A Universal Time Update 1.5 Log and Patch Notes

Roblox A Universal Time has released a new update that brings a variety of new content, changes, and bug fixes to the game.


Roblox AUT has released the 1.5 Update on August 12th, 2022! In this patch, you will find a wide-variety of changes and bug fixes have been added to the experience. These will hopefully help clear up any issues you may have had and allow you to find some new stuff to do in the game.

You will find the patch notes and a message from the developers that was posted on the official Discord below.

The 2022 Summer Update is now live! We hope you’re having a good summer so far, and we hope that you enjoy one of our biggest updates yet!


[+] NEW MAP! We hope that this will be the major map in the main game for a long time, and we hope that you enjoy it.
[+] NEW STAND REWORK “Whitesnake”
[!] As announced before, all Whitesnakes that exist in the game prior to this update have been removed alongside pre-existing requiem arrows.
[+] NEW STAND “Weather Report”
[+] NEW STAND “D4C: Love Train”
[+] NEW ABILITY “Anshen”
[+] NEW ARROW STAND “Crazy Diamond”
[+] NEW ABILITY “Brickbattle”
[+] NEW BOSS DIAVOLO (King Crimson)


[+] Emote rework & new emotes!
[!] Emotes are now available on mobile!
[+] Emote Pack v2 is finally released!
[+] “Sweet Dreams” Emote
[+] “Peanut” Emote
[+] “Troll” Emote
[+] “Do The Odyssey” Emote
[+] “Gangnam Style” Emote
[+] “Nae-nae” Emote
[+] “Griddy” Emote
[+] “Distraction dance” Emote
[+] New setting in Video called “Cosmetic Changes”, which disables things like Gojo’s avatar model and Jotaro’s hat on SP3 and SP4.
[+] Added pose musics to almost every stand/spec/skin that could get one
[+] Added new BGM tracks
[+] Added new main menu BGM intro
[+] Added new default heavy effect
[+] Adjusted the wall projectiles hit VFX
[+] Added new dash effects
[+] Added new dash animations
[+] New shop items and specs!

[!] Quick note: I will be adjusting and mostly updating also as much as possible of the existing skins too like swords and scythes models with effects
to make them look nicer than before next update!
Tusks skins will happen sometime on the future updates too we’re very sorry it wasn’t possible to do it at this update.


[+] Estival Platinum (Star Platinum Part 3)
[+] Vacation Queen (Killer Queen)
[+] Ocean // Sailor (Planet // Shaper)
[+] Steel Crimson (King Crimson)
[+] Sandsnake (Whitesnake)
🎭🎩🎎 SKINS:
[+] Brickbattle:
[+] Chroma Team (Legendary)
[+] Guest (Uncommon)
[!] The Virtuoso upcoming “Mythical” soon (mid update or 1.5 part update)
[+] Palesnake (Common)
[+] All-Star Battle (Common)
[+] Eyes of Heaven (Uncommon)
[+] Palo Alto (Rare)
[+] Ashen (Legendary)
[+] Enshadowed (Legendary)
[+] Moon Knight (Epic)
[+] Anti-Venom (Epic)
[+] Umbra(Obtainable):
[+] Ama No Murakumo (Unobtainable Pika pika skin for those who obtained Umbra before)
[+] Familiar (Rare)
[+] First Drifter (Epic)
[+] STWR: Sunset (Uncommon)
[+] Gentlemen (Epic)
[+] U-Star (Mythical)
[+] Star Platinum Dying Star (Rare)
[+] Project: Platinum (Rare)
[+] Star Platinum: Arcade (Mythical)
[+] Star Platinum: Over Heaven (Mythical)
[+] Cybernetica (Rare)
[+] Chainlocked (Rare)
[+] Archangel (Legendary)
[+] Ruby (Common)
[+] Mint (Common)
[+] Yellow (Common)
[+] Grape (Common)
[+] Lunatic Gem (Legendary)
[+] Burial Blade (Rare)
[+] D4C:LT:
[+] D4C:LT:Molten (Epic)
[+] D4C:LT:Lovestruck (Rare)
[+] Starless Patriot (Epic)
[+] D4C:Molten (Epic)
[+] DAWN:
[+] Dawn: Rainslasher (Rare)
[+] Dawn: Willbreaker (Epic)
[+] Dawn: Silverlight (Rare)
[+] Snow (Common)
[+] Melon (Common)
[+] Ruby (Common)
[+] Lavender (Common)
[+] Cloud Experience (Rare)
[+] Groot (Epic)
[+] YASUO:
[+] Murasama (Epic)
[!] Nightbringer upcoming “Mythical” skin (mid update or 1.5 part update)
[+] YONE:
[+] Nichirin Cleavers (Rare)
[!] Dawnbringer upcoming “Mythical” skin (mid update or 1.5 part update)
[+] Locke & Loaded (Rare)
[+] Thunder (Epic)
[+] The World: Awakened(Epic > Legendary)
[!] Due to it having unique voicelines and its own visuals the value has increased
[+] The World: Arcade (Epic > Mythical)
[!] The World: Arcade got a major update, and has moved up to Mythical as a result
[+] The World: Greatest High (Mythical)
[+] Ghost (Epic)
[+] Scarlet (Epic)
[+] Crystal (Epic)
[+] RGB (Epic)
[+] Gentlemen (Epic)
[+] STWR: Sunset (Rare)
[+] U-Star (Mythical)
[+] Nocturnus: Dark Tides (Epic)
[+] King Crimson: Discipline (Mythical)
[+] Stone Age slightly updated


