A LSL team and Northern Europe accept a farewell bid from Guldborg as he completes his final day at the NRLC desk

Mikkel Guldborg, Guldborg Nielsen, Danish League of Legendscaster has said goodbye to the Northern Europe LoL scene.

He was the NLC clerk on his last day in the building. He resembled the LEC, and perhaps other European regional leagues.

Today is my last day at @nLClol. It was an easy decision, considering it was the league that I have been with for the longest time. However, I now need more time in order to live a full life. This doesn’t mean I’m abandoning the ERL space. I’ll keep you updated.

Guldborg (GuldborgReal), June 15, 2022

Guldborg was appearing in the top-tier LEC. He had been part of theLEC casting lineup for Summer 2021, and the 2022 LEC cast line-up. He was also a coach. He was also featured in this sketch for the LEC’s Summer 2022 season, which will be held on Friday, 17th June and 2nd September.

His friendliness and his analysis makes him appealing, and it is a great listener to each other on the radio.

This self-defecating moment in his life last year was his. It brought laughter to Excoundrel and Foxdrop’s faces, and demonstrated his strong sense of humor.

Thank you all for your time at the NLC.


Guldborg stated yesterday that he waited for tonight’s NLC broadcast.

The feedback loop between the British, Danish and Scandinavian communities was good. Thank you for your time and appreciation of my participation in the new york police.

Guldborg was also hugged by the NLC casters to close out the show.

This evening’s NLC guest is Alan Bricetacular Brice, a British host of esports. Archarom was absent from the host as usual.

Jamada, a fellow caster, said that he would not likely make another NLC appearance before the end of the split.


Nordic league 2019 NLC 2022Until next time pic.twitter.com/g99OU2p70i/2010.

Guldborg (@GuldborgReal), June 15, 2022

Read more: Megalodontus interviewed NLCcaster Guldborg last year for Esports News UK. He spoke about his call to the LEC and why he wanted to swear at Quickshot.

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