AACD 2022 Everything announced: All Big Apple software updates

That’s summer time for developers. It’s time for developers conferences. Google held its I/O developer conference just two weeks ago. Today, Apple will hold the World Developers Conference for WWDC 2022. This is the big Apple development conference that showcases new technologies for Apple’s operating systems. It includes iOS 16, iPadOS 16, macOS 13 and watchOS 9. Apple has announced the arrival of a new M2 processor.

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IOS 16

Apple has made some major changes to its lockscreen with iOS 16. It is completely redesigning the way it looks and functions. Widgets can be added to weathered apps. You can customize the graphics. Apple has also added a gallery of wallpapers in its collection. This allows users to pick up and change their wallpapers.

Notifications won’t hide your lockscreen any longer. Instead, notifications will roll up from its bottom and you won’t be able to choose to hide them. You can also see live activities like exercising or listening to music at the bottom.

The Focus feature enabled you to tap down notifications in previous iOS versions. The Focus Filters now extend to other apps. Focus Filters can be used to filter unwanted content in Messages and Calendars. This is especially useful for those who want to focus on their work. Safari can also filter out tabs that are not work-related.

Messages can do three things. First, you can edit any message. This allows you to correct any typos and also lets you send the message again. A thread can be marked as unread later.

iOS 16 allows users to share games with their iPhones. The best part about dictation is that you can switch between voice and typing. It also requires your attention to detect emoji by listening to your voice.

Apple is pushing iOS 16 as well. Apple is also pushing iOS 16. The AR capabilities of the iPhone can be used to remove any subject from an image.

With iOS 16, you can add your state ID into your Apple Wallet. You can use apps that require it to authenticate your identity if you don’t have this information. Uber Eats will verify that you are old enough to purchase alcohol. Apple Pay supports payment installments, order tracking and shipping tracking information.

Apple Maps will offer 3D views for Atlanta, Chicago and Las Vegas as well as Miami, London, Melbourne (Melbourne), Montreal, New York, and other popular destinations.

You can also enjoy music and playing in the TV’s and music apps’ turnback features if you are interested in sports. The new My Sports section allows you to see all achievements and standings for all teams that you follow.

Apple has introduced Shared Photo Libraries that allow up to six Apple users create a shared album. Users can remove the need to manually upload photos and set smart upload filters that will send photos immediately to the shared library if they were taken at a specific time or location.

CarPlay will be receiving an important UI update to support cars that are integrated into the built in screens. Apple promises that CarPlay will work regardless of how your cars are laid out. You can now customize your instrument cluster by adding dials, colors and other options. Apple claims that the new car will come with the new version of the car in the second half of next year.


Apple has announced an update to watchOS 9, which includes a Workout app for runners. The new app measures the performance of your running form. An accelerometer can be used to measure your motion, direction and ground contact. WatchOS Workout is a new watchOS mode that allows triathletes to switch between running, swimming, and cycling.

Apple’s Sleep app can detect REM, Core and Deep sleep. This app is not only useful for working out. WatchOS 9 can monitor how long your heart stays in A-fib if you have to open an atrial fibrillation. This information can be used to determine when your A-fib activity is highest.

You might not want to leave your iPhone behind, but you can use the camera to scan your medication and keep track of it so you aren’t having any problems taking your medication.


Apples second generation processor lasts. The chips are brand new and well-complemented by the performance and efficiency cores. The M2 chip promises 25 percent better CPU performance and an 18% higher overall performance than M1.

This new processor features 4 high-performance cores that are high-efficiency and high-performance, and 24GB of unified LPDDR5 memories.

Multiple streams of 8K and 4K video can be handled by the M2 using an existing neural engine and secure enclave.


The MacBook Air is first Mac to get the new M2 processor. It also features a new design. The new MacBook Air features a shorter design that fits in a thinner MacBook Pro with M1 Pro.

The new MacBook Air is 11m thinner and weighs in at 7,7 pounds. It’s also the lightest Mac ever. The MacBook Air features a larger 14-inch display, 500 nits brightness and 1 billion color support. This new display has a notch so that the 1080p camera can go to bed.

The new MacBook Air comes with MagSafe and an AC adapter. It can charge up to 80 times in just 20 minutes with both adapters.

The MacBook Air will be available starting at one yen

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