A new, lighter PS5 model has reportedly been released in Australia

A new, lighter PS5 model has reportedly been released in Australia

A new iteration of the PlayStation 5 has been released in Australia which reportedly makes the console lighter.

Press Start reports that the latest CFI-1200 Series models for the PS5 weigh less than launch consoles so the standard version that comes with a disc drive has become just as lightweight as the digital version was when it first launched.

According to the instruction manuals that come with each model that comes with the console latest CFI-1202A model of the regular disc-based console weighs 3.9kg as compared to 4.5kg of the initial version.

The CFI-1202B model that is digital (without disc drive) is reported to weigh 3.4kg in comparison to 3.9kg at the time of launch.


It’s the 2nd time that the PS5 software has been updated to be lighter. In July 2021, Sony rolled out its CFI-1100 series of computers, which was also lighter than the original versions.

To summarize the weight of each model, it is according:


  • CFI-1000A (launch) – 4.5kg
  • CFI-1100A (2021) – 4.2kg
  • CFI-1200A (2022) – 3.9kg


  • CFI-1000B (launch) – 3.9kg
  • CFI-1100B (2021) – 3.6kg
  • CFI-1200B (2022) – 3.4kg

This means that the 2022 version of the PS5 Standard Edition weighs similar to what it did when the Digital Edition did at launch.

It’s not clear yet what Sony has made in order to render the console less heavy, but the 2021 model’s reduction in mass was caused by a modification in the heatsink that was used.

At an investor conference in the year 2000, Sony CFO Hiroki Totoki told investors that Sony was looking at various options to assist it in dealing with the supply of components for hardware. This could mean the possibility of changing product designs.

This week Sony took their “difficult decision” to raise the price for PS5 hardware across the majority of major regions around the globe.

Europe, Japan, China, Australia, Mexico, and Canada of them saw price increases that could reach 12.5 percent and the United States was the only major region not to suffer the cost hike.


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