Anime Squad Simulator Update 4 log and patch notes

Anime Squad Simulator Update 4 log and patch notes

The Roblox Anime Squad Simulator Update 4 has been released and adds new content, updates, and bugs in the game!


Roblox Anime Squad Simulator released Update 4 on September 4th, 2022! In this update, there are numerous improvements and bug fixes have been made to your experience. They should help solve any issues you’ve faced and enable you to discover new things to play with within the game.

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  • World 8: Tokyo City is now available! This includes a brand-new boss
  • A passive upgrade machine has been added that allows you to mix identical characters and the same passive to create the next passive upgrade machine.
  • The machine is located in the world of 8!
  • It is now possible to “Evolve” your recruits to the next stage and keep your older recruits relevant and robust
  • Replacing with the “100% Recruit Chance” boost with just one purchase. If you fail, you can still recruit using the guarantee of Robux
  • Small QoL tweaks



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