After Dead: Action title confirmed for Xbox 4 & Xbox One New story trailer is ready

August 19, 2022

Soleil has released a new trailer for Wanted: Dead as part of their summer season celebration twenty22. Wanted Dead will be available on both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles.

The Japanese studio Soleil revealed that they are still working on the title Wanted: Dead at the end of 2021. It is anticipated that this will be based on different genres like Bayonetta or Ninja Gaiden.

After some speculation about a future PC release, the Xbox 5 and Xbox X/S were announced by 110 Industries and Soleil. Wanted: Dead will also be available on the PlayStation 4 and old consoles.

The original trailer for the action title was released to accompany the announcement. This trailer will provide you with in-game impressions as well as new details about Wanted: Dead.


A team of industry veterans, who have worked on action titles like Ninja Gaiden or Ninja Gaiden in the past, is creating the Wanted Dead project. You will play the role of Lieutenant Hannah Stone, which is the leader of the Zombie Squad. The Zombie Corps devoted its efforts to fighting organized crime and other acts that were not under the police’s jurisdiction.

Soleils’ new works are based on the classics of Japanese action and combine spectre with long-range attacks. A slow-motion tool is also available on board that allows you to observe the battle and force your enemies to regain their limbs.

More information about Wanted Dead: A book about future.

Wanted Dead is still not due for release. 110 Industries and Soleil developers just spoke about the release of Wanted: Dead in the fourth quarter 2022 calendar year.

We need to know more about the Deadly.


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