Although ransomware attacks dropped, it’s not good enough

Positive Technologies, a group that specializes in information security (PTA), was able analyze current threats during the first quarter 2022. Experts have produced a report showing a decrease in ransomware attacks, which block access to data and demand money from cybercriminals to gain access to the valuable information.


Malware attacks have increased by a percent (image source: Positive Technologies).

The percentage of these attacks has fallen from 53 percent to 44% so far. Experts believe that such technological changes are partly responsible for the switch to industrial espionage with no encryption.

One negative result of ransomware’s decline is an increase in so-called wipers malware, which aims to completely destroy data and prevent any recovery.


The percentage of data that was resurrected in an organization for the first quarter was 3’000%. However, 2’000 of the data needed to be deleted automatically. These data cleaners were able to simulate ransomware attacks in a few cases. The ransomware message left behind for victims was not encrypted and was unreversible.

More information about the results of the Positive Technologies analytical study can be found on the website ptsecurity.com/research/analytics.

You can decrypt files without having to pay a ransom.

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