Addictive games you won’t be able to put down in 2022

September 23, 2022

If you’re addicted to games and want an exciting new game to get lost in then you’ve come to the right place since we’ve got a plethora of suggestions

There is a more thrilling game that you can play with mobile devices than on any gaming system. If you’re on the bus or in the bathroom in the office, it’s simple to pull out your mobile to start one up and feel the rush of dopamine that comes with it.

We’ve all heard that the most addictive games are usually available for free. That’s why they earn their income If they weren’t so addictive and a lot of people wouldn’t be attracted to pay for a way to get over these paywalls. However, on the other hand of this, being able to make progress in a free-to-play sport without having to pay a dime can be extremely satisfying. Naturally, a lot of games listed in this list are free to play, but we also have paid games as well.

We’ve collected a staggering 28 games within this list, each one of which is a Pocket Tactics recommendation. There are Word games, farm games, strategy games as well as a myriad of others and we’re confident that no matter what you like to play there’s some game in this list that is sure to tickle your interests, so it can keep you entertained for a while.

Most addictive games on mobile are: the most addicting games on mobile devices are:

  • Raid: Shadow Legends
  • Epic Seven
  • Mafia City
  • Solitaire Grand Harvest
  • Daily Themed Crossword Puzzles
  • Sunrise Village
  • Elvenar
  • Forge of Empires
  • Rise of Cultures
  • Magic Jigsaw Puzzles
  • Magic: The Gathering Arena
  • Hero Wars
  • Puzzles and Survival
  • Crossword Jam
  • June’s Journey
  • Wordle
  • Mario Kart Tour
  • Tracky Train
  • Fire Emblem Heroes
  • Pokemon GO
  • Among Us
  • Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp
  • Plants Vs. Zombies
  • Sonic Dash
  • Fortnite
  • Tetris
  • Pokemon Shuffle Mobile
  • Crossy Road
  • Clash of Clans
  • Subway Surfers


Raid: Shadow Legends

You’ve probably seen before – the Raid game. Shadow Legends is most likely one of the first games most gamers consider when they hear the phrase “free for play” and a major reason for this is that it gives players an experience that is genuinely enjoyable however, it can also be extremely addictive.

If you’re not familiar with the basic premise is that you create a group of champions in the order you can make the most of dungeons which consist of the turn of RPG battles. This is one game in that you can just relax to let the action run its course However, watching your team progress through the grind, making your progress through the dungeons, and unlocking ever more powerful champions is incredibly enjoyable.

Play Raid Shadow Legends for free.


Epic Seven

If you’re a fan of the anime style This is the game you’ll like to play. The game is described in terms of “The Interactive Playable Animation” the creators wanted players to truly feel being part of an ongoing anime plot in this free-to-play game.

It’s one of those games with a massive number of characters you can discover, each with a distinct personality, and you play them through turn-based battles in order to advance the story. This is a method that many other games employ, but one that is extremely addictive. Because each player progresses by using a slightly different assortment of characters, each game will be different.

Game Epic Seven on Android for absolutely free.

Game Epic Seven on iOS for no cost.


Mafia City

Mafia City is a game lots of people have played. It is a game where you take on the character of a mafia boss which means you have to construct buildings across the city, and also send bikers and other loyal members of the gang to travel and protect your territory against opponents.

It’s a great mix of strategy and crime and strategy, which makes for a unique mix. If you like games that have a social element You’ll be happy to know that you can avail yourself chances to not only meet up with others but cooperate with players. If you and your group of your friends started playing simultaneously It could be a great opportunity to assist one another in making your mark in the criminal world.

Game Mafia City on iPhone for absolutely free.

You can play Mafia City on Android for absolutely free.


Solitaire Grand Harvest

Solitaire is classic game players have enjoyed for a long time and there are many variations of this game for mobile devices. Solitaire Grand Harvest is definitely one of the most popular because it combines this classic style with another of the most popular features of mobile gaming farming.

Although card games may not appear to be an obvious match to farm, they are actually a perfect match. When you beat Solitaire challenges, you’re offered the chance to expand your crops and expand your farming which gives you more motivation to continue tackling the various challenges that Solitaire can throw at you. The satisfaction that you feel after clearing off several cards in a single chain will make you want to come to play evermore.

Game Solitaire Grand Harvest for free.


Daily Themed Crossword Puzzles

A great gift for those with an interest in more challenging games. Daily themed crossword puzzles is precisely what it claims on the tin. Every day you’ll get an exciting crossword puzzle to solve. If you’re looking for something fun to keep you busy during your commute, this could be the perfect solution.

