Agatsumo Project Slayers – Guide

Agatsumo Project Slayers – Guide. The most popular clan of Project Slayers: Agatsumo clan Tier, Perks and Bonuses. There are also some videos. Stay tuned!


Agatsumo Project Slayers – Tier

This article provides brief guide to the most significant clan in Project Slayers, the Agatsumo clan is one of the most prominent.

Tier S

If you’re fortunate enough to be part of this clan we suggest that you stay the same.

  • Agatsumo > Chance: 0.1% > Type: Supreme
    • Slayers God Speed Mode (buffs Thunder moves)
    • Each race: AOE burst ability & movement speed
    • Stat bonus

Perks & Bonuses

Tier S

  • Agatsumo > Chance: 0.1% > Type: Supreme
    • +2 Strength
    • +1 Sword
    • +110 Stamina
    • +125 Health
    • +1 Block Bar
  • Party Bonuses
    • Your group must include an Agatsumo Clan member.
    • +30 Health

It’s extremely difficult to find an entry into the Agatsumo clan, however when you have between 100 to 150 spins, you’ll be able to get multiple spins in one row. It is also likely to be that Agatsumo clan won’t appear, but certainly it is likely that a Mythic clan will be revealed.

If you’ve been through a few spins, take a few days, and continue to accumulate more spins until you are able to complete the entire sequence and hope that you’ll have lots of luck and find an infamous clan.


Agatsumo is a supreme clan that provides numerous benefits, especially for players who practice Thunder Breathing, there are numerous positives that it provides along with many amazing benefits, like:


  • If you’re a part of Agatsuma you can opt the God Speed mode that grants an increase in speed
  • Grant the opportunity to participate in a race
  • Enhances thunder capabilities for a short period of 30 seconds
  • If you are looking to enable God Speed mode, you must have unlocked the Thunder Breathing feature. God Speed mode you have to unlock Thunder Breathing. Thunder Breathing
  • If you’re a part either of the Kamado clan or Agatsuma or Agatsuma, you have the option of using your Inexpensive Will ability (weakens other players within the vicinity for 20-30 minutes)
  • In the group with another clan If you are a Kamado or Agatsuma you will gain 30 health
  • In addition, it has the ability to A further ability is 5% speed of movement

This video is from a Youtuber who explains how to get Agatsumo into Project Slayers and other tried things, the most popular Agatsumo clan Agatsumo, (thanks to SquirrelDog12).

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Spins to select an entirely new Clan

It’s simple to pick an entirely new clan. The only thing that we need to do is follow these easy steps which we will add in the following:

  1. Start this game Project Slayers
  2. You can customize your player
  3. In the lower right corner on the right side, you’ll find an area that lists your name, as well as the clan you are a part of.
  4. Click “Spin” in case you are looking to join a brand new clan.

Here you can see where the information is available.



Agatsumo Project Slayers – Mobile

If you’re a mobile player, there’s nothing is more exciting than seeing your screen that you have to click for every action you’d like to do. We’ll leave you with this video by Conseptal

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