A new rumors about a possible release of Final Fantasy 7 remake on Xbox One emerge

August 19, 2022

Final Fantasy 7 Remake was released two years ago. The original project was posted to the Playstation 4 then transferred to the Playstation 5 (PC) and finally the PC. A year ago, just before the Playstation 5 announcement, there were rumors that Final Fantasy 7 Remake would be coming to Xbox. This was after a year of exclusive for Sony consoles. According to reports, it will be available on Xbox consoles in two years.

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Final Fantasy 7 Remake was removed by Playstation’s Playstation Store List. It is not clear if this was due to the Xbox’s imminent release. Playstation has removed Persona 5 from its exclusive list. This is a move that was reported to have occurred over a period of more than a year.

Remember that the previous journalists claimed that Sony was trying to prevent Square Enix’s release of Final Fantasy games on Xbox.

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