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A post of death caused by a venom or disease, the manga will go on a path

To recover from illness, the artist behind “Appears” will be taking a three-month vacation. This manga appears in the September 7, 2022 issue, Weekly Shonen magazine. He can say no, what a sickening condition! great did not reveal. Baki-dou’s Keisuke Itagaki noted that Oh! Although Keisuke Itagaki of Baki-dou noted that Oh! Thanks, ryokutya2089!

Bakemonogatari is part the Nisio Isins Monogatari series of light novels. Multiple anime adaptations were also made from this series. The story follows Koyomi, a pseudo-vampire trying to live a normal existence after being attacked by vampires. He can’t help but think about the supernatural problems that the girls around his. Bakemonogatari was the first product in this series.

Oh! He was a genius, and he has written so many works. But he never managed to get on his feet. Since 2018, he was working on the Bakemonogatari Manga. The manga series covers the history of Bakemonogatari. However, the translator of Kizumonogatari was too important to be included in the work. It allows the reader to understand certain characters better. He also designed the characters and costumes for videogames. He also designed and created the design of the drogue (Challibur IV).

The manga will start in October 2022, after the Great Book of Good Hope has recovered from his illness.