All Disney Dreamlight Valley fish and where to find them

September 23, 2022

Enjoy a great time reeling by following our guide for the entire range of Disney Dreamlight Valley fish, from lobsters to swordfish, and learn to become a master angler with our fishing advice.

Disney Dreamlight Valley is a multi-faceted simulation that offers a variety of lucrative activities to take part in, one of which is fishing. With a range of lakes and ponds, and even an entire ocean to choose from and a trusted royal fishing rod and catching a few batches of Disney Dreamlight Valley fish is an efficient and simple method to earn a quick cash flow, discover a brand new recipe, or whip some delicious treats for your loved ones All of which help you to create your dream world back to the glory of its past.

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Of course, some Disney Dreamlight Valley fish are only found in specific locations, with some having a higher value than others, and certain fish required for certain recipes, it is important to be aware of the best fishing spots to visit. You can also carry this guide with you, and whistle as you’re at it, highlighting every fish that is in the game, the location you can find them, what cost they are sold for at the stall of Goofy, and the amount of energy they provide to you after snacking on the fish. Additionally, we’ve included helpful Disney Dreamlight Valley fishing tips to guide you in your quest.

If you’re trying to get the most out of your newfound fishing abilities then check out the Disney Dreamlight Valley cooking guide and cook up delicious meals. We also have an in-depth guide to all of those Disney Dreamlight Valley critters and their favorite food items, as well as a Disney Dreamlight Valley gems guide, which lists the various minerals that you can mine.

How can to capture Disney Dreamlight Valley fish?

Let’s begin by learning the Disney Dreamlight Valley fishing basics. To begin fishing, you have to finish your Fishing Expedition quest to get a fishing rod from Goofy. Once you have that, you must equip your rod before you go to an area of water, press the action button until you start casting, and release it whenever your cursor hits the spot you want to be in the water.

Take a break and then press the action button when the prompt appears to reel in. You’ll need hit the action button each time the float’s circle becomes green. If you are successful you are successful, a message appears showing the amount you have earned.

Fishing can be done at any time within a specified area of the water however for the best fish it is important to be aware of the various colored ripples that appear within the water.

  • White ripples require 2 reels to capture the fish. They are usually rewarded for common fish like cod and bass.
  • Blue ripples require three reeling attempts to reel in an individual fish. They usually reward moderate-rarity fish like shrimp and bream.
  • Gold ripples require four successful reeling attempts to capture an individual fish. They typically reward the rarest species of fish, such as lobsters.

There is a possibility of fishing outside the ripples, too. This is the most effective way to cultivate Disney Dreamlight Valley seaweed.

Every Disney Dreamlight Valley Fish

Disney Dreamlight Valley fish Where can I find Price of sale Energy restored after consumption
Anglerfish Forgotten Lands 1.5k star coins 2,000
Bass Peaceful Meadow, Forest of Valor, Sunlit Plateau, Frosted Heights 25 star coins 150
Bream Peaceful Meadow 600 star coins 1,300
Carp Forest of Valor, Sunlit Plateau 400 star coins 800
Catfish Peaceful Meadow 550 star coins 1,200
Cod Dazzle Beach, Forgotten Lands, Glade of Trust 35 star coins 150
Crab Frosted Heights 600 star coins 1,200
Fugu Dazzle Beach (only when it’s raining or stormy) 900 star coins 1,700
Herring Dazzle Beach, Glade of Trust 65 star coins 250
Kingfish Dazzle Beach 459 star coins 800
Lancetfish Forgotten Lands 650 star coins 1,300
Lobster Glade of Trust 950 star coins 1,600
Perch Forest of Valor, Sunlit Plateau 80 star coins 400
Pike Forest of Valor 800 star coins 1,500
Rainbow trout Peaceful Meadow, Forest of Valor 50 star coins 300
Salmon Frosted Heights, Sunlit Plateau 150 star coins 500
Shrimp Dazzle Beach 300 star coins 750
Sole Forgotten Lands 200 star coins 500
Squid Glade of Trust, Forgotten Lands 500 star coins 1,000
Swordfish Dazzle Beach 700 star coins 1,500
Tilapia Sunlit Plateau, Frosted Heights 600 star coins 1,150
Tuna Forgotten Lands, Glade of Trust 95 star coins 350
Walleye Sunlit Plateau (we’ve had trouble when fishing spots aren’t reproducing in this region but haven’t yet caught one) 1.1k star coins 1,700
White Sturgeon Frosted Heights 1.2k star coins 1,800

How can I get Disney Dreamlight Valley Fish in a hurry?

If you’re looking to increase your fishing success bringing a friend along is the best choice. Find a person with the same fishing ability to join you. And whenever you catch fish, they are more likely to drop another fish right in front of you. Fishing with them will also boost their level of friendship and the higher their relationship level, the greater the results of their fishing ability. Being with them and taking them along on the journey will get you swimming with fish within a matter of minutes!

Another way to earn extra fish is by repairing Moana’s boat. Of course, you’ll need to bring Moana to your island before and then complete the “After the Storm, The Great Maui’ along with ‘How far you’ll Travel quests to unlock the quest. After that, you’ll be able to walk to the raft and talk to Moana to get some fish she captures in the sea. The upgrade of Moana’s boat with the Scrooge McDuck symbol increases the quantity of fish that you catch and how often you are able to claim the fish.

We’ve covered everything we can about Disney Dreamlight Valley fish for right now. If you’re in need of an extra helping hand take a look at our Disney Dreamlight Valley realms guide to discover the world of a new dimension today.


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