A Plague Tale: Requiem will come out on October 18th, and supports Ray Tracing & DLSS

Focus Home Interactive announced that A Plague Tale : Requiem would begin on October 18th. NVIDIA also announced that the game will include Ray Tracing effects and its own upscaling techniques (DLSS).

The sequel to A Plague Tale, Innocence is A Plague Tale Requiem. This game is about Amicia and Hugo, who embark on a dangerous new quest with all the sacrifices necessary to survive in a corrupted and degraded world.

The description states that players will learn the price of saving their loved ones in a desperate fight for survival. You have the option to move from the shadows, or unleash hell, and conquer foes and obstacles with a varied and energised strategy.

This video shows 12 minutes of old gameplay.


Requiem – Expanded Gameplay and Release Date – Trailer. You can watch that video on YouTube.

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