemon Blackfyre in his death on the Redgrass Field. The Third, Second Fourth, Fifth, and Second Blackfyre Rebellions had been squelched before they could cause any kind of destruction.

2 The Fall Of The Mad King

Aerys Targaryen wasn’t at all of the time “the mad King.” In reality, his reign was characterized by prosperity and peace, earning him the admiration and respect of his citizens. As we learn in Game of Thrones, Aerys step by step suffered the consequences of the insanity that was attributed to House Targaryen’s inc changing into a terrifying despot, with a flair for killing his enemies.


Aerys Knighted Jaime Lannister for no reason other than to annoy Tywin and then killed Brandon and Rickard Stark in chilly blood and would have slain King’s Landing if he hadn’t been killed by Jaime. Aerys’ death brought to an end three years of Targaryen rule, allowing Robert Baratheon to take his place on the Iron Throne.

1 The Tyranny Of Daenerys Targaryen

Daenerys Targaryen consolidates her claim towards that Iron Throne with the assistance of the Unsullied, the Dothraki, and three fully grown dragons, rendering her the most effective person in Westeros and possibly the entire world. Daenerys has claimed that she ” was born to be the ruler of in the Seven Kingdoms,” she is more focused on setting up her authority than protecting her family members.

She brazenly threatens to kill anyone in her path and her close allies. Daenerys transforms into a dictator who commits genocidal acts by the end of the series Game of Thrones where she mass kills thousands of innocents. Her rule is weakened when Jon reluctantly agrees to kill her. Daenerys’ death brings about the inevitable demise of the House Targaryen.