Anime Story Update 2 log and patch notes

September 19, 2022

The brand new Roblox Anime Story update has been released, bringing new content, updates as well as bugs in the games!

Roblox Anime Story Update 2 was released on the 19th of September 2022. With this update, you’ll find many modifications and bug fixes were made to the game experience. This should hopefully resolve any issues you might have faced and enable you to discover some new things to play with within the game.

If you’re in need of assistance, be sure to visit our code for Anime Story page to find the most recent freebies that are available. We’ve posted the official patch notes below, which were made available on the Discord channel. Get more information about the game via Trello.

Anime Story UPDATE 2 Log & Patch Notes

The game is getting better because of the fantastic feedback and bugs reported! Keep working hard and improve it!


  • ENCHANTMENT System Enchantments aren’t weapons, but instead Spirits.” (You are able to only possess only one spirit element at any one time.)
  • Flame Spirit (20 percent chance to trigger Flame Burst)
  • Frost Spirit (20% chance to trigger Freeze)
  • Thunder Spirit (20% chance to trigger Thunder)
  • Wind Spirit (20 percent chance to trigger Gust)
  • Spirits are able to activate on any attack and then go on a 10-second cooldown immediately after the attack.
    • (Find the Trainers in order to earn your Spirits. You will require three of the identical Elemental Gem)
  • The new Spirits are scheduled to be introduced in the near future.


  • The One (Drops Cruel Sun and Drops Sun Ore)
  • Ascended Vampire (Drops Time Stop and Dio’s Diary)


  • Vizard (Awakening)
  • Muda
  • Infinity Blue
  • Solar Flare
  • Fishman Karate


  • Divine Axe Rhitta
  • Dual Runeblades (Working)
  • Thor’s Might Reworked


  • “Truth Commandment” (requires “Tokens” earned from PVP that is ranked)
  • The World Over Heaven (requires “Dio’s Diary”)

Anime Story Update 2 log and patch notes


  • Fixed Event bugging/timer
  • Ranked is now requiring LEVEL 50or rebirth in order to be able to join! (LEVEL 1 NOOBS WITH NO POWERS OR EQUIPMENT STOP GOING IN THERE XD)
  • Fixed Ranked PVP invisible walls hindering mouse aim capabilities
  • Event Bosses buffed
  • Some NPCs were no longer colliding with one another
  • Fixed losing rank if the match was declared null
  • Tokens Reset to Ranked Wins/2)
  • New The Wind Gem (obtained via Magic Gem)
  • Fixed Teleportation Marks that keep the area’s music from the previous location
  • Corrected Overhead’s UI was not functioning properly
  • Some blacksmithing materials were reworked to match on equipment
  • Clash adjustments
  • Fixed reset keybinds


(Hopefully, this changes the meta a bit and will allow more builders to be built.)

  • Flash Step speed increased along with speed stats
  • Final Explosion Nerfed | Max Health > Max Health/2
  • Fixed Bakudo 30 voiding certain NPC’s
  • Cero Metrelleta damage scaling nerfed
  • Black Meteorite stun decreased
  • Cursed Katana’s probability of success decreased by 33% to 20 percent
  • Conquerer’s Haki modified Rebirths are used to take out lower (works on the NPCS)
  • El Diablo Health 150 > 100| El Diablo damage boost x0.2 > 0.15
  • The table at the party is no longer a combo extender. Knocks back towards the close
  • The damage to the flower is reduced. 3 > 6
  • Senbonzakura is no longer blocked, and damage scales are nerfed 40 > 60
  • Water Shark speed 75 > 100 The water shark is now slowing down the opponent when it explodes
  • Sharkbrick Punch stun increased | 0.25 > 0.5
  • Spiritual Pressure cannot be perfectly unblocked
  • Cero damage scaling nerfed 10 > 16
  • Death beam no longer has mouse target
  • Special Beam cannon goes 4x as far, and 2x as fast.
  • Nerfed Mugetsu base damage boost
  • Lanza del Relampago explosion does 50 more base damage and the end explosion does 100 more base damage

Future updates will be every week beginning from now, but bug fixes and balancing will be done daily.


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