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A leaking video from Google Pixel 6a leaked online

Although the Google Pixel 6a smartphone has not yet been released, unboxing videos have been posted on the internet.


The unboxing of Pixel 6a Charcoal was shared with me by a TikTok user. The package contains a USB cable and an adapter for USB-C with the Google Tensor logo. There is also a graphic illustration of the chip.

Google Pixel 6a features a 6.1 inch display with Full HD+ resolution, a 720×8 MP selfie camera, an indisplay fingerprint scanner and two 12MP cameras on the back. It also has a 4410mAh lithium battery with 18 W battery, flashable, and a re-used phone with a USB charger and a battery of 720mAh.

Some countries will begin selling the phone as early as July 28.

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