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Alan Wake AMC plant Serienadaption des Action-Adventures

The American television station AMC is currently working on the series adaptation from Alan Wake. The confirmation was made by the studio that developed the game at the time of the game’s 12th birthday celebrations yesterday.

The plans do not appear to be all that in the beginning, and there’s no information on the possibility of showrunners or authors.


Alan Wake was released in the year 2010 telling the tale of its film’s eponymous protagonist. Wake tells the story of an author that journeys to a tiny American city in Washington to get over writer’s block.

But when his wife, not the tiny island where he spent for the night, vanishes out of the town, it is the beginning of a series of eerie events.

The series adaptation that was announced created by Alan Wake is not the only project that was looking to use the model in a series. In the year 2018there were the first reports of a planned series. In the past the writer-producer Peter Calloway ( Cloak & Dagger , Legion ) was scheduled to run the show.

Game itself being re-evaluated 12 years after its initial release. This means that not just one remaster was released last October, the makers Remedy Entertainment are also working on an expansion.

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