[+] “Domain Expansion” effects & move” has been reworked entirely to work differently and be a better usable move in general
[+] “Domain Expansion” can only be used once per life
[+] “Domain Expansion” can now be used at 75% health
[+] [SP:TW] Added a Healing Potion for the Healing Move to the Stardust Guardian Skin
[+] [SP:TW] Highlight Indicator Effect when using Beatdown
[+] Made NPC/Boss Movement less rough
– Respects AutoRotate (use KC donut on a boss to see)
– Stopped teleport rotation (lerps)
– Plays an idle instead of running while standing still (mostly)
[+] Being able to Time Erase without summoning should be fixed
[+] King Crimson holding E will now do a burst barrage shared cooldown with Doppio slam
[+] Time Stop at the end now knocks you except for burst time stop on SPTW
[+] New LMB version added to mostly all stands/specs version 3
LMB V3 is the new LMB system to replace both LMB V1 and V2.
Unlike V1 and V2, the combo counter for V3 doesn’t reset on a timer, instead, it resets whenever you are not attacking.
This means that this old combo with V1 (LMB x3 > E > LMB x3 > R) is no longer possible, but this combo is (LMB X1 > E > LMB x2 > R).


[] Tusk switching keys changed to “1” and “2” (suggested by so many tusk mains to me) (we’ll hopefully have a keybind changer in the next update) [] Slightly adjusted taunts to be running a bit better
[] Air Palm hitbox now matches the effect closer [] King Crimson Remodeled
[] Updated All Skin(s) Barrage Arms to their new Remodels [] GE has Quotes now.
[] Skin Reroll has been moved into the shop. [] You may notice that the font for the UI in general is different. It is now Source Sans instead of Ubuntu.
[] Daily Shop now uses weighted chances once again. We’re currently looking into guaranteed legendaries every week. [] TW: OVA now has an oil tanker.
[] Added King Crimson death sounds [] Reduced the size of Gojo’s Air Palm hitbox
[] Gojo’s Air Palm now block breaks if the target is within 8 studs of the user [] “Heavy effects” has been reworked entirely too
[] “Projectiles effects” has been reworked and work better [] “Tusks VFX effect” reworked
[] “Dawn VFX effects” has been reworked, hits, etc, etc [] “Skins Auras effects” Epic skins and legendary skins have received better model visual effects
[] “Mero’s Trails” Mero’s legs trails gotten a new effect [] “Mero Projectiles” has gotten new effects around them and new trail
[] “Yone” All of one’s visual effects have been changed and improved quite a lot + New animation for the Q Mortal steel so It’s more natural [] “Yasuo” All of yasuo visual effects have also been changed and improved
[] “D4C” New Summon VFX [] “KC” New Summon VFX and its skins gotten new VFX based on their colors
[] “TW” New Summon VFX [] “SP” New Summon VFX
[] “SP: TW” New Summon VFX [] “GE” New Summon VFX
[] “Neptune The World Skin” Summon VFX reworked [] “The World: Awakened” Summon VFX reworked
[] “Dark Emperor” Summon VFX and Aura Reworked [] “The World: OVA” now has an Oil tanker on his Road roller
[] “The World: Arcade” now has proper voice lines and new ones and new effects during special moves [] “Shadow: Dio” Partially reworked
[] “Star Platinum: The World” Partially reworked [] “The World” New Pose animation
[] “Stardust Guardian SPTW skin” New Pose animation and visual reworks around it [] “The World: OVA skin” has an oil tanker now


