Animal Crossing: New Horizons is teaching pandemic babies about the outside world

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is teaching infants with pandemics about the world beyond the comfort of their Nintendo Switch consoles.

According to The Destructoid(opens in a new open tab), some young youngsters who’ve been spending the past two years mostly inside have been missing some things that happen outside. One parent has stated via Reddit(opens in a new window) that their child is now only a fan of museums as the one that is curated by Blathers that is featured in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

“My daughter is 7 and hasn’t been to a museum in over two years because of the pandemic.” The article explained that “today, her math homework had a word problem in which kids voted for which type of museum to visit (art, science, or history). I asked her if she remembered visiting a museum and she said ‘yes, in Animal Crossing.'”

If this is heartbreaking or uplifting is up to debate however, the article ends with “Thanks Blathers. You really annoy me but the kids love your museum.” If you’re not familiarwith it, Animal Crossing: New Horizons players can access an island museum and then donate their island discoveries to it, which include insects, fish, fossils as well as works of art.

It’s obvious the fact that Animal Crossing: New Horizons offered a crucial lifeline to numerous players during the outbreak. It’s nice to know not only did it serve to connect families and friends during an era when we were not being able to communicate with others Many players utilized Animal Crossing: New Horizons players to celebrate weddings and birthdays in game and that it’s still helping players who aren’t quite ready to go out into the world completely but.

The connection among Animal Crossing and museums works in both ways. The year before the National VideoGame Museum in Sheffield, UK launched an online exhibition called the Animal Crossing Diaries The exhibit consisted of letters and other original pieces created by players that highlighted the ways in which the game has helped its players in the midst of the epidemic.

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