Adoption Island faces mass destruction as Adopt Me’s Black Hole event grows nearer – Roblox

September 23, 2022

It’s here to devour everything.

Secreenshot by share way games

On September. 19 2022, a bizarre unknown character was introduced to Adoption Island: Sean, the non-intergalactic, tax-free green-skinned, normal human being. The same day Adopt Me’s main newscaster Jesse Raen Saunders had a conversation with Sean about his arrival in Adoption Island, only to disappear without trace following the discussion. Since Sean’s arrival on the island, a massive black hole has sprung up in Adoption Island that’s already begun taking over all its shops and buildings, prompting gamers to doubt the authenticity of Sean’s apparent innocence.

Two days after the silence discovered footage from Adopt Me’s last newscast, which aired in September. 19 was shared on Adopting Me’s official Adopt Me Twitter account. The newscast is which is titled Breaking News, anchor Matt talks about the appearance of Sean and the odd things that have occurred on Adoption Island since his arrivalThe newscast will continue for a while, but the studio begins to crumble and shake before sinking into the ever-growing black hole, before completely disappearing. Since the launch of this broadcast, Adopt Me has posted another mysterious tweet on its Twitter account. The tweet is shown below.

If you’re interested in learning more about the event, you should be a part of Adopt Me before 10 am CT in September. 22nd 2022. By 10 am CT at which time it’s expected that the Black Hole event will reach its highest point, most likely dismantling Adoption Island as we know it, and replacing it with an entirely new concept. It’s not clear what will happen once the event is over or when it’ll end, but we’d suggest following Adopt Me Twitter feed to keep as current as possible. If major changes are made in the world of Adopt Me, we will be sure to post them in the appropriate manner.


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