A Modder built Sifu Work with a Motion Controller and The Kung Fu Dream looks like a real life dream

Twitter user attacked Sifu’s interaction with a motion controller. It looks like a kung fu nightmare.

Rudesim, who was also using a Fisher-Price game controller, wanted to play Elden Ring online. He helped Sifu with a controller that detected his punches, parries, and moves in the game.

This video shows how he feels joy while learning the language of the game.

“Direction” (@manfreddance) June 19-2022

This option would be great for people who know that Ring Fit is a popular game.

Sifu has been a great help to the modding community. He also helped others recreate the famous Agent Smith battle in-game using Matrix Reloaded.


It’s not Rudeism-like, but it’s still a valuable addition to your library. We included it on our list of top games.

We reviewed Sifu and said that while the game’s unique learning curve and structure make it difficult to master, it is one of the most exciting modern action games.

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