Earn coins by watching ads which can be used later to unlock more puzzles or even to purchase clues in case you’re stuck. While some might think that cheating is a good idea, it’s actually an excellent way to keep things from becoming boring after spending long hours trying to find an obscure clue. In the end, you’ll be wondering how you survived without your daily crossword.

Play daily themed Crossword Puzzles for absolutely free.


Sunrise Village

Although managing and running the farm in real life can be extremely laborious, however, when you are doing it in a game on mobile it’s a truly enjoyable experience. With Sunrise Village it’s like playing as an individual who just set out to start the farm of their dreams in the village that is the name and it’s a great version of the enduring farm game.

The harvesting of crops and other products to finish orders. You utilize the money you’ve earned to build new structures within your farm. Then, the farm will grow in size which allows you to finish bigger orders. It’s a basic idea that is addictive. Watching your farm grow is an enjoyable experience.

You can play Sunrise Village on iOS for no cost.

You can play Sunrise Village on Android for absolutely free.



We’ll continue with an action-packed fantasy game. With Elvenar the player decides whether you’d like to play as a human or elves. And following that, it’s up to you to build their civilization. As your kingdom grows it will eventually meet with other empires, with conflicting interests. When this happens, the game shifts to you playing strategic battles with your adversaries.

It’s excellent for two reasons. On one side, it’s among the greatest city-building games, and on the other hand, it offers a full adventure in which you need to think critically. There’s a lot to the game, and it’s effortless to get caught up in the experience.

Play Elvenar for free.


Forge of Empires

After you read about Elvenar above, did you think “gee this sounds nice however isn’t it even better if it were more grounded in the real world?” Well, that’s exactly the kind of thing Forge of Empires does. At the beginning of your game, construct an extremely basic settlement, all the way to the Stone Age, and then you’re able to expand it through all of the histories of humanity.

The advancements in technology happen as you progress through time, making it possible to construct new kinds of structures within your cities and towns. In the real world, following the path of historical events is likely to draw the attention of historians too as it reaches the present day and then moves on to the future-imagined era of historical events. The most important thing is that Forge of Empires can be awe-inspiring in its size and scope.

Play Forge of Empires for absolutely free.


Rise of Cultures

This is a classic strategy game in this. What is unique about The Rise of Cultures unique is the fact that it has more of a human-centric approach than what you typically see in this type of game. While you’re still gazing down at your civilization from the top on Rising of Cultures, it’s crucial to ensure that your citizens are happy.

When you design your cities, it is essential to construct buildings that provide people with a sense of fulfillment. They must be spread across the city, so they are accessible to those working and living in the various parts of your town. It is also important to be aware of their level of energy since they’ll exhaust themselves when you work them too hard. This game offers unique insight into empire-building games.

Gameplay Rise of Cultures on iOS for no cost.

You can play Rise of Cultures on Android for absolutely free.


Magic Jigsaw Puzzles

Jigsaw puzzles have provided gamers with a pleasurable game as long as the 18th century as well the Magic Jigsaw Puzzles introduces that timeless design into the contemporary age. In this game for free, you’ll get daily puzzles that are new every day. They range from adorable animals to famous landmarks and even the most popular Disney, Marvel, and Nickelodeon characters.

It’s a sport that’s as relaxing as it is addicting and can easily be poured over a number of time into. In contrast to real puzzles, there’s no need to fret about missing pieces or locating the right space to put them together. If you’re looking to create a relaxing personal experience, you could transform your own images and artwork into puzzles. It’s an easy game however it’s one that has large appeal.

Make Magic Jigsaw Puzzles online for absolutely free.


Magic: The Gathering Arena

Magic: The Gathering has established its place in the list of most played trading car games ever and guess what? It’s a great choice as a game for mobile that is free too. If you’ve ever considered trying MTG an attempt and you’re not sure how to play, this is the ideal place to begin as it offers tutorials that make it easy for players to get to know the intricacies and nuances.

When you’re an expert the world of MTG is yours to explore. It is possible to play with other players on the internet, play against players from the CPU for practice, unlock booster packs so you can increase your collection, and then build your ultimate MTG deck. MTG is a beautifully designed game Magic: The Gathering Arena is a great way to capture its alluring charm.

Enjoy Magic: The Gathering Arena at no cost.


Hero Wars

You’ve probably seen trailers that feature an action hero trapped in a tense circumstance that has sliding doors blocking monsters, gold or lava, water or anything else. The player opens them incorrectly and the hero is killed in the process, leaving you to think “You fool! It could be done right” and your download to demonstrate that you were right.

