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All Sunstone Fragment Locations in Dreamlight Valley

All Sunstone Fragment Locations in Dreamlight Valley

Disney Dreamlight Valley is a thrilling simulation game available across PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and Switch packed with adventure magic, and exciting stories. Join your favorite Disney characters in clearing the Valley of dark magic, as well as restoring harmony and harmony. There’s a lot to be done including farming, crafting, and building friendships through completing distinct Questlines. Sometimes, these Quests will require some serious thinking or completing puzzles, and also discovering specific gadgets. Like it is the Quest of Mother Gothel to revive the Sunstone.

How can you find all the Sunstone Fragments in Dreamlight Valley?

To complete the Quest to be a Mother Gothel To be able to complete this quest, you must attain the Friendship of 7+ with her, complete all Biomes unlocked and continue to progress through the main tales quests. Mother Gothel needs your help in the process of putting back together the Sunstone which was shattered into three fragments. The Fragments are scattered throughout the biomes across the Valley: Sunlit PlateauForest of Valor as well as The Glade of Trust. But, you’ll have to look in these areas during specific times to find the Fragments.

The game is set to replicate your local time within the game. If you notice that this feature isn’t working You can go to your Settings to ensure that the time is correct. It is possible to visit these Biomes during the times mentioned in the Quest above. For those who’d prefer that it didn’t happen in real-time, it is possible to alter this option and switch to based on the game’s time.

How to find what is the Sunlit Plateau Sunstone Fragment in Dreamlight Valley

The initial Fragment is likely to be on the Sunlit Plateau in the morning between 8 am to 11 am. It appears in the southeastern part of the river that flows through the Plateau towards the underside of the nook as seen on the above map. It is possible to spot the Orange Dawn Fragment seem on the southeastern side of this area.

How do you locate Forest of Valor Sunstone Fragment in Dreamlight Valley


The second fragment is located within the Forest of Valor and can be found during the noon or in the afternoon, between 11 am and 5 hours. On the map above the yellow Noon, the fragment is supposed to be looking towards the southeast corner of the forest, right near Dazzle Beach. Dazzle Beach entrance and off towards the right area of The Ice Castle.

How do you locate how locate Glade of Trust Fragment in Dreamlight Valley?

The last Fragment is in the Glade of Trust which is the home that is home to Mother Gothel. It is believed to exist throughout the late night hours, anytime after 5 after 5 until the early dawn. It is believed that the dusk-colored purple Fragment is located in the larger lagoon located on the northwestern side of the Glade. You should be able to make it a part of the area that is shown on the map below.


When you have all three Fragments, return to Mother Gothel and present them to her. This will end this Sun Fragments Quest and proceed on to other development quests in order to revitalize Sunstone. This will improve your relationship With Mother Gothel, if not already maxed out, as well as increase your personal XP.

This is how you can finish your Sunstone Fragments Quest for Mother Gothel. There are numerous distinct Quests to be completed throughout the Valley which can help you to progress through the story and create Friendships with the long-standing characters who reside in the Valley.

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