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All new Weapons in Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 4

All new Weapons in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4

Brand new weapons and return and unvalued guns will be seen in Chapter 3 of Season 4 in Fortnite!

Fortnite is an excellent battle royale experience that is always evolving with fresh and exciting content thanks to maps as well as new Battle Passes and brand-new weapons included in the game. The Season 4 episode from Chapter 3 has brought a splash of Chrome to the world and introduced new guns and mechanics for players to use. Additionally, there are famous guns that aren’t being used and will be returning this season, as we leave behind some less well-known ones that are leaving for the moment. Below is the list of weapons that you can look for but will not be able to find all over the world.

All new Weapons in Fortnite

They are brand-new weapons that Fortnite has added for chapter 3 Season 4.

EvoChrome Shotgun

The EvoChrome Shotgun is similar to its predecessor, the Prime Shotgun but with some distinct twists. This shotgun features a unique crosshair and spread, and can deal on average 89 damages when shot at the body and up to 129 damage on headshots, and it can boost those numbers with higher rarities. They are only available in Chests that are dipped in Chrome that are located at Chrome sites. The greatest thing about newly released Shotguns is that they will change rarely as they suffer. This means that your Rare shotgun could eventually turn into legendary if you can defeat a large number of enemies.

EvoChrome Burst Rifle

Similar to the EvoChrome Shotgun The EvoChrome Burst Rifle is also only located in Chests of Chrome and increases in rarity the more damage you take with the more damage you deal with. It is like its predecessor, the Ranger Assault Rifle but with the ability to fire in bursts, allowing the user to shoot quickly and precisely ranged shots at your foes. The standard DPS is 118 and will be increased as you upgrade the weapon to higher quality.

Chrome Splash

Chrome Splash Chrome Splash is another new addition to the action this year. It allows the player to escape quickly or a successful chase. The bottles on the map allow you to throw them in the air to spray your characters with chrome. This will transform you into a liquidized Chrome form, in which you can re-orient yourself to walls, dash and accelerate your speed which makes you a difficult opponent. It is possible to switch between liquid and solid during the time the effects are in effect and allow you to make attacks on players as well as escape bullets with ease. It only lasts several seconds, then you’ll return to your normal shape once it has disintegrated.

Unvalued Weapons in Fortnite

These are weapons that went not re-vaulted in Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 4.

  • Lever Action Shotgun
  • Hunter Bolt-Action Sniper
  • Rapid Fire SMG
  • Suppressed SMG

Returning Weapons in Fortnite

They are guns that crossed over from last season, and can be seen on the maps:

  • DMR
  • Ranger Assault Rifle
  • Hammer Assault Rifle
  • Prime Shotgun
  • Sidearm Pistol

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Vaulted Weapons in Fortnite

This is the gun that was removed for the season and cannot be located on the map.

  • Combat Assault Rifle
  • Stinger SMG
  • Revolver
  • Auto Shotgun
  • Two-Shot Shotgun
  • Heavy Sniper
  • Charge SMG
  • Pump Shotgun

New weapons added to the map provide a fresh experience for players, particularly as they allow players to develop the Evo-Chrome guns as they play, which means their achievements are rewarded with more damage. Get into the game and play them right today Keep in mind the unlocked weapons as well!