Animal Crossing: New Horizons player realizes jock villagers truly are the most jacked

Animal Crossing: New Horizons players have discovered another detail that reveals just how many details each villager has, down to their exercise routine.

Reddit user onepiecefeed shared this video from their island’s central square. It shows three villages’ different approaches to bicep curls.


i_never_realised_the_jocks_lift_super_fast_all from r/AnimalCrossing

The left-hand side is Billy, the goat. His jock personality seems compelled him to lift heavier and faster. Erik the deer, Hornsby and Hornsby are the right-hand two. Both have lazy personalities. You can see that Billy lifts around the two other guys. Erik appears to be exhausted from holding the dumbbell. Everyone’s journey to fitness must begin somewhere.

ACyanide uploaded another video that compares the exercise routines of Bam, the jock deer, and Gonzo, the cranky koala. Although the results are identical, we get to see more of Gonzo working out before he does that last rep.

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