Acquire announces strategy Action RPG An Exademia Continent for PS4 Switc and PC!

Acquire announces strategy Action RPG: An Exademia Continent for PS4, Switch, and PC!

Acquire has announced a series featuring Action Continent characters. RPG is available for the series class heroes on PlayStation 4, Switch, and PC (Steam). It will launch on all platforms in Japan on September 8th. On June 6, the first order will go out. The English trailer and website indicate that the PC version will be available soon. It’s not clear if the Switch and PlayStation 4 versions will also be released in English.

Here’s a play overview that he created using his Steam page.


Adventure Academia is a full-fledged strategy RPG based on the World Class of Heroes. You can create a fantasy college class! Give them the chance to defeat the monsters by getting them up!


Pedra, the continent that is home to four countries, is currently in serious crisis. Slowly, the entire island has become a labyrinthine labyrinthine prison. The island is home to many monsters.

Our beautiful protagonist Alex lands on the ground in search of his father. Alex can command other soldiers on the battlefield by using the Ruler Orb tactical artifact passed down through his family.

He’s trying to uncover the truth about the abuses that are threatening all of Pedra’s people.

The Key Features

  • Grab them and pinch them. Then, let them begin the fight. Your students will be able to follow your instructions!
  • We’re coming up! Are you dying from the gunshot? Keep your students safe. There are many levels of monsters. You might be able to help your party guide and even get on your side.
  • A Master Artist with a mental weakness? Your students. You’ll be able to create a team with over 80 personality traits, including ten of the same races.

The hottest religions are principal religions.

  • Humans are not fortes. N’estos refer to historical knowledge.
    • The Melee Attack: Accumulation.
    • Spec: Forty Ally Support.
  • These beautiful, wise people use archery to preserve their ancestral forests.
    • Action: Ranged Attack.
    • Spec: Ranged Firepower, Aircraft Guard.
  • Dwarf Strong, selfish and weak. Small packages can contain living proof.
    • An attack on Ease.
    • Spec: The enemy, or the enemy.
  • Khulaz Children who are very quick and dexterous, even the most experienced, but still remain curious and energetic.
    • Action: Killee.
    • Specs: Scouting, Mid Guard.
  • The descendants of a cat are full of life. They are cheerful and playful.
    • Melee Attack: Action
    • An expert, R.P.
  • These Gnome-like creatures, which live in special bodies, are well-known for their robotic behaviour.
    • Action: Thrillery.
    • You can enlist with either our guard or the enemy.
  • Fairy All people love fairies because they have a love of magic and wisdom.
    • Action: Get to the heart.
    • Spec: Rear Guard, Debuff Removal.
  • Bahamoon These people are racist and use their tough frame to fight.
    • Use a shovel to get started
    • Spec: Efforts and Power of Defense
  • Diabolos Sorres des Moors are a group of people who love solitude and seek refuge in their worlds.
    • Action: AoE ranged attack
    • Spec: Moving up to high gear and pulling away an invisble light.
  • Celestia Noble angels, whose trust and values are worthless, pursue happiness and peace.
    • AoE healing is possible
    • Spec: Revival, Rear Guard

You can watch the trailer for the announcer here. You can find the official website here in English or Japanese.

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