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A shot: Wait when did you get your mech pilot license?

Scott gives us a great idea as we travel towards the One Shots Exhibition. He also has an explanation for why we are jumping in the seat of a giant mech from FFXIV. Ah, I remember that I was in a temptation to hunt the first level of Ladybugs in Black Shroud just a few months back! How do you learn to pilot an anime film?

He was contemplating this as he saw that several villages and a couple of sheds of cute sheep were abandoned in poverty in a world that doesn’t regulate their operation.

Hirku Two said that I didn’t intend to take photos of this week. He explained that if you walk towards the sunbeam and the sunset, it’s likely you’ll get a shot. You’ll be content to wait until your rabbit is caught.

Simba-bunny, your place in the sun is one day yours.


Guild warfare 2: A god mocks and Katriana is present

This shot was taken at Amnoon by me. This is one of the god statues. It features a terrifying looking god with three wolves at his waist, a necklace made of skulls at his neck, a huge greatsword, and crazy-looking eyes.


Hurbster was smacking around a big ol dog in FFXIV, but decided to quit. First Primal down, I would do both the other two. But the fish and miner will be along for the shopping and picking up more flowers.


My own Fallout 76 film was also available to me, when I captured this image of a nuclear explosion, standing on a mountain ridge. Aren’t your duck and cover? It’s probably too late.


We hope to see you there

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