A new pilot game captures battle damage in Street Fighter 6

Capcom could have stated that it would slow down the release of Street Fighter 6 information, but that hasn’t stopped developers from discussing the game or taking extended looks at characters already released.

Capcom TV, a Japanese block of the company’s broadcaster, hosted Takayuki Nakayama, director of SF6 and Shuhei Matsumoto, who gave viewers a visual overviewof what had been announced, as well as details like a visual mechanic for battle damage.

Guile was the focus of the new edition, which showed that Guile will be returning to the game.

The developers not only showed off his Sonic Boom move, which would give it new properties like speed and a new shape but also showed the current battle damage visual changes.

Guile’s Sonic Boom, Guile’s iconic Sonic Boom, now includes #StreetFighter 6. They now come in two varieties. Guile will move more BOOM-tastic if you focus on the timing of each gesture. pic.twitter.com/U3zLWM12eF

Street Fighter (@StreetFighter) June 14, 2022

Street Fighter has not shied away from beating after a fight. However, most of the time, it is done through static images at the end of the screen just like in Street Fighter II. This battle damage is dynamic and will reflect the match’s results over time even if the camera zooms in.

Guile’s left side looks like he is getting a bump. This visual feature can be very dynamic and affect a player’s health during matches. It’s not clear if it also affects his clothing. We haven’t yet seen it on any other character. His jumpsuit looked as good as her hair.

Screengrab in Capcom. Screengrab by Capcom.

The stream of SF6 appears to be a lot more recent than the version that was played at Summer Game Fest last year by media and creators.

This build featured four characters in the trailer, but not Guile. It didn’t have any battle damage at the end screens. There are fights that take place earlier in the stream with Jamie and Luke that don’t show the battle damage, which suggests that they were on a different build.

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