And with the word “Tennite” and social tags: What they are and how to add them to your profile?

Fortnite update 21.10 has many new features. You’ll also find a feature that allows you to attach your profile with a social label.

Fortnite: Royal Battle allows players to choose up three tags that express their preferences in game modes (free-for-all or deathrun), etc. You can choose the type of experience you want (relaxation or without microphone), and compete in events like the Lightning Cup, Hype Cup, Lightning Cup, etc. Social tags will be used to allow you to play certain content in free mode.

It is easy to add social tags to your profile. Here are the steps.

  • Click the icon to make your Fortnite profile more visible on the screen.
  • Select the item + Add tags

Users can send and receive invitations to groups and players by setting up at least one of their social tags. However, they must be within your own region. To send an invitation, return to Fortnite’s screen and select the item you desire. Next, choose the group I need to call. To do this, I must activate the first person to receive invitations. They have the option to deactivate it quickly.

These new features are currently being tested and may change over the coming weeks. We remind you, however, that the Nindo expiration initiative has officially begun.

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