A skyrim fan sighed a map for the Sleeping Giant tavern in real life

One player in Elder Scrolls five: Skyrim attempts to recreate the sign of the famous Sleeping Giant Inn with a great detail.

Skyrim is a vast world which has many special places that players can explore. In the last 10 years several players have travelled across the most intriguing site on the planet in Skyrim. In the game, The Sleeping Giant Inn is one of the locations gamers can go to during their journeys.

On Reddit one user named KitLivingstone posted an image of a gorgeous woodworking project that they have recently completed. The thing that was unique about this woodworking look was the fact that they decided to make a realistic version of the sign found in a tavern that sleeps in Skyrim.

In the picture, real woodcarving has all the features that the in-game version is. Hotel’s names were located on the opposite part of the signage and a beautiful carved figure the sleeping giant is located at the bottom of the sign. The carvings on the wood are painted with the same colors observed in Skyrim.


According to an Reddit user the sign was constructed from Liquidambar Resinous wood, which was then cut using CNC machines. Additionally, he said that he will be making several more signs in the next few months due to the location in Skyrim.

In only a couple of days, KitLivingstones post was able to garner over 4.600 upvotes. Sleeping giants, in spite of its stark contrast to the Hagrid-like Harry Potter series, also was a mirror of the giant sleeping featured on the sign. It will be interesting to see what new creations are created by the those who love The Elder Scrolls series in the next few days.

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