Absolute Tactics: Daughters of Mercy gets release date with latest trailer

Absolutely Tactics: Daughters of Mercy The fantasy-themed RPG, which is based on turn-based technology has released a fun new trailer as well as a launch date.

Absolute Techniques: Daughters of Mercy, a forthcoming turn-based role-playing game, has been given a release trailer for the announcement. The game has been confirmed to launch on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Steam on the 15th of September, 2022.

There are plenty of gameplay videos from PS’ official YouTube channel:


In this RPG that is based on turn-based gameplay, players will aid Huxley and Max, and his dog Max forming a team to beat Father Eldritch’s army of invaders.

The overall characters and mechanics are typical fare in the genre of tactical and fantasy. The game will feature class-based combat, modifications, as well as evil invaders, quests, and character enhancements.

However, the trailer is entertaining and has a sense of humor, by setting out the various features from the perspective of the villains who are more irritated by the heroes.

It is hoped that the game will inject the same type of humor into its adventures in order to make it make a splash. However, so far, the footage of gameplay from various YouTubers hasn’t shown that kind of style.

One of the most important mechanics of Absolute Tactics Daughters of Mercy will be the “War” levels, which were omitted in the trailer. As per the Steam page for the game, the massive War levels will feature numerous units in the battle at the same time as well as puzzles, verticality, and traps.

This kind of size can help the game surpass the tabletop influence of the genre and provide an experience that is unique. This could be a good reason to sell. There are also narrative story maps, in which the worldbuilding and characterization could evolve further.

The ability to customize is another important aspect. The players will have 21 classes, and it is possible to make dual classes to make infinite combinations. It’s clear that this game is more concerned with drawing new players into the genre. It’s an absolute pleasure to play that genre that has fewer games than the majority.


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