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Allusions Trello Link & Wiki

Allusions Trello Link and Wiki

Allusions Trello Link and Wiki Official link to Trello the most comprehensive Wiki for the Roblox game by Klevinoroto. Roblox game


Allusions Trello Link & Wiki – Official Trello

Trello Link & Wiki – Allusions:

Allusions Trello Link & Wiki – Wiki

It is a game that has a lot of potentials. Klevinoroto game is among the greatest innovations of Roblox and everybody is searching for more information, a manual to a wiki, or a guide. So, the link we mentioned at the start and that is the Trello URL, might be the one you’ve been searching for. it’s a wiki, the information that it provides is authentic (supervised or directly supplied by the creator’s team for the game) It is updated on a regular basis.

The initial few sections may seem unfamiliar to you however don’t let that fool you that there’s more to it by scrolling toward the left. It’s also not bad to go over information, such as commands.


The most exciting stuff starts with the next section: Maps, next followed by main weapons, Arsenal Second Weapons Tools, Items Emotes The rare Arsenal, Server Events, Weapon Events Map Events, and Game Thumbnails Upcoming Content coming soon, seasonal Scrap, unobtainable Map Rotation Quotes, Titles and much more

In these sections, you’ll learn how to get or unlock items, their locations, advantages, and other information you’ll definitely appreciate should you decide to become an Allusions expert

The data is completely updated and current. It is backed by the seal of quality being official information. It is created by collaborators and then examined directly by Klevinoroto.

In the event that it is able to aid your situation, we have a few guidelines based on information from Trello however, they are organized in a list format to help users to find the data:

Trello FAQ

An example of what you will discover in Trello Here is the information you will find within Artorian Longsword:

Sword derived from an ancestor of the legendary grey Wolf Sif who was the guardian from the tomb of Abysswalker Knight Artorias. A reference to “Dark Souls”

“Sir Artorias was a hunter of the Darkwraiths and his sword is more powerful against the dark servants.”

  • M1 Combo It is when the user is able to swing the blade 3 times, with the third strike launching you forward. Each strike is a 15-point hit. While you swing, you are unable to move.
  • [E[E] Somersault Slam The person prepares to launch, and then lashes towards the direction the person is and inflicts 30 damage on anyone who is in their path.
  • “R” Abyssal Aura: When used it puts you in an animation that leaves you open to attack, but provides you with an 80% defense and it drains the health of people close to the user in the animation. Following the animation, it will provide you with an increase in stats and take away your health by 1 per second, however, it will reduce the health of the people close to you. This mode lasts for about 25 seconds.