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Among Us streamer Valkyrae reaches icon status with devs

Among Us streamer Valkyrae reaches icon status with devs

Among Us steamer Valkyrae was an integral component of the party game’s rise to fame She’s acknowledged that she’s reached an important milestone in the game.

“Among Us” was a huge hit in 2020 for a variety of reasons however, YouTube user and 100 Thieves’ co-owner Rachell “Valkyrae’ Hofstetter was the heartbeat of gaming’s social media community. Two years later she’s achieved a major in-game milestone , one that even Innersloth has been quick acknowledge.

Imagine a world in which There was no Among Us was cancelled in the year 2019. No ‘sus, or adorable space creatures and just darkness.


The now iconic party game was one of the most popular pop subcultures, exploding into the forefront in Twitch and YouTube as people tried to attract the imposter on their ship which isn’t too bad for a game that developers almost quit on.

The streamer in charge was Valkyrae the “Amigops” band (featuring other streaming giants DisguisedToast, Sykkuno, and Corpse Husband) quickly grew in popularity due to their fun comedy and obviously, the Corpse Husband’s trademark powerful voice.

A year later, the Valkyrae made it to a significant milestone in game that has prompted celebrations and reactions not just from her streamers, but also Among Us developers, Innersloth.

On July 30th, Rae posted a tweet just saying “HIT 500 HOURS IN AMONG US TODAY LOL,” in which she showcased her gaming time on Steam and racking up a massive 24.4k likes over the course of a single day.


In response the Official Among Us Twitter account responded by sending a short but sweet “absolute icon,” garnering more than 3000 likes as of the writing time.

Rae is still at the center of the Among Us universe, actively streaming it as part of her vast collection of games for variety and, consequently stopping it from vanishing off the the earth (or being sucked into space as the “imposter”).

This hilarious feat shows how closely connected the two are and we’ll be watching those hours increase and increase as fans are tuned in to watch the streamers she ripped in pieces, shouting “babushka!”

If the latest achievement of Rae inspires you to exercise your fake muscle or, perhaps you want to test your deduction skills make sure you go through our list of all among Us map to get familiar with the top shadows to hit.