Abandoned dev warns of scam emails after YouTube channel gets hacked

Blue Box Game Studios, an abandoned developer, has warned its followers about scam emails following the hacking of its YouTube channel.

Yesterday’s statement was posted by the official Twitter account of Blue Box Game Studios, which warns followers to not open any email sent from the studio. The studio’s YouTube channel was hacked and emails now asking for payment for Abandoned.

Blue Box also tweeted that it is working with YouTube to fix the hack and restore its channel as quickly as possible. Let’s hope none of those who received the fraudulent emails from hackers ended up paying any fees to pre-order the game.

It’s been quite some time since we last heard about Abandoned. Everyone thought it was a Hideo-Kojima project. But, then, it wasn’t. The development studio admitted that the final game is not called “Abandoned”, and said so back in September.

After a series delays to the native PS5 game app, this is now. The app was supposed to reveal Abandoned’s new technology. It was delayed through the first half of 2021. Finally, it launched in August . There was a very brief clip and the promise of much more. We haven’t heard much from the developer since then. Blue Box Game Studios didn’t have a good year in 2021, and 2022 isn’t going well.


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