Aim Lab and Riot Headed to the Next Level

Move your mouse so that you can straighten it, extend your wrists, then launch Aim Lab. It’s a well-known routine used by millions of users all over the globe, including us. We’re pleased to announce that we’re strengthening our relationship to Aim Lab and will become an equity shareholder in Statespace which is the developer of the platform.

Aim Lab will become an official platform for training and coaching of Valorant sports. They will include different elements of the game in the hopes to improve the experience for players and providing a more realistic experience for players to aid their personal growth. We will collaborate directly together with Aim Lab to support development of new tools designed for VALORANT players, and in the future, MOBA players as well.

We’ve worked in conjunction with Aim Lab a ton recently and are looking forward to working together to improving the experience for players. We helped with an Aim Lab Combine in VCT Challengers NA where VALORANT players could assess how they fared against professionals. Aim Lab also added in activities that gave players an opportunity to recreate most thrilling moments of the esports of VALORANT. In addition that millions of VALORANT players (including the elite players) make use of Aim Lab to warm up before continuing climbing up ranking ladder.

Outside of the VALORANT event, Aim Lab also set up a shooting gallery for the Arcane Undercity Nights both in Aim Lab’s Creator Studio and in-person using VR headsets. We’re looking forward to continuing this collaboration as the minority owner of Statespace and to continue the great work of Aim Lab as the leading coaching and training platform in the world of esports.

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