But the fact that the moment you install Hero Wars and play it, you’ll get an entirely different experience (though the puzzles occasionally appear in bonus games). The actual game, which involves making a team of heroes and watching them battle against a variety of foes in different areas, can be a lot entertaining. If you’re one of those who is attracted to collecting objects, Hero Wars is sure to be a very addictive game. “Just five minutes” you repeat more and again while you work hard enough to reach the next level or to get one more hero.

You can play Hero Wars for free.

Puzzles & Survival

Have you ever considered mixing the tile-matching and zombie survival genres? Would a video game appear like? Puzzles and survival are what they would appear to be. You and a group of survivors are escorted into the wreckage of a city to fight against zombies while doing and with the matching tiles to fight them off successfully.

In truth, this game borrows heavily inspiration from 2012’s classic Puzzles and Dragons, so those who have played the game, you’ll be aware of what you can expect. If you like the look of zombies over the anime fantasy style and are looking to revisit the winning formula using a fresh layer of paint highly recommend you take Puzzles and Survival for a spin since it’s worth your time.

Crossword Jam

The second crossword puzzle we’ve included on this list, and it provides a completely different experience than Daily themed crossword puzzles. It’s not everyone’s time to finish a complete crossword, so Crossword Jam gives you bite-sized crosswords you’ll be able to finish in 2 or 1 minutes.

In this puzzle, it is the case that all the words in the puzzle will consist of only three or four letters. In the lower part of the display, these letters will be displayed as a small circle. then you’ll have joined them up in various ways to form the words required by the puzzle. It’s nice to know that you’ll be rewarded for using the letters to form words that aren’t part of the puzzle. If you have an eye for competition then you may be interested in the leaderboards, too.

June’s Journey

Do you like the thrill of a good, Agatha Christie-style mystery? Take a look at June’s Journey the chance. It lets you take on the role of June Parker, a woman who is investigating the death of her sister as well as her brother-in-law. The woman must locate certain objects to gain an understanding of what transpired which is why you’re given a number of scenes in which you need to search for specific items along with a clock that rewards you for your quick discovery.

If you’re not hunting for answers, you’re scouring for the stately home of June by purchasing upgrades and items in order to create it as beautiful as it can be. It’s a multi-faceted game and is worthy of inclusion in your gaming library for mobile devices.


You’ve probably been familiar with Wordle due to the fact that this game of puzzles is taking the internet to the top of the list. This year when you went onto Twitter and looked through the tweets you’d find would be people posting the Wordle results. It’s a basic idea however it has an enormous fan base of players who are willing to tackle new challenges each and every day. There have been many games similar to Wordle made available and other developers are trying to participate in this exciting new genre of game.

If you don’t aware In Wordle each day, you’re offered six chances to find a word with five letters. Each guess is less difficult because Wordle will inform you whenever you see a letter within the word and if the letters are in the correct location. Making it correct in only two or three attempts is highly rewarding, so it’s no wonder why people like to brag about their achievements. (Although it is important to note that it’s a little difficult for people who are colorblind. )

Mario Kart Tour

It’s still awe-inspiring to enjoy Mario Kart on your mobile phone. While the game is different than its console counterparts (focusing on earning points from combos, instead of simply taking the title) It’s still a very engaging and addicting game that will draw a lot of gamers regardless of the level of familiarity they have with Mario Kart. Super Mario series.

Mario Kart Tour brings back numerous famous race tracks from the past and also introduces new tracks based on real-life cities around the globe. The winning of races earns you coins and rubies. the rubies can be utilized to gain access to new vehicles and characters through gacha mechanics. There’s an abundance of characters you can unlock with a variety of costumes. The game even includes Funky as well as Dixie Kong, and no game without the two characters could be poor.

Tracky Train

Tracky Train is a lesser-known indie game where you are setting the tracks of a train that is speeding by ahead of you. You must see how you can keep it running before the train gets upon the player and collides with you. There are many places that you can pass through. Additionally, when you come across an entire group of people then the train will stop to take them in and give you a little advantage. Be sure to direct the train towards stations in order to drop them off as well in the event that it doesn’t, or else it will overflow and not be able to take others.

It’s an easy premise certainly, but the endlessly playing to surpass your scores and unlock larger trains that are better and bigger is addictive. It’s also a good idea to meet all the characters that the game can offer that all reference diverse characters from popular media. Fun information: Tracky Train is the first appearance of the popular indie actor Yooka (of The Yooka Laylee legend).

