Akasa Unveils DuoDock MX Desktop Station for M.2 Drives

Akasa has announced DuoDockMX, a docking station that uses Solid State Drive to create high-performance storage externally.

Image Source: Akasa.

The case is white. It measures 93 93 and 132 mm in height. Two M.2 NVMe modules are available with a PCIe4.0 interface. They can also be used with a PCIe3.0 interface.

The station connects to a computer or laptop using an AB 3.2 Type C port that has a bandwidth of up 10 Gb / s. This is backward compatibility with USB 3.2 Gen 1 / USB3.0 standards as well as USB 2.0.


You can create an M.2 solid state drive by pressing the CLI button on the front. On the opposite side, LEDs can be seen.

The fan might be thin. Compatible with MacOS, Microsoft Windows, and Linux operating systems. It costs approximately 120 dollars.

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