All aX 50 Loadouts in Warzone call of duty: the best in the AX-50

August 19, 2022

Are you looking for the best AX50 chargers in Call of Duty?

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Due to their high damage, sniper rifles are among the most dangerous and difficult weapons in Call of Duty War Zone. Players don’t have the necessary skills to manage snipers. The player should pick the best sniper to help them. AX-50 is one example of such a sniper. This article tells you the best: Call of Duty Warzone.


Because every new sniper is added to the competition, the battle for best sniper rifles never ends. The AX-50, however, is the only sniper to have not lost his place and remain in the top tier. This weapon is the oldest in Call of Duty Warzone, and it is always available.

Most players can use the AX-50 with no difficulty. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean the player is unable to use the weapon. After a crosshair correction, each player can hit their targets.

The AX-50 is second in terms of the lowest bullet drop over long distances to HDR and takes first place by a small margin. Keep in mind that the HDR isn’t as good as this weapon. The AX-50, however, has many other strengths. The AX-50’s new version is fast and accurate.

The AX-50 can be fired at enemies at any time and is highly resistant. This weapon has incredible range and velocity. This weapon doesn’t have any negatives. These can be eliminated with proper customization. Below are the files to help you choose the best AX-50 loadout for Call of Duty.


  • Disappointing: 32,0 Menatos/Settles:
  • Muzzle: Monolithic Supressor: A monolithic suppressor.
  • Stock: Singuard Arms Assassin; Assassins.
  • The rear end: A slick poopy back.
  • Weaponry can be used in 7-wheel configuration.

The 32.0 Factory Barrel has a longer barrel which makes it more useful in grades AX-50. It increases bullet velocity and effective damage range, which allows the player to hit enemies at extreme limits. This allows the player to continue hitting enemies without losing shots by increasing the control for recoil.

Because of its hygiene, the Monolithic Suppressor makes the best muzzle for any sniper rifle. The Monolithic Supressor is particularly effective in increasing weapons damage. This makes it easy for players to kill distant enemies. It is also of top quality and important for all snipers.

Sound suppression stops players from attacking their position and prevents their enemies from supporting them. Stealth is the best friend in sniping and it’s vital that we keep that. The Singuard Arms Assassin stock also increases track speed and allows for more maneuverability.

Due to its large boobs, the Stippled Grip Tape makes a great rear grip for sniper rifles. This attachment is particularly useful because it allows for a greater screen speed and aids enemies in a quicker way. This attachment increases sprint speed for fire speed, and speeds up rapid scoping. This attachment works well with the items above.

Five-round mags are essential attachments to the AX-50. Players need additional bullets to continue shooting at enemies. Some players prefer to use the larger stock clip for larger models and opt for the Tac Laser for better accuracy. Both attachments work well, but it all depends on which attachment the player chooses.


Although the AX-50 is strong and can stand up against any sniper, it also has its flaws. These can be countered by choosing the right secondary weapon to increase the effectiveness of the primary weapon. This is where these weapons come in play.


  • The multilithic original supressor is a monolithic integration-suppressor.
  • FTAC: An abundance card is a card that can be used on a credit card.
  • Laser: 5,000,000 W.
  • Underbarrel: The Merc Foregrip Store.
  • 45 Tyre Rallys of Amunition

Because of their mobility and power, MP5 is a favorite SMG among COD players. It also has a wider range of effective damage than other SMGs. This SMG is definitely one of the most powerful in Call of Duty War.

Monolithic Integral Supressor is a unique barrel and one of the most powerful in this game. This increases the weapon firing velocity which allows players to kill enemies more quickly. He also provides strong suppression that conceals the player’s position while protecting the enemy’s ability to flank.

This attachment comes with some drawbacks, as it slows down the weapon’s speed. It’s worth it due to the barrels’ high velocity. The FTAC Collapsible is next, which increases sight speed and counters any negative effects from the barrel. It also increases its weight.

The 5mW Laser is essential to close-range SMGs because it improves hip-fire accuracy. This weapon improves the accuracy and use of the entire weapon. This allows the player to run and shoot easily. The weapon’s hip-fire accuracy is further improved by the Merc Foregrip underneathbarrel.

Because of their large clip sizes, the 45 Round Grips are essential in this build. This player can easily take down an entire enemy squad within one magazine. These sniper-based versions of the MP5 sniper are incredible. This makes it the ideal case for an MP5 sniper equipped with support loadouts in Call of Duty Warzone.

You can buy everything from any motor or motor equipment.

Your load will determine the cost of lifting heavy equipment. Players try to protect their weapons, but they forget that equipment and perks can make or break the game. The equipment and perks that allow for the best AX50 loadout will be appreciated by all.


  • Perk 1: “Replaced Time”
  • Perk 2: Ghost or Invading (If you need two primary weapons), or Ghost.
  • Perk 3: Combat soldiers

Perk 1: Time to launch a tactical attack. This allows the player move quickly between points and to quickly organize their enemies. Mobility and stealth are two important aspects for snipers. This perk includes stealth.

Perk 2 and Perk 1 are good choices in their own ways, but it all depends on which player prefers them more. This is a great choice as it prevents enemies from detecting the player using a tool that is easily accessible to the public. This is the second option, Xultkill. This means players can take two primary weapons with one loadout.

Perk 3 can be used as a long-range or sniper-based sniper rifle. It allows the player to mark targets and hit them. This helps the player get to the enemy’s location with the ball.


  • Lethal: The Proximity mine.
  • Tactical: One shot of the giant Sandball.

The Proximity Mine is used to help snipers cover their backs and keep them from reaching the entrance. This allows the player to know if an enemy has invaded their hiding place. Snapshot Grenade cannot locate criminals who infiltrate a location. Each piece of equipment works well together.

AX-50 remains one of the most powerful snipers in Call of Duty War despite numerous updates and the addition of new weapons. Their accuracy, high recoil control, and high weapon damage are the reasons for their success. This article about the best in Call of Duty Warzone will hopefully win the next match.

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