Anime Fighters Simulator All Secret Characters and how to unlock them
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Anime Fighters Simulator All Secret Characters and how to unlock them

Anime Fighters Simulation All Secret Characters and How to Unlock them – All the locations and some tips to make farming easier


Anime Fighters Simulator All Hidden Characters – Full Liste & Locations

These are the locations and secret characters:


  • Pinkie-Buu:Super Island-Dragon Ball Z
  • Asuku – Nagato: Ninja Village – Naruto
  • Tokio – Dio: Crazy Town – JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure
  • Dobonito: DoflamingoFruits Island One Piece
  • Eagle Eyed – Hawks: Hero University – My Hero Academia
  • Big Ben BertoltWalled City Attack on Titan
  • Sun – Yoriichi: Slayer Army – Demon Slayer
  • Two Eyed- Eto:Ghoul Town Tokyo Ghoul
  • Far Away – Adult Gon: Chimera Jungle – Hunter x Hunter
  • Slicette – Alice Zuberg: Virtual Castle – Sword Art Online
  • Eiko: Sosuke Anizen Empty Dimension Bleach
  • Sigma Curse – Sukuna: Cursed High – Jujutsu Kaisen
  • Emperor Alien Boros:XYZ Metropolis One Punch Man
  • Dark One Estarossa9 Crimes Islands – Seven Deadly Sins
  • Jane d’ Bateau – Jeanne d’ Arc: Destiny Island – Ulysses
  • King Of Mages – Julius NovachronoLucky Kingdom-Black Clover
  • The Truth –Land of Alchemy
  • Destroyer- Milim Nava:Slimey Island- That Time I Was Reincarnated as Slime
  • Soar: Sho Kusakabe –Flame City-Fire Force
  • Zeus – Divine Colleseum Record of Ragnarok
  • Greatest Evil. Zeref:Kingdom of Four. Fairy Tail
  • Prodigious Knight – Reinhard Van Astrea: Icey Wastes – Re:Zero
  • Control Monster Makima:The Underworld Chainsaw Man
  • Esper King – Touichirou Suzuki:Psychic city – Mob Psycho 100
  • Kama- Dorohedoro :The Hole- Dorohedoro
  • Famu-Baryon Mode NarutoNinja City-Boruto Naruto Next Generations
  • Betrayer – Keisuke Baji: Time Travel Tokyo – Tokyo Revengers
  • Jimmy: Orca Road Prison – JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean
  • Yuka – World of Games – Yu-Gi-Oh
  • Father Killer Nui HarimeFashion Empire Kill La Kill
  • Possessed – Spooky Island? ?

How do I unlock a secret character within AFS?

To obtain secret characters, the only way is to open stars. Most stars contain a secret character. Problem is that there are very few chances. The chances of the secret characters touching one in 500,000 or one in a thousand times are very slim.

We can only advise you that luck boosters is the best way to spend your time trying to find a secret character. You can either use codes or buy them in-game. The Ultra Lucky gamepass, for example, gives you a +3 luck boost and increases your chances of winning. Although it is expensive at 1,999 Robux, it can make a big difference. Open stars are always available to anyone who plays Anime Fighters Simulator regularly.

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