Anime Dimensions Simulator Season 2 update log and patch notes

Anime Dimensions Simulator Season 2 update log and patch notes

The brand new Roblox Anime Dimensions Simulator update is out, bringing new content, modifications, and bugs in the game!

Roblox Animation Dimensions Simulator is releasing its Season 2 Battle Pass update on the 29th of August 2022! The update includes a range of new features, like the new battle pass that is able to be completed. Additionally, you will find improvements to bugs and bug fixes in the gameplay.

If you’re in the market for some boosts or gems be sure to go on over to the Codes for Anime Dimensions page to find the most recent freebies that are available. We’ve provided the official patch details for the game below, which were shared on the Discord channel.

The Uzui Raid along with Rewards is scheduled to be taken off on September 19th.

Season 2 of Battlepass has begun!

Slime Dimension Nightmare (level 113+)

LIMITED TIME Obito Raid (Level 15+)

Cursed Sage Pet Capsule

New Limited Characters: Obito, Priestess (Shrine)
New Limited Costumes: Kakashi (Shrine), Makima (Shrine), Nami (Shrine), Priestess (Shrine), Akame (Shrine), Sung Jin Woo (Shrine), Obito
New Awakening Skill: Rimuru

New Raid Title
Eliminated Time Challenge Daily quest. Increased the rewards of other quests.


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