Fire Emblem Heroes

The game takes the turn-based strategic gameplay of the Fire Emblem series and condenses it to present scenarios played with single-screen maps. In addition, it serves as an opportunity to celebrate Fire Emblem at large, featuring characters from every game of its history being unlockable via gacha mechanics.

Because you’ll build an entire team of characters that are appealing to you, everyone’s experience with Fire Emblem Heroes is going to be different. You might choose to use a team made up of players from Fire Emblem Awakening – or perhaps you prefer the scenario from Three Houses? Perhaps you’re a Genealogy of the Holy War kind of person or perhaps a fan of the Holy War. Regardless, playing each of these characters from the numerous battles that the game’s creators can become incredibly addictive.

Pokemon Go

The game inspired individuals to take exercise in ways other fitness programs can only dream of. Pokemon Go is possibly the closest thing we’ll get to explore the world as the Pokemon Trainer. Exploring new areas in the area where you live to see if you can find new Pokemon or getting those extra steps needed to hatch your own egg is truly amazing.

Of course, if your preference is the competitive aspect of Pokemon, you could take on the top spot in a gym, and reap the lucrative rewards that come with it. It was a fantastic game when it first launched in the early days, and Niantic has been added it every day since. They’re even creating new content every day along with the addition of new Pokemon and new features being added constantly The experience is bound to improve and get better.

Among Us

The game that brought Social Deduction on the map. Since the first game’s launch, Among Us has been so popular, that the characters from the game have become such a cult that they’re comparable to Mario, Pikachu, Sonic and Minecraft’s Steve.

If you’ve not been a participant in Among Us before, this is a fun game that involves you and other astronauts working together to find out who is the victim of a murder. In addition in the event that you’re a murderer, your task is to continue to slaughter your fellow players in a way that you don’t get caught, as there are frequent votes to decide who’s the murderer and, if they decide to choose you, you risk being thrown out of space. It’s fun playing with strangers but it’s especially fun if you have a few people with whom you can play.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

Animal Crossing is another Nintendo series that has received the mobile gaming treatment. In the previous Animal Crossing games have seen you cultivating your own city or even an island, this game is all about building the ultimate camp. It is done by creating various furniture pieces and other items that will be used in your camp, as well as establishing relationships with the villager to persuade them that they should stay.

Every day, you hunt bugs as well as mine ore, and fish, harvest fruit, gather shells, and do errands to help the animals that are spotted on the map. The animals will ask you to perform various tasks for them. By taking on these duties, you allow the chance to provide you with important resources while strengthening your relationship with them. It’s not as extensive as Animal Crossing: New Horizons However, but it’s still an enjoyable experience on its own and that is sure to please both long-time fans of the series as well as those who are new to the series.

Plants against. Zombies

Oh! no! It’s a zombie outbreak and zombies are heading toward you. It’s a good thing you’re an experienced gardener, with several plants to guard you. As zombies approach your garden on the grid-based map that you have in your backyard, it is your job to plant the plants in various spots to ensure that they’re prepared to protect your home.

There are Sunflowers you can plant that produce sun so you can increase the number of plants, Peashooters that throw peas at zombies, causing them to crumble, wall-nuts that act as barriers to protect you from zombies, and many other interesting plants that work in defending your home from the ravages of bizarre and weird zombies. Contrary to many strategy games that can be a bit daunting initially, Plants vs. Zombies is actually very easy to play, yet it also offers amazing levels of nuance.

Sonic Dash

If there’s a game franchise that is perfect for the infinite runner genre is Sonic Dash. You’re Sonic or any of his numerous companions who traverse endless levels, battling or evading enemies, staying clear of endless pits and spikes, and sometimes even fighting bosses every now and every now. It’s not difficult however, as you try to unlock every character, you’ll find yourself playing the game every day.

There are three variations of the game. The first, classic Sonic Dash is the first and includes all of the principal Sonic players (Knuckles, Shadow, Amy, Tails, Big, etc.) as well as special events that have been created by the characters of Angry Birds, the Sonic film as well as Sonic the Sonic IDW comic that is available. Another one, Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom, is based on the Sonic Boom sub-series, and the third one, Sonic Forces: Speed Battle includes a wide selection of Sonic characters as well as locations from various sources.


We’ll be back with another one that is a classic: Fortnite! The game is seated on the same throne as Among Us, Minecraft, and Roblox, Fortnite is one of the most popular games for the younger generation of gamers. And surely, it is possible to download and enjoy Fortnite on mobile devices.

