Acend withstand a monster map of Mixwell, eliminate G2 from playoff contention in EMEA VALORANT Champions Tour

G2 Esports and Acend are fighting for a playoff slot as they face the wall in the second stage of EMEA VALORANT Champions Tour. Acend held on to the win even after Canellas Colocho’s dominant opening map. Acend won the required 2-1 victory.

Mixwell and G2 defeated Acend to make Split their map choice. This was the beginning of a great series. Acend did not respond to the mixwells Chamber and its entry player zeek killed only two and eight first. Acends Jett star, cNed, had an abnormally awful game. He received two death penalties and fourteen death penalties. Mixwell, on the other hand, committed 23 suicides to eight and won a 3-0 win over Split.

A PAPI LOOKING GOOD pic.twitter.com/g4p2LTBGyq.

G2 Sport (@G2sports), June 3, 2022 (cause for all three events).

Acend has learned from their mistakes and decided to set up a double-initiator competition with Icebox, KAY/O, and Sova. Acend was able to shut down G2 executes in B, allowing them to take a 5-2 lead. Acend won the Icebox pick 13 and Acend took home their successful B executes, despite G2 trying to tie it at 9-9. Acend was awarded the G2s Icebox Pick 13.

COME SOOOOOON! pic.twitter.com/MkZxsMthNt.

Acend (@AcendClub), March 3, 2022

Bind’s started exactly as on Icebox. Acend took an early lead, only for G2 and Acend to catch up. G2 responded to the Acends 5-1 with six consecutive attack rounds to take the lead in defense. As in Icebox, both sides were at the midpass of the map (10-10), with Acend crossing the line first (13-11).

G2’s record drops to 3:0 after the loss. The EMEA playoffs are over for the final two matches. They can still win 3-0 even though they are wolves if they fail to make it through the final series. G2 is now tied with FPX and Acend. G2 made it to the Final Chance Qualifier despite the points they earned in first and second places. Next week, they will face Fnatic in a second stage two match.

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