American Arcadia: When The Truman Show meets the Matrix: When the show is about to come true

We played many anticipated sequels at the Tribeca Games Festival’s virtual expo. Here is our test of A Plague Tale Requiem. But perhaps because of the visual style and the idea behind the adventure, Out of the Blue Games American Arcadia was the most surprising.

The veterans from Madrid have already proven their worth with Call of the Sea. We want to hear about a man running and a woman who is willing to take on any risk to help Arcadia develop. We gave the game a taste. The real feeling of this retro-future with a 70 year impact is captured in an introduction between The Matrix & The Truman Show.


Trevor Hills, a 28-year-old man, is seen at the station with a video camera. All you need to know is what lies between life and a beautiful dream that, the most shocking and beautiful truth. American Arcadia is the absurd tale of former state bank managers.

We witnessed a short escape sequence in a swampy area lit by the moonlight and spotlights from the squadrons responsible for capturing Trevor, subject of subject 10392. We were right at the beginning, however, and we were at the beginning of a narrative event. The protagonists lived as long as possible but were not able to live in the world. He was about to leave the INACs Gemini Towers, where he had worked for almost 10 years. The best news about his friend led to his arrest. A video showed that his real name was Since. Based on Vivian Walton’s rituating words, the colleague was planning to go on a dream vacation. He said that he could travel on a beautiful beach and was not overheard on a sunny beach.

Trevor knew Rainey was not a beach party or a nice guy. His colleagues who were chatting in the bar area claimed the same thing. The man was sitting at his desk and letting his thoughts drift until a few advertisements banners appeared on the screen. This gave him an immediate answer to his questions: Gus had died.

The executive was conscientious and willingly followed the towers and arrows that were parked along the walls. He saw the door to the inaccessible ADA Room and discovered the truth. American Arcadia wasn’t a city. It was a huge theater where the reality show was distributed to millions of paying fans. The citizen did not know that VIPs and extras are dependent on each other’s popularity. Therefore, the gears of a cashier, in order to operate them in the past, had to be replaced. Gus was not going to exotic places, but he was lost. He realized that he had not followed the instructions given to him by the person who was going to speak to him to the letter. Trevor saw Waltons facing an edwardly star. He was unaware that a person as unimportant as him should be killed and began to ask questions about Kovacs, his mysterious rescuer.

This prologue is also found in The Truman Show and The Matrix. It is the exchange of words between characters. We believe that a full and measurable dialogue could be one of the most exciting parts of the narrative market. This will, hopefully, allow us to interact with them in the future adventure. Kovacs can help victims by knowing a lot about them, their identity, and their vision. The reality show is not without its gray eminences. We are still waiting to see if it can be done.


American Arcadia is a fun and engaging game that combines 2.5D scrolling action with platforming elements, and 3D adventure with first-person perspective. This includes exploration and environmental puzzles. Trevor was forced to sell his skin and work with Angela in the dark corridors behind the city. The tower’s impressive view is breathtaking and quite eye-opening. We have moved crates, trolleys, and other items into higher areas. This may be possible due to the illumination of an image mirror. Our guardian angel placed them correctly.

The frail protagonist needed to leap immediately, explore the inevitable air ducts, and balance on a crane. Kovacs made sure that all moving parts were moved, which stopped the pursuers from following. Both characters can simultaneously control the other players. This allowed the insider to create tension and allow them to fully utilize their skills. We were able to experience something a little different in the demo version.


To allow the Hills to continue running, Kovacs had the courage to leave his station to explore the whole floor. He needed to find the password for his superiors office so he could use his computer. We had to hide the tracks of his work in order to locate the numbers from the keypad. Therefore, we had fake scenes projected throughout the management room. If the right one selected the images, they did send them to the surveillance devices. Angela said that it is likely that we will need to sharpen our minds during the sections and hopefully gather the clues needed to learn more about the city’s people and leaders.


This is a very interesting idea that can be found at specific times. It is our hope that developers will be able to find a balance between repetitiveness and gameplay. Trevor’s words to the agents after he escaped from the demo promise were promising in that he claimed he had to do more difficult actions since he escaped. He knew he would have to work hard to survive. We know this and have every opportunity to find out. We can only speak about the first section at the moment. However, we are proud of American Arcadia’s artistic direction.

If you take a closer look at the details, think about the font used to write the INAC logos and posters. Also, consider the impact of the surfaces and screens. This is retrofuture, reminiscent of the 70s. The style of glasses, hairstyles, and clothing of the decade are typical. Angela visited the management office with its extensive equipment. The visual presentation of Out of the Blue Games is cartoonish, but it exudes personality from every angle. We should be content with the games as they come out. Only in this way can we understand that the excellent prologue to Out of the Blue Games is the precursor to an impossible voyage.

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