It’s clear why this game is extremely well-known. The idea of 100 people fighting each other in a shrinking arena that allows them to build self-defense structures is attractive, but include the fact that this is among the most popular crossovers ever made and you can be able to see everyone from Darth Vader as well as Batman or Stranger Things’ Demogorgon, it’s clear the way it has developed a following.


Although it is a bit old, Tetris is easily as easily recognizable as Fortnite. Since the first version was launched around 1984, lots have been drawn by this basic game of stacking blocks. The shapes are displayed on in the upper part of the display and you need to put them in a careful manner to the bottom, to create straight lines before disappearing. Anyone can comprehend it, and everyone can have fun with it.

Through the years there have been numerous versions of Tetris made available as well as, obviously, it comes with an app for free on mobile devices. If you’re looking to get among the top loved and addictive games ever created to your library of mobile puzzle games Then you must be sure to download Tetris right now.

If you’re a massive Tetris enthusiast, you may want to look at our list of the most popular Tetris games on the Nintendo Switch as well as mobile.

Pokemon Shuffle Mobile

Have you had the chance to play Candy Crush before? (Now there’s a game that was a close call from being included on the list.) It’s called Pokemon Shuffle Mobile. Pokemon Shuffle Mobile could be basically the answer to “what could you do if Candy Crush were a Pokemon game?” you have to move through Pokemon faces to ensure that you can pair the faces and fight wild Pokemon as well. At the end of the game, you’re allowed to capture them, which allows them to join your collection.

Of course, Pokemon often escape when you attempt to capture them, and you’ll likely find yourself playing certain levels repeatedly. In addition, to be fair in all Pokemon games, there are more Pokemon you can capture with this particular game (without trading with other players) than in any other installment. This is pretty amazing for a puzzle game.

Crossy Road

If you’re in search of exciting fun, no-cost and free video game Crossy Road is the game for you. Crossy Road is a mobile game that debuted in November 2014and, since its launch it has seen more than 150 million players download it. In the game, you must earn coins in order to gain characters. In order to earn the coins, you must remain alive for a prolonged time without getting hit by a train, or car or being eaten by an Eagle.

The phone’s screen is tapped and your avatar will move. Alternatively, the character can be moved around to change direction. You have to be aware of which direction to take and when to turn. However, you must also be quick, because you’re also being pursued by an eagle, so If you stay for too long, it could catch up to you and devour you. It’s one of the games that don’t require wifi or data connection to play, which means you can play the game anytime, anyplace.

(the content of Crossy Road is provided by Noah Turner)

Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans is a free game that lets you build the largest village and transform it into an extremely powerful threat through the cultivation of a massive army. The game was developed by Finnish developer Supercell in 2012. It starts with a town hall and basic defenses. You then gain the possibility of collecting three of the game’s currencies. Gold is a result of mines and makes use of it to build additional mines. To store it, you require an elixir store that is upgradeable to accommodate more gold. This is similar to another currency-related elixir that is available with an elixir collection device and stored in an Elixir Store.

In the game, when the town hall is upgraded, you have access to many exciting new features, including new defenses, as well as stores and mines. To upgrade your town hall, you need to satisfy certain conditions including barracks at level 7, and a certain number of walls set. The barracks system in Clash of Clans allows you to construct an army that costs various amounts of elixir based on the kind of troops you can get. There are many different types of troops available in Clash of Clans that do a lot of different tasks. You can unlock different types of troops with different improvements.

You’ll be tempted to keep returning to the game so that you can improve your village constantly. The game constantly adds new content, which means it’s always up-to-date.

(content related to Clash of Clans provided by Riley Ashdown-Doel)

Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers is an endless game in which you need to avoid obstacles and trains while collecting power-ups and coins. The endless runner first came out in mid-2012, and since then it has been downloaded around three billion times making it among the most played high-score games for mobile ever. The creators, Kiloo and SYBO, frequently release updates that allow you to explore new areas and new challenges, boards where you can purchase characters, and policemen who chase you.

The game’s speed increases when you score higher. can achieve, making it enjoyable however it is difficult to play for extended lengths of time, resulting in little time to react when you move, roll or avoid. You can even compare your scores with peers with leaderboards on the internet which are connected via Facebook. Each of the boards has diverse effects, for instance, “smooth drift” which lets you stay up in the air longer, or “super jump” which allows you to leap higher on trains. There are a variety of methods to enjoy the game, as well as the competition and the constant update will have you interested and soon you’ll be playing each day.

(content related to Subway Surfers provided by George Thompson)

We hope you enjoyed looking through these games that can be addictive. Want more? Check out our reviews of the top mobile games and the most popular iPhone games and the top Android games for more games you can sink in.


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