[] 💪DIO Boss: [] DIO’s barrage damage has been increased 💪(1.3 > 2.6)💪
[] DIO’s Blood Suck now does 2x more damage and heals 💪2x💪 more [] Chara:
[] The range of Knife Volley has been significantly reduced. [] The range of Glitch Stab has been significantly reduced.
[] Umbra: [] T move nerfed barrage 8> 6
[] G move dmg from 20 > 15 [] Yasuo:
[] No longer able to gain stacks off of blocking targets. [] Yasuo now gains iframes during Grab
[!] NOTE: Yasuo gained his F move cutscene black bars animations too
[] King Crimson: [] King Crimson Nerfed T move dmg from 25 > 20
[] King Crimson Nerfed Y move dmg from 30 > 20 [] King Crimson new move hold E for burst barrage + shared cooldown with a doppio slam
[] King Crimson R move cooldown is only created after move ends [] King Crimson T move stun reduced from 1 > 0.5
[] Shadow Dio: [] Knife Barrage (STANDING + T) now spreads out each knife at angles,
making this move more like a “shotgun” of sorts. The damage of each knife has also been increased.
[] Stand Uppercut (G) has been replaced with Stand Strike (G). Similar to Shadow DIO’s stand move in HFTF, this is a ranged strike. While this move is active, the user may perform any other moves that do not involve their stand. [] Time Stop (F) now has a longer startup (0.5 > 0.7) and can be canceled by being hit now.
[] High Kick (STANDING + E) now does slightly less damage (35 > 30), and has a higher cooldown (6.5 > 8). [] Uppercut (CROUCHING + E) now does slightly less damage (35 > 30), and has a higher cooldown (9 > 14).
[] Blood Suck (Y) can no longer combo extend off of players. [] Yone:
[] No longer able to gain stacks off of blocking targets. [!] NOTE: Yone Visual Unsealed Fate Indicator fixed [] Yone’s Fate sealed 70 > 80
[] Yone’s Soul unbound damage increased [] Sakuya:
[] [Sakuya] Red Soul acts as an actual barrage now, however remains uncancelable [] [Sakuya] Red Soul Endlag reduced | 0.7 -> 0.35
[] [Sakuya] Changed Red Soul Hitbox | Magnitude -> Region3 [] [Sakuya] Knives Burst no longer sets you into place
[] [Sakuya] Reduced Knife Throw Endlag | 0.25 -> 0.125 [] [Sakuya] Reduced Knife Throw Cooldown | 5 -> 3.5
[] [Sakuya] Increased Knife Throw Knife Speed | 2 -> 3 [] [Sakuya] Reduced Knife Throw Travel Distance | 3 -> 1.5
[] [Sakuya] Removed Slow down on Killing Doll [] [Sakuya] Increased Killing Doll Range | 25 -> 40
[] [Sakuya] Increased Killing Doll KnifeCount | 20 -> 25 [] [Sakuya] Increased Killing Doll Knife Speed | 3 -> 4
[] [Sakuya] Added some delay in between each knife on Killing Doll [] [Sakuya] Increased Timestop Length | 3 -> 4
[] [Sakuya] Increased M1 Hitbox Size | 4 -> 5 [] [Sakuya] Increased M1 Stun | 0.6 -> 0.7
[] [Sakuya] Increased M1 non FinalHit Damage | 10 -> 12.5 [] [Sakuya] Reduced M1 Final Cooldown | 2.5 -> 1.9
[] Broly: [] [Broly] F no longer is an evasive, Damage 32 > 45, now guard breaks as well
[] [Broly] Awakening no longer has jump power buff, Damage buff/Damage reduction 150% > 125%, less damage reduction as well [] Star Platinum (Part 3) and Star Platinum: The World:
[] [SP] Cannot combo extend off of Heavy Punch [] [SP: TW] Cannot combo extend off of Ground Slam
[] [SP: TW] Arm Crush leaves both players neutral now [] [SP] Inhale bypasses the block & drags opponent backward
[] [SP] Removed Slow down on Gun [] [SP] Skull Breaker Damage per Hit | 10.5 -> 13.5
[] [SP] Star Finger can now combo extend again [] [SP] Star Finger now stun 0.75 > 1
[] [SP] Tandem now from 3 dmg > 2.75 -Mini-rework for SP: TW [] Beatdown (S.ON H) can now only be used once per life.
[] Resolve (Y) now has 1 second of intangibility after the move ends. [] Strong Punch (S.ON R) has been replaced with Chin Crusher (R), Pretty similar, but can be used in a standoff as well.
[] Liver Shot (S.ON Y) has been added and acts as a combo extender. [] Burst Time Stop (TAP F) has been added, acting as a quick 2-second time stop. To do the original 5-second time stop, hold down F.
[] LMBs can now also be done in Stand Off, alongside Stand On [] The damage of Jab Dash (S.OFF E) has been reduced (25 > 17.5).
[] Arm Crush (S.ON T) now leaves both parties completely in neutral. [] Ground Slam (S.ON G)’s damage has been reduced (45 > 37.5)
[] Mero: [] [Mero] Pistol kiss now 20 > 30 damage and no longer guard breaks
[] Gold Experience: [] Gold Expereince’s LMBs stun duration 0.45 > 0.65
[] Gold Experience’s Healing 50 > 25 – Cooldown 35 > 20 [] Gold Expereince’s Consecutive strikes reduced stun on last hit
[] Killer Queen: [] Killer Queen Summon cooldown 2 > 1
[] Killer Queen adjusted old LMB stun to be 0.65 was 0.4 [] Killer Queen Bubble bomb damage 40 > 45
[] Killer Queen Escape Plan stun 0.5 > 0.75 [] Candy Cutlass:
[] Candy Cutlass’s Sword slashes 5 > 8.5 per hit damage [] Candy Cutlass’s R move stab 20 > 25 and kick 10 > 15
[] Candy Cutlass’s Y move is now uncancellable [] Gojo:
[] [Gojo] can no longer use DE while under the effects of Time Erase [] [Gojo] can no longer use DE every 15 seconds
[] [Gojo] LMB combo now stuns for 0.1 secs instead of 0.4 [] [Gojo] LMB combo now deals 6 dmg per hit instead of 8
[] [Gojo] Blue Amplification now deals 10 damage instead of 30 [] [Gojo] Air Palm now deals 20 damage instead of 25
[] [Domain Expansion] now lasts for 20 seconds instead of 30 [] [Domain Expansion] gives the user 1.8x dmg and victims 0.75x dmg (used to be 2x and 0.4x respectively)
[] Made [Red Reversal] teleportation shorter [] Made [Red Reversal] Windup less 1.5s to 1s
[] [AoE Blast] has a new animation now and has longer ending now 🔨FIXES: [] [TUSK] Tusk Quote awakening fixed
[] [TUSK] Tusk awakening music adjusted [] [SPTW] SPTW Quote on awakening fixed
[] [SPTW] SPTW Awakening music back [] [SPTW] Fixed Cybernetica not having visible/only partially visible arms on S. Off T and E
[] [SPTW] Fixed Chainlocked not having any arms on S. Off T and E at all [] [STWR] Fixed the chair from the pose disappearing randomly after some time
[] [STWR] Fixed the chair from the pose disappearing when another STWR user unposed [] [CD] Fixed Lunatic Gem not having barrage arms
[] [D4C] Fixed Lovestruck skin using wrong barrage arms [] [D4C] Fixed Molten skin using wrong barrage arms
[] [D4C] Fixed Patriot skin using wrong barrage arms [] [SP] Fixed face decal staying visible after tandem
[] [SP] Fixed incorrect victim animation playing on Skull Breaker [] Fixed Broly R breaking the user
[*] [Gojo]:

Hollow Purple now cancels when the user dies or changes stands

Beatdown is no longer globally canceled when DE ends.

Users and victims of Domain Grab can no longer be harmed by third parties during the cutscene.
[] Fixed almost every quote in the game cutting out! [] Patched a major exploit with the Trading System that allowed people to scam very easily.
[] Fixed being able to pose while mounted on TWHV and DTWHV’s horse. [] Fixed XChara’s Glitch Uppercut being able to hit multiple targets.
[] Fixed XChara’s blaster effect permanently staying if the user leaves. [] Fixed Killer Queen’s Face Slam being able to damage multiple targets.
[] Gun’s Pose now works properly. [] SPTW’s Arm Crusher does not break if used on a target that is respawning, or if the target is already dead.
[] Yasuo’s Soul Unbound aura no longer stays if going past the maximum reach. [] Star Platinum’s Skull Breaker should work better against blocking broken targets
[] Goku’s Head Color no longer changes to the user’s avatar color [] Fixed TW: OVA and TW: Arcade having their faces visible when unsummoned
[] Berserk Senses no longer causes an infinite damage loop if the user resets [] Berserk Senses camera no longer gets broken if the user resets
[] Fixed a bug on D4C where a permanent clone of the user would be created if the user changed ability right after using Dimension Hop [] Properly fixed Tusk’s beatdown breaking the user when used while a timestop is active
[] Readded Locke’s old pose music. [] Readded Creeper Queen’s old pose music, but only the instrumental due to copyright.
[] Fixed jump cooldown only starting to apply after having respawned [] Fixed some death effects only working after have respawned
[] Fixed minor grammar mistake on TWOH’s Neutralization Heal [] Fixed Goku’s aura getting disabled upon an unsuccessful transformation
[] Fixed Goku’s UI/MUI outlines staying when changing forms [] Fixed no cooldown when switching from UI/MUI into another form, allowing for potential unlimited UI
[] Fixed Goku keeping the maximum health buff when detransforming from UI / MUI. [] Fixed Broly not being able to jump after LSSJ transformation.
[] Fixed Sans being able to use Bad Time on targets with iframes. [] Fixed Sans gaster blaster effects staying sometimes.
[] Fixed XChara Knife Volley not registering block broken targets [] Fixed XChara’s instant teleport being able to pass through parts of the map
[] Fixed XChara’s Glitch Uppercut being able to damage multiple targets [] Nocturnus’ Crash Slash no longer soft locks victims if the user respawns
[] TWHV / DTWHV’s Dash cooldown is now the same as other stands [] Fixed Fightsabre’s obtainment confirmation not working
[] Added new idle to Nocturnus: Risen Sun [] Added back music to Kazotsky Kick emote
[] Re-added pose music for DTWHV [] New pose music added to TW: Awakened
[] TW: Awakened has been remodeled [] Area around the health bar no longer blocks mouse input
[] Fixed being able to switch skins during time stop [] Fixed Broly’s R being able to hit multiple targets at once
[] Sol’s Teleport Barrage no longer attacks dead targets [] Sol’s Sol Star now works on blocking targets
[] KQ Fixed being able to make the Yen Throw coin explode twice [] KQ Fixed Primary Bomb cooldown not being created when missing the melee hit
[] KQ Fixed Yen Throw cooldown intervening with Primary Bomb cooldown so that the punch was useless at times [] KQ Fixed Yen Throw explosion appearing at a different position if used after the coin disappeared
[] Fixed KQ’s Punch Bomb hitbox [] Fixed KQ’s explosion PointLight persisting after the explosion effects have dissipated
[!] Changes:

KQ’s Bubble Bomb now explodes instantly upon manual detonation, or automatically if within the range of 12 studs of an enemy

KQ’s Bubble Bomb is now rewritten to use Trove and InputListener (making it more stable overall, I believe)
[] Fixed some raycasts of a few abilities not working properly on the new testing map [] Chara Fixed Glitch Uppercut getting targets stuck midair when the user resets/dies
[] Gojo Beatdown and TeleKick no longer ignore sans dodge or blocking players [] Fixed BD victims getting stuck if the attacker leaves or dies
[] Fixed using BD breaking DE if used while the void is shattering [] Fixed DE breaking the GUI
[] SP: TW Fixed the Can Impact sound not having any SoundGroup and bypassing Volume settings [] SP: TW Fixed Beatdown changing Skin Aura Color
[] SP Fixed SP Missing the barrage SFX [] Sakuya Fixed Timestop going on cooldown when there’s a global timestop cooldown active
[] Sakuya Fixed M1’s having the incorrect hit SFX [] Sakuya Fixed M1’s having no Swing SFX
[*] Sakuya Fixed being able to get multiple Knife Throw cooldowns

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